Eric Brooks (Blade)

bladefilmFollowing casualgamer‘s list, we meet today Marvel’s most popular vampire hunter, Blade, portrayed on the big screen by Wesley Snipes. The first Blade movie was the one that brought Marvel Comics back to theaters, quite a big deal: in here, we see Blade, reinvented for the movie as a super strong half-human half-vampire hybrid, fighting and vaporizing hordes of vampires along with his mentor Abraham Whistler to finally defeat his nemesis Deacon Frost and the vampire god La Magra; in the amazing Blade II he forms an uneasy alliance with regular vampires to fight Jared Nomak and his Reapers, genetically altered bloodsuckers who hunt for their own kin and are resilient to most conventional anti-vampire weapons, while in the pretty disappointing Blade: Trinity our hero teams up with the Nightstalkers to hunt down the first vampire ever, Dracula. After the movie trilogy, Kirk “Sticky Fingaz” Jones took up the role for the short-lived Blade: House of Chthon (aka Blade: The Series), where Blade moves in Detroit to fight against the ambitious Marcus Van Sciver thanks to the help of an infiltrator vampire, former military officer Krista Starr. Originally, Blade was quite different in the comics, armed with wooden steaks only and looking (and acting) similar to Shaft, but with the years he’s been modified to match his live action counterpart…now, however, we’re going to take a look at the original one.

Eric Brooks was born in LondonEngland, in 1929, in a brothel in Soho where his mother Vanessa worked as a prostitute (Eric’s father, as revealed much later, was Lucas Cross, a member of the Order of Tyrana who had sent his pregnant wife to England to avoid her his same destiny, to be taken prisoner in Latveria). During pregnancy, Vanessa experienced serious complications, and Madame Vanity, the owner of the brothel, called a doctor for her; the man who answered the call was unfortunately no doctor at all, and no man by the way: Deacon Frost, an old vampire, offered to treat Vanessa, but he fed on her during the last days of her pregnancy, and even while she was giving birth to Eric. The other prostitutes managed to send the vampire away, but not before he had killed Vanessa, and tainted her child. Frost had passed some enzymes to the baby through his mother’s bloodstream, so Eric was born with some vampiric traits, such as his unnaturally long lifespan, and complete immunity to vampirism, as well as a natural “radar sense” for supernatural creatures. Madame Vanity and the other prostitutes bladecomics1raised him, and when Eric was nine years old, he saw an old man on the streets attacked by several people: his “smell” told him that those were not regular men, and he stepped in to help the man, who thanks to his intervention managed to kill his assailants with a silver cane, revealing to the boy that those were vampires. The geezer was actually Jamal Afari, a jazz trumpeter and a vampire hunter, and upon learning of Eric’s story, he offered him to train him. Jamal move to the brothel, where he taught Eric everything he knew about both combat and music. The weaker vampires feared this new young hunter, and Eric, now calling himself “Blade”, got cocky; Jamal was the first victim of his arrogance, the moment his disciple killed a normal man by mistake, and the older hunter took the blame for the murder. The final lesson however came to Blade when he tried to take on his own on Lamia, an ancient and powerful vampire, in a battle that costed Eric’s girlfriend Gloria her life. More experienced and less impulsive, Blade was also now personally bent on a revenge crusade to avenge both his mother and his girlfriend.

Blade started his own career as a hunter, and made quite a name for himself; he even crossed roads again with Jamal Afari, but soon after his mentor was turned by Dracula, the Lord of All Vampires. Blade was forced to kill his former friend, and then began a long hunt for the most powerful vampire of all. He followed him to China, where he was invited by Ogun Strong to join his group, which included the warriors MusendaAzu M’Dammen and Orji Jones. Their plan at first worked, with Blade acting as an inside man, and Dracula received a steak through his heart, but unlike the other vampires he wasn’t completely destroyed: resurrected, he hunted down his killers, leaving only Blade and Musenda alive. Blade resumed his lonely hunt, taking Ogun’s fighting style as his own as a homage to his fallen comrade. Years later, finally Blade found Dracula again in Paris: here, he met a legendary vampire hunter, Quincy Harker, who invited him to join his group along with Rachel Van Helsing and Frank Drake; albeit not wanting to endanger another human ever again, Blade eventually accepted. The battle between the vampire hunters and Dracula soon became an all-out war, and Blade’s abilities allowed him bladecomics2to kill the Vampire Lord more than once, but the Count always managed to come back. Eventually, Blade followed his enemy to the United States, in Boston, where unexpectedly the two formed an uneasy alliance: the coven was acting on its own, and Dracula needed to come back in control of it by eliminating a rival, Dr. Sun; in exchange of Blade’s help, he would have told him who was the vampire that had killed his mother. Sun was defeated, but Dracula didn’t respect his part of the bargain, thus renewing his enmity with Blade. Luckily enough, the vampire hunter found another ally who pointed him to Deacon Frost: the private detective Hannibal King, who had been turned by Frost and was now looking for revenge. The never-ending battle between Blade, Dracula and Deacon Frost received only brief interruptions, such as when Doctor Strange recruited the hunter along with Morbius the Living Vampire, Johnny Blaze and the new Ghost Rider to form the Midnight Sons, a group devoted to protect the boundaries between the natural and supernatural world…but eventually, Blade would have always resumed his hunt, until all vampires would have been erased from earth, starting with their leaders.

Eric Brooks is a strong-willed yet arrogant man, a lonely hunter completely devoted to his personal crusade who believes that allies are, most of the times, just dangerous weak points to be used by the enemy, weaklings to protect losing precious time and energies. As Blade, he’s a formidable hand-to-hand combatant and a proficient weapon user, an unmatched swordsman and a master of throwing weapons and firearms, armed with a cutting-edge anti-vampire arsenal; from his birth, as a Dhampyr he received some unnatural abilities, such as immortality, invulnerability to vampirism and enhanced senses, that made him an incredible asset for vampire hunters. The bite of the “artificial vampire” Morbius awoke new latent powers, such as superhuman strength, speed, durability and reflexes, hypnosis…and a maiming thirst for blood that forces him to use a special serum that prevents him to become a cannibalistic monster. With all the strengths and none of the weaknesses of the vampires he hunts for, Blade, the Day-Walker, travels the world with one goal: to utterly destroy the plague of vampirism, avenging the countless people slain by Dracula and his minions, including his mother and his friends.



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