Silas Stone

silasstonefilmSecond character from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, another brief cameo leading to a wider DC Extended Universe. When Wonder Woman explores Lex Luthor‘s data on metahumans, she stumbles upon some security video from S.T.A.R. Labs featuring one of their scientists experimenting on his very son in the effort of bringing him back to life thanks to cybernetic implants (and managing to do that with something that looks a lot like a Mother Box): the scientist in question is Silas Stone, portrayed by Joe Morton. It’s more than likely that Morton will reprise the role in some future installment of the series, even if we don’t have any official source telling us when this will happen; in the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original Silas.

Silas was the son of two famous Vaudeville performers, singer and dancer Tucker Stone and escape artist Maude, his wife. As a boy, he surely didn’t follow his parents’ footsteps, as he dedicated himself completely to science. Silas showed from the very beginning an incredible intellect, that put him on the same level of most of his professors in college; it was thanks to his studies that he met the girl that would have become his wife, Elinore, another scientist. Silas and Elinore got married, and they both found a job as researchers in the futuristic S.T.A.R. Labs, in the Detroit division. The two specialised in human enhancing technology, a series of projects aimed to bring human beings to perfection by triggering their hidden potential…and when they had a son, Victor, they also had the awful idea to experiment on him. Silas wanted to make a genius out of his son, so he tried on him every sort of new tech to boost his intelligence; the experiments were a success, and Victor became a child genius…but their father-and-son relationship also grew colder, as Vic reacted badly to his father’s attempts to control his life: Silas, in fact, now saw him as the result of his work more silasstonecomics1than a person in his own right, and wanted to direct every part of his life, not wanting him to waste all the potential that he had helped to fulfill. In response to this, Victor rebelled to Silas, and gave himself mostly to sport (football especially), and only frequented people Silas didn’t approve, in a continuous challenge that estranged the two even more. The final straw came when Vic started hanging out with some crooks, and got involved into a gang fight: he came back home hurt, and when Silas found out what had happened, he kicked his son out of his house, stating that he would have never recognised a criminal as his son. This, of course, made the relationship between the two even more stranded: for the following years, Silas and Victor didn’t even talk to each other, and the boy only visited his mother, completely ignoring his father.

Years passed, and Silas and Elinore dedicated themselves to other experiments, the most important of which was a Dimensional Transmitter, able to open portals to other realities, allegedly only to observe them. The day Silas wanted to try his new invention out, Victor passed by the Stones’ lab, wanting to see Elinore. The device worked perfectly, but it opened on a dangerous dimension, inhabited by monstrous and highly hostile aliens: one of them managed to pass through the breach, attacking the Stones. The alien killed Elinore on the spot, and then proceeded to attack Victor, shredding him to pieces: Silas, frantic, managed to sent the monster back where it belonged, but his son was severely injured. Victor fell into an irreversible coma, with barely enough body parts to keep him whole; by his wife’s grave, Silas swore that he would have not lost his son as well. Back to his lab, Silas “stole” Victor’s body, and used on him the unapproved prototype of a cybernetic body that he had devised for injured soldiers. Victor silasstonecomics2was brought back to life, but he was not human anymore: the boy, not exactly grateful, interpreted this “rescue” as the umpteenth attempt from his father to control his life, and after months of physical training and rehabilitation he left angrily, determined never to see Silas again. Much to Silas’ surprise, Victor used the abilities his new body granted him to become a superhero, naming himself Cyborg and joining the new Teen Titans: Silas couldn’t be prouder of his son, and wanted to help him as much as he could, but he obviously couldn’t do it openly, since Victor hated him. Furthermore, the man found out that the attack from the alien creature had left him with a massive radiation poisoning, and he didn’t have much more left to live. Before dying, however, he wanted to do something good for Vic, so he used his money and influence to build the Titans Tower, a safe headquarters for Cyborg and his teammates, and kept financing the heroes anonimously. It was only after a misadventure with the Fearsome Five, and thanks to Raven‘s mediation, that Silas and Victor spoke to each other again: upon knowing that his father was dying, Cyborg agreed to give him a second chance, and to spend some time with him. It was more than Silas hoped for, or even deserved.

Silas Stone is an extremely brilliant man, who unfortunately puts science before anything (and anyone) else, often losing contact with human relations. Despite loving his son, he just can’t avoid to treat him like one of his experiments rather than a true person, and he tries to control him in his life choices out of his desire not to see him waste his potential, but ending up ruining their relation as a result. Ambitious and intelligent, but socially awkward, Silas is more at ease with numbers than with people, and has quite some difficulty in creating true bonds…but anyone can learn, and he’s no ecception.



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