redwingfilmNew trailers and new promotional pics have been released for the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, and we got a closer look at one of the movie’s new “characters”. This time, Falcon will don an updated version of his armor, and his goggles will be connected with the Redwing Drone, a semi-independent A.I. that provides him with a wider vision from higher points of view (as well as x-ray vision, thermal vision and others). The Drone, in the comics, is actually a true falcon, also named Redwing, and he shares a psychic connection with Falcon…but that’s something we shall see together immediately. Let’s take a look at the original, feathered Redwing.

The falcon that would have been known as Redwing was born in Rio de JaneiroBrasil. Under unknown circumstances, the bird got severely wounded, and was surely meant to die, if he wasn’t found by Sam “Snap” Wilson, a young criminal who took care of him, nurtured him back to health and named him “Redwing”. Between the boy and the falcon a strong bond was created in those days, as Sam had actually the ability to enter in psychic connection with birds (he would have later called it avian telepathy), a skill he had used back in New York City to train pidgeons. Redwing was with Sam when the international supervillain known as Red Skull brainwashed him and sent him to the island of the Exiles, a group of criminals: the plot was meant to create an inside agent that would befriend Captain America, who was about to attack the Exiles, and that would later stab him in the back once the Skull had restored his memory. On the island, however, Sam was once again the boy he was before becoming a redwingcomics1criminal, and Redwing accompanied him in his quest for organizing a rebellion among the natives, enslaved by the Exiles. According to Red Skull’s plan, Captain America arrived on the island, befriended Sam, and aided him in his mission: in this occasion, Cap created for Sam the masked identity of Falcon, so that he could become a symbol of hope for everyone, and for the first time Redwing and Sam used their telepathic connection to fight together, forming an incredible duo. Using their bond, Falcon could see through Redwing’s eyes from above, and in turn Redwing could strike Falcon’s enemies with his talons whenever he felt his human friend was in danger. After the defeat of the Exiles, Sam came back with Cap to the United States, and brought Redwing along: the bird became Falcon’s constant companion, and he helped in all his missions, both when Falcon acted solo and when he was in pair with Captain America.

Many villains understood that Redwing represented an invaluable asset for Falcon, and often chose to strike him in order to maim the hero: once, for example, Grey Gargoyle turned the bird to stone, thus “blinding” Falcon; the archer Mortimer Freebish even took him hostage, hoping to be able to defeat Falcon easily, but Redwing freed himself, and together man and bird defeated the archer. When the villainess Viper managed to defeat the duo thanks to her poison, and Redwing failed to get the antidote in time, Falcon decided to train his feathered friend intensively, forging his skills as much as he was forging his own: Redwing became faster and stronger, and even the bond between him and Sam grew stronger. When Falcon joined the Avengers, Redwing was mroe than able to follow him as well, becoming the first animal to “officially” enter the super team. The bird lived many adventures with Falcon, and he proved to be essential in defeating villains such as Absorbing Man or Mr. Hyde, and even in redwingcomics2exposing Senator Dell Rusk as a Red Skull under disguise. In one occasion, Redwing worked without Falcon, joining the Inhuman dog Lockjaw in his quest for finding the lost Infinity Gems: Lockjaw had tracked them in the Savage Land, and had formed a team composed entirely of animals to retrieve them. Redwing joined Kitty Pryde‘s dragon Lockheed, the enchanted frog ThrogAunt May‘s dog Ms. LionSpeedball‘s cat Hairball and later Ka-Zar‘s sabretooth tiger Zabu to fight against the Devil Dinosaur, Giganto and even Thanos to collect all the Infinity Gems. Quite surprisingly the animals, calling themselves the Pet Avengers, managed to defeat each and every foe, Thanos included, and separated only when all the Gems were found and secured. However, they now shared a psychic link, and whenever the situation would have required it, the Pet Avengers would have met together to save the world again.

Redwing is a brave and heroic falcon, trained to be a hero of his race by Sam “Falcon” Wilson; with the other animals, it turned out he possesses natural leadership skills, and despite being pretty arrogant and self-important he’s a valuable and loyal friend. Stronger and faster than regular hawks thanks to his training, Redwing is also able to use his beak and talons as weapons in battle; his mind-link with Falcon allows the man to see through the bird’s eyes, and they share an empathic bond that makes both of them feel what the other feels; thanks to the Mind Gem, he also shares a telepathic link with the Pet Avengers, that allows the animals to contact the others in case of need. Redwing is Falcon’s best friend, his most loyal and reliable companion and his trusted ally: definitely more than “just a bird”.


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