GregoryLast episode of The Walking Dead introduced many characters, and it’ll take a while to see them all…let’s get started, anyway. First things first: in Knots Untie, Jesus takes Rick and the others to see his community, and they also meet the leader of said community, Gregory, portrayed by Xander Berkeley. He’ll be a recurring character from here on, and he’s described as an egotistical still charming man, with quite a control mania but a coward born, always worrying to save his own skin first, even risking his entire community for personal survival. No doubts that he’ll represent quite a pain in the back for the protagonists of the show…not that this differs much from his comicbook counterpart. Let’s see together.

Just as most of survivors, nothing is known about Gregory’s life before the Outbreak, not even his surname. He most likely lived in the Alexandria zone, but nothing is known about his professional life or his family. After some time wandering with a group of other survivors, Gregory arrived to a town located on the top of a hill, an easily defendable zone just ready for being inhabited again. During the colonizing phase, Gregory spontaneously stepped forward as an overseer of operations, and he managed to succesfully organise his companions in creating what would have become the Hilltop Colony, one of the largest and most productive aggregations in the area. Despite being unanimously recognised as a coward and a selfish man, he was however believed to be the most cunning and capable leader around, so eventually Gregory obtained what he wanted: he was in charge at Hilltop, and he found himself extremely comfortable with his new role. Sure, at first he only used his new position for trying and hit on every woman around, but most of the Hilltop residents could see his true nature, and they didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Despite being rejected by women, Gregory still enjoyed his position of leader, and used his power mostly for selfish reasons and to mantain personal privilege. He had quite a natural talent in exploiting other gregorycomics1people’s talent, so that he could delegate all his responsibilities to others; one such man was Paul Monroe, a resourceful guy who proved to be an invaluable asset for Hilltop Colony. Gregory used Paul mainly as a recruiter, but soon he found himself needing him more than ever. Another large group, called The Saviors, reached the Colony, and demanded to speak with Gregory; they presented him an ultimatum: either he paid a large tribute to Negan, their leader, in exchange of “protection from walkers“, or they would have burnt the place to the ground, killing everybody inside…starting from Gregory, of course. Always the brave man, Gregory immediately capitulated without even consulting with his community, agreeing to pay the tribute to The Saviors, theoretically to save Hilltop, in reality just to save his own neck.

Despite the risk, however, Gregory’s idea proved to be not such a good one: surely the Hilltop Colony didn’t have military power to stand up to The Saviors, but neither it had resources enough to pay the absurd tributes Negan demanded. Again, it was Paul who saved the situation, as he suggested to Gregory they could ask help to other colonies nearby to pay Negan; Gregory saw this was a good idea, and gave Paul permission to scout the surroundings to find potential allies, and when he was gone, he obviously took credit for his idea. After some days Paul came back with another group of survivors; their leader, Rick Grimes, demanded to speak with whoever was in charge, and Gregory met him, full of questions for the newcomer. Their speech was short-lived: a resident, Wesley, rushed in to inform Gregory that Ethan, one of the scouts, had come back…alone, without his team. Gregory went to see him, but the man, clearly shocked, told him that two of his companions, David and Andy, were dead, and that the other, Crystal, was captive of The Saviors; they would have released her only if he delivered a message to Greogory. The latter made the mistake of asking what the message was…a question which Ethan answered to by stabbing him in the abdomen. Before he could finish the work, Ethan was killed by Rick, and Gregory muddled through it with just a wound. After that episode, Gregory spoke to Rick again, but this time for another proposition, as Rick had offered Paul to deal with gregorycomics2The Saviors on Hilltop’s behalf in exchange of supplies for his colony, the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Gregory accepted, and gave Rick all the supplies he asked for, happy to send somebody else to fight his war. Unfortunately, Rick came back soon after, informing Gregory of the failure of his first attempt of taking on The Saviors, and of the death of one of his best men, Glenn. Gregory’s only concern was about himself, and asked Rick if Negan knew about their agreement, fearing revenge: as an answer, Rick punched him, accusing him of hiding vital informations about The Saviors from him. Gregory pretended he didn’t even know Negan truly existed, and shielded himself from Rick’s rage. If he played well his cards, he would have had Rick and Negan kill each other, so becoming the most powerful man of the post-apocalypse Virginia once again.

Gregory is a cunning but untrustworthy man, a coward and an egotistical guy who only cares about himself, despite having responsibility over an entire colony of survivors. He cares for nobody (and he keeps forgetting people’s name for it), and he’s extremely vain, with a high (and unrealistic) opinion on himself; he’s a pathological braggart, who ends up believing his own lies, and his community tolerates him as a leader only because they believe that, even just for saving himself, he’d have a motivation to preserve Hilltop any way he can. Unfortunately, Gregory is more than willing to sacrifice his entire people to save his own neck, and he arrives to the point of betraying his allies to Negan in exchange of personal security.



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