neganfilmThe Walking Dead reached its season finale, and after long ancitipating him and dropping his name around, finally in Last Day on Earth the big bad wolf has made an appearance. In the episode, much of Rick Grimes‘ group is captured by The Saviors, and they meet their leader: Negan, portrayed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Negan is surely an imposing character, and his introduction speech is surely remarkable, but his actions speak louder than words, and he left us with quite a cliffhanger, to be solved only at the beginning of Season 7 next Autumn. Now, waiting to see what this psycho will bring to the show (hopefullly he’ll fasten storytelling enough not to let the viewers sleep as in the first half of this season), let’s take a look at the original one. As always for TWD, possible spoiler alert.

The story of how Negan became one of the most feared and respected men after the Outbreak is pretty much a mystery: before the Apocalypse began, he was a normal guy, a used car salesman with a passion for billiards and ping-pong. When the Apocalypse began, everything changed: naturally charismatic, and extremely determined, Negan gathered a large group of survivors (he started with fifty at the very least), and organised them in a community, forcing his way and his law upon them. Negan called the group The Saviors, as he believed they were rebuilding civilization, saving the world from the post-apocalyptic anarchy. Inside the group, Negan’s rules were imposed with an iron fist, and whoever broke them had his face marked with hot iron, both to remember his “crime” and to be an example for others. The influence Negan had on his followers was almost on a religious level, and The Saviors were in fact organised as some sort of cult, with the all-mighty Negan at its centre: he took most of the women for himself, organising them into some sort of harem, while he used the men as workforce and, especially, military force. The strongest trait of The Saviors was the nearly unlimited access to military weaponry, that put them on a whole other level compared to the other groups and communities (despite the many guns and rifles at disposal, however, Negan personally preferred to use his baseball bat, wrapped in barbed-wire, which he called Lucille and he referred to as if negancomics1it was a real woman, the only one he ever loved, nothing less). With a mass of blindly devoted followes and an arsenal of fire arms, Negan led The Saviors to the new civilization…by enslaving other communities with choking agreements and pacts: strong with their power, The Saviors offered protection from the walkers roaming in the surrounding areas, and in exchange they demanded a remarkable amount of food, medicines and other supplies. If the community couldn’t pay it, or didn’t want to, Negan’s men attacked it, burnt the place to ashes, and killed most of its inhabitants, recruiting the few survivors among the men and sending the women to the harem. Step by step, colony by colony, the area of influence of The Saviors grew, and Negan himself became a nearly legendary figure, giving orders from The Sanctuary (The Saviors’ base) but seldomly showing himself to the outsiders.

Of course, in order to mantain his considerable power, Negan couldn’t allow any slightest weakness in his rule, and he treated also his most trusted subordinates with the usual iron fist (something that his very lieutenant, Dwight, learnt the moment he was disfigured for having met in secret his wife, Sherry, now part of Negan’s harem). When one of the colonies subjected to The Saviors’ rule, Hilltop Colony, sent a delegation with a smaller amount of supplies, Negan ruthlessly killed some of the messengers, leaving only two alive: a girl, Crystal, whom he kept hostage, and a man, Ethan, sent back to Hilltop to kill its leader, Gregory, in exchange of Crystal’s life and freedom. The “mission” didn’t go as planned because of the intervention of Rick Grimes, leader of another colony, who had made an alliance with Gregory. When Rick’s group started killing off some of his men, Negan decided it was time to take the matter in his own hands, and moved to intercept Rick’s van with a personal “security detail” of fifty men: caught by surprise, Rick and his people didn’t even have the time to realise what hit them, and they were all captured, tied and lined up in front of Negan, who finally introduced himself and declared his will to avenge all his negancomics2men’s deaths. Negan announced to Rick that he wanted to make an agreement: Alexandria Safe-Zone would have given The Saviors half of what they owned, and they would have given it in a week of time. In order to make his point, Negan introduced the group to Lucille the worst way possible, smashing the skull of one of them, Glenn, right in front of his wife Maggie‘s eyes. After that, he punched Rick to unconsciousness when he still threatened him, then left, telling everybody else that The Saviors would have come back in a week, and they would have obtained what they wanted…if Alexandria wanted to avoid other killings, of course. One week later, punctual, Negan arrived to Alexandria…and obtained everything he wanted: cornered, Rick couldn’t do anything but obey. Coming back to The Sanctuary, however, Negan found out that along with the supplies there was also an unexpected guest: Carl Grimes, Rick’s son, who had hidden on the truck in order to kill Negan…something that he obviously failed to do, despite taking out some of his men. Now, Negan had another lever on Rick, and all the time in the world to know a new “friend”…

Negan surely is a complex man: a deranged psychopath with little or no empathy, who enjoys violence and killing and who’s able to gut people with a laugh, he’s also an extremely rational and pragmatic man, gifted with a cunning intellect and even reasonable to a certain extent. Physically imposing, charismatic and with quite a God-complex, Negan inspires fear and devotion in his followers, and utter terror and hatred in his enemies: always accompanied by his trusted Lucille (his baseball bat), he’s just as dangerous as he looks, and his twisted sense of humor only makes him more terrifying. Strong and fascinating, brutal and pitiless, Negan is a new man for a new world, a ruthless dictator who rules over a desperate world with an iron fist, giving people what they think they need the most, and taking for himself everything, and everyone, he wants.



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