EduardoFinally, time for the last character appeared in The Walking Dead episode Knots Untie: the second guard at the gate of Hilltop Colony, the one with the hoodie, Eduardo, portrayed by Peter Zimmerman. We see him doing his job as a sentinel along with Kal, and he opposes as well to allowing Rick Grimes and his group enter Hilltop Colony (but he’s easily convinced by Jesus to let them in). He’s later seen at the end of the episode, schocked by the death of Ethan and more than ready to avenge him attacking Rick. We’ll most likely see him again, but he’ll probably remain a secondary character…just like his comicbook counterpart. Let’s see together.

Nothing is known about Eduardo’s life prior to the Outbreak: it’s more than likely that he lived either in Virginia or in the State of Washington, but it’s unknown if he had any family or even a job. At a certain point, escaping from the dead risen again to eat the living’s flesh, Eduardo arrived at Hilltop Colony, a fortified settlement on the top of a hill, and he was allowed inside by Gregory, the community’s leader. His job inside the Colony was the one of sentinel: he patroled the main gate, defending Hilltop from all threats, being them walkers or hostile groups. Eduardo was paired with Kal, another guy who became his best friend and his mentor, teaching him everything he needed to know about his task. The Colony was rich in food sources, but poor in nearly everything else, and soon even the gate guards ran out of ammo: with no bullets, Eduardo and Kal were forced to replace their guns with spears, so their job in repelling threats became limited to walkers only, while they had to just warn everybody else in Hilltop of any other menace. A couple of spears could do nothing against a hostile group, so when The Saviors arrived, Hilltop Colony was practically defenseless. This group of well-organised bandits forced Gregory to accept unsustainable conditions for being allowed to live, and from that moment on eduardocomics1Hilltop had to pay incredible taxes in food and medicines to be left alone. Eduardo and Kal felt like they failed their entire community…not that there would have been much they could do for stopping The Saviors from having what they wanted. Despite Hilltop Colony was much poorer now, life continued more or less as always, and Eduardo even found a girlfriend in Mandy, a girl from the Colony, who had hit on him for quite a while…only, he did not recognize the signals, so she had to be a little more explicit with him before he realised she was after him, and they started a relationship. One day, on the walls, Eduardo was speaking to Kal about Mandy when Jesus, Hilltop’s recruiter, came back with a large group, a potential trading ally. After a first moment of perplexity, Eduardo and Kal let Rick Grimes and his people inside the Colony, hoping for a better future for Hilltop.

Days later, Eduardo and Kal were patroling around the walls, killing the walkers who got too close to the Colony. It was during the hunt that Kal told his friend that the community’s blacksmith, Earl Sutton, had stopped producing spearheads for lack of material, so he adviced Eduardo to recover the used ones from the zombies’ skull; Eduardo started to complain about it, suggesting the possibility of more walkers coming, when Rick and his group came back, defeated after their first confrontation with Negan and The Saviors. Following Rick’s request (more of an order, actually), Eduardo and Kal brought him to Gregory for yet another “negotiate”, surely rougher than the first one. From that moment on, things excalated quickly, and soon Hilltop Colony, Alexandria Safe-Zone and The Kingdom formed an alliance to defeat Negan and The Saviors. When Jesus started collecting volunteers to for the attack team, Eduardo stepped forward, and when he was rejected, he tried to board the bus going to The Kingdom unseen. Jesus found him, and Eduardo angrily told him that, if they had taken Kal, they could allow him to join as well; Jesus, however, remarked that he was still too young, and he tasked him with guarding the gates of Hilltop Colony, protecting the ones who stayed home. Eduardo eduardocomics2wasn’t happy at all with this solution, but he eventually obeyed. While the others were fighting with The Saviors, in Hilltop Maggie Greene guided some sort of rebellion against Gregory, that ended with her being elected as the new leader of the Colony. Eduardo didn’t take part to it, but the war with The Saviors he was waiting for soon reached him in Hilltop Colony. After battling the alliance in The Kingdom and in the Alexandria Safe-Zone, The Saviors moved on to Hilltop, and besieged the community. Just as a statement, Negan had Kal killed while he was on guard, and Eduardo helplessly watched as his friend was murdered; when Negan demanded that Rick was given to him, Eduardo told him there was no Rick in there, and that he didn’t even know who he was. His bravery, of course, didn’t send away the assailant, but now Eduardo had all the chances he asked for to prove his value.

Eduardo is a young and emotional man, passionate yet reckless, who compensates with his enthusiasm his lack of experience. Brave and eager to prove his value, he’d give anything to protect the community he lives in, and truly cares for his friends and companions. He’s one of the few capable warriors of Hilltop Colony, even if his talent as a marksman is nullified by Hilltop’s lack of bullets, that forces him to fight using a simple spear. Eduardo belongs to the next generation of survivors, the first ones who will inherit the new world…if they survive to see it, of course.


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