Hesperus Chadwick

Calvin ChadwickIt took me “only” an entire season to realize it, but there’s one more of Agent Carter regulars coming from the comics, and one who’s been introduced in the pilot, The Lady in the Lake, even. Well, we’re just in time for the season finale: here’s Calvin Chadwick, portrayed by Currie Graham. In the comics his name is not Calvin, but rather it’s Hesperus, but he has more or less the same role, as he is actually a member of the Council of Nine also in his original version. His counterpart is definitely younger, has no connection with Whitney Frost at all, and lives and works in contemporary times rather than in the 1950s, but he’s our guy. Let’s see together.

Hesperus Chadwick was the heir of a wealthy and once noble family in the United States. Raised with an old-fashioned sense of family honor, Hesperus paid attention to organize his life faithful to the principles of his once respected family, and married a woman from an equally wealthy and ancient family. From their union a daughter was born, Cheer, whom Hesperus raise following the same ancient values he’d been raised with. Around the same time, Hesperus’ sister married with another American socialite, rich and influent William Taurey, a man who Hesperus was in total assonance with. Chadwick and Taurey confronted their respective families and stories, and they found themselves both nostalgic about their lost glory, and the rightful privileges denied to them by the democratic modern America. Together, they decided to restore the old classist system through a secret organization aimed to overturn the actual government and to impose a new direction to the United States…the old one. Taurey and Chadwick founded The Elite, and both Hesperus and his daughter Cheer were among the first affiliated of it. Under Taurey’s lead, The Elite gathered new members, each one of them from an old and privileged family, and they even organised a private army, the Royalist Forces of America, chosen among hesperuschadwickcomics1the “commoners”, but blindly loyal to their rightful masters. The greatest source of entartainment for Hesperus and his daughter was the gladiatorial games The Elite organised to select the members of the Royalist Forces: during this duels, the applicants had to kill each other until only one man was left standing, and the survivor was rewarded with the privilege of being allowed into the Forces. When The Elite grew strong enough, it was time for them to come out of the shadows, and to declare war to the government. They kidnapped scientist Mason Harding, and forced him to develop a weapon that would have sent USA to chaos: the Mad-Bomb, able to trigger homicidal folly into its victims. The Elite would have emerged from the ashes of the old world, and ruled a new one.

For first, The Elite organised a test in New York City, but the Mad-Bomb there was destroyed by Captain America and The Falcon before it could explode. No problem, though, as the main bomb, Big Daddy, was ready to explode during the Bicentennial Celebration of the Declaration of Independence, a sweet irony Chadwick and Taury had planned in detail. Hesperus and Cheer personally managed to capture Captain America and Falcon thanks to the Royalist Forces, and they forced the two heroes to fight in the gladiatorial games (which were, this time, quite a disappointment, since the heroes refused to kill their opponents despite having their life threatened). When Captain America defeated all his enemies, Chadwick wanted to kill him anyway, but Taurey stopped him, wanting to humiliate the hero first; Hesperus realised that his brother-in-law had a personal vendetta against Cap too late, and his obsession brought their plan to failure. Cap and Falcon freed Mason Harding and his daughter, and deactivated all the Mad-Bombs hidden around the country, including Big Daddy, in Philadelphia. While Falcon took care of the bombs, Captain America led the US Army and S.H.I.E.L.D. to The Elite’s headquarters, leading the regular forces against the Royalists. While most of his army and of The Elite’s leaders were arrested, Hesperus took Cheer along and escaped in an underground hesperuschadwickcomics2pneumatic car. The Chadwicks avoided capture along with William Taurey and a few others, but despite their defeat they didn’t give up on their dream of restoring class privileges. First, they reformed the Royalist Forces, who were far too weak to face modern superheroes: they were replaced by the Imperial Forces, a private elite army composed by superhumans only. While reorganizing their forces, The Elite was contacted by the Secret Empire, another organization bent on world domination, and guided by similar principles to The Elite…but with much more experience and resources. Taury, Chadwick and the surviving members of The Elite accepted to enter the Secret Empire, obviously only if associated with its leadership, the Council of Nine: it was time to finally hit the United States with all the forces they had at disposal.

Hesperus Chadwick is a cunning and ambitious man, who follows the one and only goal of restoring the class system in the United States, in order to regain his family’s lost power and privileges. With money and influence at disposal, Chadwick is one of the pillars of The Elite, and he guides his group with resolution and determination: anything, to take away power from the filthy commmoners now ruling the so-called “free world”.



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