nesbittfilmOn with the characters of Daredevil, with a second season just as crowded as the first one: always in the first episode, Bang, we learn to know The Punisher‘s modus operandi in the worst way possible…in his application. In Punisher’s hunt for gangsters we meet Nesbitt, portrayed by Andy Murray: Nesbitt is an Irish mobster who tries to take over the drug market after the arrest of The Kingpin. Unfortunately, he crosses roads with the city’s newest vigilante, who’s not exactly as soft-handed as the others, and his dreams of glory are short lived. In the comics, Nesbitt is not exactly a nice guy either, but at least he gets to die in his own bed of old age. And he doesn’t belong to the main Marvel Universe (Earth-616), but to the R-Rated MAX Universe, coded Earth-200111. Let’s see together.

Nesbitt was born in an unspecified region of Ireland, nearly at the beginning of the century. As a young man, he left his homeland country and emigrated to the United States of America, finding a new home in New York City. Nesbitt settled down in the neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen where, without any other job perspective and with quite a natural attitude, he entered the criminal world. Slowly but steadily, Nesbitt rose in ranks in the Irish gang he worked in, until he became the undisputed leader of it. With years, despite obviously getting older, Nesbitt gained a fame for himself as the meanest and most dangerous Irishman in New York, surely not loved by anybody, but feared even by other crime lords, and respected by the gang leaders. Years passed, and Nesbitt built quite a criminal empire, controlling much of Hell’s Kitchen criminality; with time, however, the gangs grew in number, and he found himself with more and more competition, having to share the power over his neighborhood, and always fighting to prevent nesbittcomics1each and every one of the other gang leaders to start a war that would have damaged everybody’s business. Tommy Toner, Maginty and Finn Cooley were just some of the most influent and powerful among the other mobsters that Nesbitt could count among his peers during the years of his old age, and he didn’t hide his despisal for them, usually calling them all “shower of cunts”, just to make his feelings for them clear. Nesbitt didn’t like the new bunch of gang leaders that had grown up under his shadow, and he knew far too well that the moment he would have died (a moment that would have arrived soon) those bunch of third-rate gangsters would have destroyed Hell’s Kitchen with a war to decide who was in command…something that the old man didn’t want at all, dreaming of a pacified neighborhood.

In order to ensure his inheritance would have indeed been a peaceful Hell’s Kitchen, Nesbitt devised a plan, one hell of a parting gift for his “heirs”. The old man wrote some letters to be sent to Maginty, Cooley, the River Rats and Toner the moment he would have died: in the letters there were parts of a code that, put together, pointed to the place in which he had hidden his fortune, $10 million to be shared among the most important gangs, recognised as worthy of being his heirs. Everybody interpreted this unexpected inclusion in the last will as a sign of his desire of seeing a Hell’s Kitchen finally free of gang wars…and they were right, kind of. Nesbitt died for natural causes, and despite in the letter he encouraged the other gang leaders to cooperate to share his fortune, they obviously entered in a war to obtain the others’ pieces of the code. In those days, however, The Punisher was targeting the gangs, so Finn Cooley, Maginty, Tommy Toner and Polly and Eamon (the leaders of the River Rats) found a good reason to cooperate, uniting against a common enemy. The contendants were forced to put an end to their fight, desperately trying to avoid getting unwanted attention from the vigilante, and in the meanwhile they all brought their piece of the code to locate Nesbitt’s fortune (obviously planning to eliminate the rivals once they had found the treasure). The code pointed to an abandoned freighter, nesbittcomics2aboard which the criminals effectively found the casket that allegedely held the old man’s inheritance…only, it was not what they expected it to be. Nesbitt, in fact, had hidden on the derelict ship a time bomb, accompanied with a note reading “cunts”. The bomb exploded, with all the gang leaders gathered around it: from beyond the grave, Nesbitt had managed to fulfill his dream of having a Hell’s Kitchen free from all the gang wars, solving the problem at its root…one last mockery from the meanest bastard who ever walked New York City.

Nesbitt is a hardened and cruel old man, one of the most feared and respected criminals in New York City. He heartily despises the new generation of criminals that grew around him, and he considers them just a bunch of irresponsible and greedy kids ready to burn the city to ashes to gain some profit, nothing like the good old days in which also criminals had a code. Despite his extremely old age, however, Nesbitt still has some ace up his sleeve, and he’s ready to teach one last lesson to the “shower of cunts” that dreams of being his successor.


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  1. […] the other Irish mob bosses, Finn was forced to obey to the “boss of bosses”, old man Nesbitt, who became one of his main business partners (they usually traded weapons for drugs and […]

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