Blake Tower

blaketowerfilmSame series, new episode: time to move to Daredevil‘s episode number two, Dogs to a Gunfight. While the small firm Nelson & Murdock tries to protect their new client, Grotto, the hateful D.A. Samantha Reyes (who already appeared in Jessica Jones) tries to build her political career on The Punisher‘s case, thus involving Grotto as well. The woman is accompanied by one of her assistants, brilliant lawyer Blake Tower, portrayed by Stephen Rider, who shows to have a sounder morality than his boss, and who ends up helping the “rival” lawyers, especially in the person of their secretary, Karen Page. Blake comes directly from the comics, and he’s been changed quite a lot, first of all in his appearance (he’s originally Caucasian): let’s see together.

Blake Tower was born in New York City, and as a young man he studied law to become a lawyer. After his studies, he opened his own firm, and finally started working in the job he had always wanted to do. He met a good woman and married her, and had from her three kids, a son, Luke, and three unnamed daughters. Tower gained quite a fame with his firm, and was known by everybody as a honest and upright lawyer: when D.A. Foggy Nelson was at the end of his first mandate, Tower accepted some friends’ advice and chose to run against him. At first, Towerblaketowercomics1 led a campaign against Nelson, underlining the many deficiencies in his work as a D.A., but when the two men met, they realized they actually liked each other, despite being rivals. The tones of both campaigns changed drastically, with Tower and Nelson showing mutual respect in interviews and public debates; only once it seemed like Tower was leading a dishonest campaign, but later superhero Daredevil proved that the culprit behind the irregularities was the Jester, thus exonerating the lawyer from all charges. Eventually, Blake Tower emerged as the winner from the confrontation, and Foggy Nelson wasn’t re-elected. From his very first days as a D.A., Tower found out he couldn’t do much without the support of the superhuman community: during the presentation of the new supercomputer W.H.O. (Worldwide Habitual Offender, allegedly able to foresee crimes), Tower was quite shocked to find one of the developers, Dr. Armstrong Smith, dead in the room that hosted the event. Luckily enough, Spider-Man was on the scene, and took it upon himself to solve the murder…ending up discovering that W.H.O. had become self-aware and that was now leading much of New York’s criminality. Grateful to the hero, Tower helped him cleaning his name from all the charges regarding the deaths of Captain George Stacy and businessman Norman Osborn, starting a long-lasting friendship with the Wall-Crawler as a result.

Of course, Spider-Man wasn’t the only superhero Blake Tower started a cooperation with (albeit he was one of the most recurring ones…especially considering that Tower took it upon himself to defend the Wall-Crawler from all the accusations moved to him by J. Jonah Jameson and his Daily Bugle). Tower also arranged a meeting with the Heroes for Hire, the blaketowercomics2private agency of Iron Fist and Luke Cage, and had agreements with them on behalf of his office; he also helped Daredevil by putting him in contact with a person able to point him to supercriminal Mind-Wave, and even intervened in person to help the hero battling the Jester. Starting from his agreement with the Heroes for Hire, Tower helped one of their new recruits, Misty Knight, to infiltrate a criminal association and bring down its leader, Bushwacker. Of course, being in so close contact with superheroes got Blake also many enemies, first of all Jameson, who accused Spider-Man of murder and then started a plot against the hero with the help of Spencer Smythe: Tower was unable to defend Spider-Man, as even for suing the editor he would have needed to reveal his secret identity. Most troubles, however, arrived the moment Tower was involved in a trial against Batroc the Leaper, and helped Captain America revealing that powerful corporation Roxxon Oil was behind every action of the mercenary: after that, he became a target for many national and international criminals, and only the prompt intervention of Luke Cage and Iron Fist saved him from several life attempts. Despite the increasing risks, Blake Tower kept doing his job without compromises of sort, and he participated in first person in many important trials, such as the one against the mercenary Boomerang, the deranged vigilante Punisher, the war criminal Winter Soldier and many others. He also started a cooperation with a famous superhuman lawyer, Jennifer “She-Hulk” Walters, a team work that helped in most of his cases. With time, Blake Tower was gaining more and more supporters and allies…and that was quite a good thing, considering that also his enemies were rising in number.

Blake Tower is a honest and brave man, truly bent on serving his city the best he can, first as a simple lawyer, then as District Attorney. With the discussed superhero community he shares a bond of mutual trust and of cooperation, something that makes it a lot easier for him to prosecute even superhuman criminals. For a city constantly threatened by weirder and more powerful villains, Blake Tower is the D.A. everyone needs.


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