WesleyAlmost at the end of the characters introduced lately in The Walking Dead. In Knots Untie we meet yet another resident of the Hilltop Colony, albeit he doesn’t do much for being noticed: Wesley, portrayed by Ilan Srulovicz. He’s the one who warns everybody of Ethan‘s return, and later he’s seen screaming around, shocked by his friend’s death, accusing the newcomers for the murder. Eventually, he’s calmed down by Jesus and he agrees to help in giving supplies to Rick Grimes and his group. Personally, I don’t think we’ll see much more of him during the series, and even in the comics he’s quite a secondary character. Anyway, let’s take a look at the original one, even if there’s not much to say.

Absolutely nothing is known about Wesley’s life prior to the Outbreak, not even his surname. He most likely lived in Virginia, or in the Washington area. When the virus started spreading, and the bodies of the dead reanimated as cannibalistic monsters, Wesley escaped from the most crowded areas as everybody else, and he took shelter in the rural zone. We don’t know if he moved alone or in group (most likely the latter), but eventually he arrived at Hilltop Colony, a small settlement built on the top of a hill, protected by walls and ruled by Gregory, a cunning yet unpleasant man who had at least the credit of running the community well enough to keep its residents safe. Wesley was allowed in Hilltop, but it’s still uncertain what his task was (everybody needed to be useful to the community in a specific way in order to be part of it, but we don’t have informations about Wesley’s job before the Outbreak, or even after it). Soon, the peace and the calm that Gregory “had built” in his community proved to be just a house of cards: Hilltop Colony was spotted by The Saviors, a violent group that assaulted it and threatened to wesleycomics1destroy it. Gregory revealed himself for the kind of leader he truly was, and accepted humiliating conditions from the attackers: from that moment, Wesley and the others were forced to produce more than they ever did in order to be able to give half of their total supplies to The Saviors, or else they would have faced destruction. As everybody else, also Wesley accepted these conditions, and watched helplessly as the Colony became poorer and poorer, squeezed by The Saviors.

From time to time, a group from the Hilltop Colony was sent to The Sanctuary, The Saviors’ headquarters, to bring the supplies gathered as payment. Wesley was at the gate when the last one came back…even if radically reduced in numbers: of the original quarter composed of CrystalAndyDavid and Ethan only the latter came back, and Wesley immediately realised that something was wrong. He tried to question his friend, but he only received mumbling answers in return, and one clear request: he needed to see Gregory. Worried and quite frightened by Ethan’s state, Wesley rushed to the big farmhouse Gregory used as home: he found him, and he interrupted his meeting with Rick Grimes, the leader of a nearby community that was also a potential trading ally of the Colony. Wesley prompted Gregory to reach Ethan immediately, as something was wrong, and he was the first one to be shocked when Ethan stabbed the Hilltop leader, claiming he was delivering a message from Negan, leader of The Saviors. Acting on impulse, Wesley tried to tackle Ethan down, in order to prevent him from finishing Gregory, but the other man was stronger, and Wesley was tossed to the ground without difficulty. Just when it seemed it was over for Gregory, Rick Grimes intervened, and after wesleycomics2fighting with Ethan, he slit his throat with his own knife. Despite knowing what was happening, Wesley was still shocked to see Rick taking a life so easily, and his first impulse was to attack him as well, beliving there must have been another way to deal with a man clearly confused and afraid. Surely, for Wesley and the others, the relationship with the new “ally” didn’t begin with the right step at all.

Not much is known about Wesley: he appears to be a good young man, who fits well in his community and cares for his friends. A little bit naive and emotional, he has some difficulty in thinking straight in emergency situations, since he’s used to a certainly difficult life, but nevertheless characterised by a relative peace.


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