Hugo Kostas & Christina Natchios

hugo&christinanatchiosfilmFinally, we’ve arrived to the last character(s) appearing in Daredevil Season 2, always in the episode The Dark at the End of the Tunnel. At the end of the flashback involving Elektra‘s backstory, she’s given in adoption by Stick in order to protect her from both The Hand and The Chaste, and she’s adopted by a Greek ambassador and his wife. The two are Hugo and Christina Natchios, portrayed by unknown actors. This is not their first live action appearance: renamed Nikolas Natchios, Elektra’s father was portrayed by Erick Avari in the Daredevil movie, where he got killed by Bullseye for refusing Wilson Fisk‘s offer. Nikolas appeared again in a flashback in Elektra, this time portrayed by Kurt Max Runte, and we see him prompting his young daughter to give her best in her training; in the film we also see briefly Elektra’s mother, portrayed by Jana Mitsoula, just as she gets killed by Kirigi. Now, time to see who this two Greek politicians are in the comics….albeit in the comics they’re much different from their counterparts. And they’re the biological parents of Elektra.

Hugo Kostas Natchios was born in Greece, where he grew up along with his brother Demetrios. Hugo grew up to become a succesful businessman, and as the head of his own company he met Christina, a young woman he fell in love with. The two got married about the same time Demetrios married his girlfriend Alexia, and soon after Christina gave birth to their first son, Orestez. Hugo and Christina knew a time of happiness together, and Hugo’s company made him one of the richest men in Greece. Wealth and fame, however, changed Christina, and she slowly became a vain and self-important woman, always trying to impress other men. Due to his importance in his country, and to some unspecified diplomatic skills, Hugo was appointed as the new Greek ambassador in the United States of America, and he and his family moved to the Greek Embassy in New York City…but in the US Christina’s behavior became even more over the top, and she repeatedly cheated on her husband. If this wasn’t enough, the hugonatchioscomicswoman made a habit of publicly boasting about her infidelity with her husband’s guests, thus humiliating Hugo; the man’s political career was also at stake, since the rumors started spreading, and some influent people started doubting that, since he couldn’t even control his house, Hugo Natchios could actually solve anything at all as an ambassador. When Christina got pregnant a second time, Hugo strongly believed that the baby was someone else’s, and much to his humiliation even most of his acquaintances believed the same. One night, after getting drunk for the umpteenth time, Hugo unburdened his rage and humiliation on Orestez, who was by now a young man, telling him everything about his mother and the public humiliation she was giving their family. Orestez showed an unexpected determination, and Hugo realised what he planned to do, but he simply denied it to himself, and pretended not to guess what his son was thinking.

Some months later, Christina had planned a vacation on the Aegean Sea, near home, and she was supposed to go alone; in order to keep her under control, however, Hugo went along, and the two spent some days together. It was during those days that Orestez’ plan was put in motion: a band of mercenaries, hired by Hugo’s son, attacked the couple’s yacht, opening fire on the Natchios’; Hugo was wounded, but Christina was nearly cut in half by the bullets. The trauma triggered the labour, and the woman gave birth to her second child, Elektra, just before dying. Brought to a hospital, Hugo was treated, but he didn’t want to have anything to do with the baby girl, since he thought she was the result of Christina’s infidelity; however, the doctors ran a paternity test, and Elektra was declared Hugo’s daughter. Convinced, the man took the baby and came back to the States, where he found out that Orestez had gone away, guilt-ridden for having nearly killed his father along with his loathed mother. Despite his family was now christinanatchioscomicsshattered, Hugo found an unexpected reason of happiness in Elektra, who became the best gift Christina had ever given him, and his only reason of joy. Hugo truly loved his daughter, and brought her a new gift every day, from a simple flower to her beloved dog, Agamemnon. One day, however, some criminals who wanted to kidnap Elektra attacked her when she was just nine years old: they gunned down Agamemnon, and nearly took her, but they were stopped (and slaughtered) by Orestez Natchios, who had just come back from his self-imposed exile. Orestez brought his little sister back to Hugo, and the man welcomed him back to the family…but the guilt for his past actions was still too heavy a burden for him, so Orestez left home again that very night. Hugo had learnt his lesson, and sent Elektra to Japan, in the Iga Province to learn martial arts and learn how to take care of herself, so that she would have avoided other similar “incidents”. Hugo Natchios was a powerful man, and he had many enemies…but there was nothing he wouldn’t have done to protect his only joy and treasure, his daughter.

Hugo and Christina Natchios can’t be more different: the first one is a serious man, with a strong sense of responsibility and a strict code of honor, who values family and hard work; the second is a vain and shallow woman, who lives in luxury exploiting her husband’s wealth, and who doesn’t even care of her son as long as she can have fun with all the men she wants. Hugo deeply despises his wife, and hates her for her constant infidelity; the only reason Hugo has to be grateful to Christina for is their daughter, Elektra, the one person in the world Hugo is ready to give up everything for, and the one he’s ready to do anything possible and impossible to protect.



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