EthanTime for another character from The Walking Dead…and yes, always from the same episode. In Knots Untie, when the group from Alexandria Safe-Zone is trying to make a deal with Hilltop Colony, a team of three scouts comes back home, apparently with other three people missing. The team leader seems to be Ethan, portrayed by Justin Kucsulain…and he has quite a nasty message to deliver to the Colony’s leader, Gregory, as he tries to stab him, since killing him will allegedly save his brother Craig‘s life. Well, Ethan is just as short-lived in the comics as he is in the series, but we know enough to tell something about him as well, and despite his role in the story is exactly the same, there are some differences between the two version (in the comics he has no brother). Let’s see together.

Obviously, not much is known about Ethan’s early life, not even his surname. He most likely lived in Virginia, and when the Outbreak began, with the dead rising to eat the flesh of the living, he escaped in the rural area, looking for shelter. He eventually arrived to the Hilltop Colony, a fortified settlement on the top of a hill, ruled by Gregory, a selfish and boastful man who however seemed to be a capable leader. Ethan integrated himself well in the community, and he became good friends with most of the residents, in particular with Samuel. Apparently, he also developed romantic feelings for Crystal, a girl living there, albeit it’s uncertain whether he was reciprocated or not. When Hilltop Colony was raided by The Saviors, a hostile and powerful group, Ethan accepted as all the others the conditions Gregory agreed upon with the invaders: they would have paid high tributes to them in exchange of their very lives. The “taxes” The Saviors demanded were extremely heavy, and Hilltop Colony had to make many sacrifices in order to pay them; if they wanted to live, ethancomics1however, that was necessary, and from time to time a delegation left the Colony to reach The Sanctuary and pay what they had to. Once, Ethan was chosen to be the one bringing the tributes to The Saviors, along with Crystal, Andy and David. The quartet left with food and medicines, and reached The Sanctuary: something however, was wrong, and they immediately realized it. Gregory didn’t tell them that this time Hilltop hadn’t been able to collect as much as The Saviors demanded, sending Ethan and the others nevertheless. Obviously, The Saviors believed Ethan wanted to fool them, and they brought the four of them to their leader, Negan.

Negan didn’t even listen to Ethan’s excuses: he killed Andy and David on spot, right in front of tha man’s eyes, then he threatened to do the same with Crystal. Understanding how much Ethan cared for Crystal, he made him an offer: he would have spared the girl’s life, if he brought him Gregory’s head on a plate. That was Negan’s message to those who didn’t respect a deal. Desperate and out of options, Ethan agreed, and came back to the Hilltop Colony. Seeing Ethan coming back alone, the sentinels immediately understood something was wrong, and when he demanded to see Gregory immediately, the community’s leader was called right away, even if he was discussing with new potential allies from a nearby settlement. Gregory arrived, and asked Ethan where his companions were: the man told him that two of them were dead, and that Crystal was captive, to be released only if he gave him a message. When Gregory asked him what the message was, Ethan drew a knife and stabbed him in the chest. Before he could finish him, however, Ethan was tackled down by a stranger, who wrestled him to the ground ethancomics2trying to stop him. The man was Rick Grimes, leader of the community Gregory was allying with. Ethan and Rick fought, until the latter managed to take hold of the knife and to slit Ethan’s throat with it, putting an end to his struggles. Despite all his efforts, he hadn’t been able to fully deliver Negan’s message to the Colony, and the only thing he could think of before dying was that Crystal would have been killed because of his failure. Before reanimating, Ethan’s corpse was stabbed in the head and buried, among the shock and the cries of his friends.

Ethan is a good and brave man, ready to do anything to protect his community. Albeit his devotion to Hilltop Colony is out of question, his personal feelings eventually bring him to go against his friends for the sake of the woman she loves, a weakness that people like Negan are more than able, and willing, to exploit to manipulate him.



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