Richard Malverne

dickmalvernefilmThere was still another new character introduced in last episode of Supergirl…some so fundamental that most of the viewers didn’t even notice him. In Manhunter, during a flashback seeing teenage Alex and Kara interacting, the two sisters go to the beach, accepting the invitation of one of Alex’s friends, a nice guy she seems interested to: that guy is Rick Malverne, portrayed by Zayne Emory. Now, in the comics Rick/Dick Malverne is surely linked to Kara, being one of her very first love interests…but if he’ll ever come back to the show, it’s more likely he’ll be Alex’s first boyfriend rather than her sister’s. Anyway, let’s see together who this guy is in the comics…and warning, multiple versions again.

Richard Wilson was born somewhere around Metropolis, and when he was a kid both of his parents died in an accident, leaving him alone. As most orphans of that area, Dick ended up being entrusted to Midvale Orphanage, where he grew up with other kids who suffered his same loss. Among all the boys and girls he met at Midvale, Dick grew specifically attached to one in particular: Linda Lee, a girl he developed a child crush on. When a new heroine in blue suit and red cape, Supergirl, made her public debut and started saving the day in the area, Dick suspected that there was Linda behind the blonde marvel that was fascinating Metropolis, but he wasn’t able to prove it, and kept silent about it. Rather, he tried to get as close as he could to Linda. Some years later Dick was adopted by a family, the Malvernes, and legally took their name; he didn’t part ways with Linda, as they grew up and attended Stenhope College together. He finally let her know his feelings for her, and the two started dating. During their time together, Dick came close more than once to finding out Linda’s secret, and she devised a number of tricks to deceive him, such as having herself and “Supergirl” appearing in the same room at once. Dick, however, didn’t need any other proof: he knew his girl, knew of her true nature despite the sloppy appearance she presented herself to the world with, and knew for sure that if there was a heroine out there, that was Linda Lee. Eventually, dickmalvernecomics1however, the two of them broke up, with Linda coming to consider him more a nuisance than anything else. After college, a whole new life was waiting for Dick Malverne…unfortunately, he wouldn’t have lived it. Still young, he was diagnosed with a malignant cancer, that left him without any hope of surviving. When his end was near, Dick asked to see Linda one last time, and she surprisingly answered his call. Before dying, Dick told her that he had always loved her, and that he had protected her secret all his life…he even apologized for seeking “evidence” during their childhood. The two shared one last, tender kiss, before Dick finally died, leaving the Girl of Steel heartbroken like never before.

After Chrisis on Infinite Earths, Dick Malverne’s life was completely rewritten, starting from his past as an orphan. His family or birthplace are unknown, but at a certain point in his life he moved to Virginia, to the suburban town of Leesburg. Wanting to begin his new life, he bought an appliance store, and everything seemed fine for him at last…until he was diagnosed with cancer. Afraid and alone, Dick didn’t know what to do, and he fell for the Church of Supergirl, a group that said was able to help him. Through the Church, Dick entered in contact with a demonic entity who called himself Buzz, and who tricked him into being possessed by another entity, Tempus Fugit, a lethal being that Buzz later sent to kill Sylvia Danvers, as part of a long-planned war against the heroine Supergirl. Tempus didn’t kill Sylvia, but Supergirl came close to kill its host, just as Buzz wanted…but eventually she managed to do the right thing, and she destroyed Buzz shattering his body in piecese. The demon, however, managed to put a fragment of his essence inside Dick, and stayed dormant within the boy’s soul for months. During this time, Dick’s cancer seemed to have disappeared, and he believed in a miracle. Ready to finally start a new life, the boy came back to his shop, and even met a girl he liked, Linda Danvers. The two started dating, with Dick unaware that Linda was actually Supergirl…and most of all, unaware that he had a broken demon living inside him. When, despite the difficulties given by Linda’s double life, it became clear the two of them loved each dickmalvernecomics2other, Buzz finally manifested himself, and threatened to kill Dick if Supergirl didn’t collect the rest of his body from a prison of the Chaos Lord. Wanting to save her man, Supergirl fought the prison’s guardian, the Unholy, and freed Buzz, who kept his word and left Dick Malverne’s body…unfortunately, the demon’s presence was the only thing that kept his cancer from growing. Now, since he never forwent treatment due to his “faith” in the Church of Supergirl, Dick was sentenced to death, with nothing else that could be done but to wait for the end, with the girl he loved by his side.

Richard Malverne is a perfectly normal boy, a good guy who does his best to make a living. On Earth-1, he dedicates his life to protect the secret of the love of his life, Linda “Supergirl” Danvers, while on New Earth he’s just a simple boy who makes a lot of terrible choices out of fear. In both worlds and destinies, however, his fate is romantically linked to Supergirl’s one.


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