maximafilmSupergirl is back with the final episodes of the first season, and in Myriad we find another new character. Under the influence of Non, Lucy Lane releases all prisoners from D.E.O., among which Maxima, portrayed by Eve Torres. Maxima is an alien queen, who came to Earth to convince Superman to be her mate; rejected, she started destroying everything, until Superman arrested her. The alien queen already appeared in Superboy, although her name was changed to Neila: again, she tried to seduce the Man of Steel, but she didn’t succeed quite well. She did exactly the same also in Smallville, where she was portrayed by Charlotte Sullivan: unfortunately, she didn’t know who her “soulmate” was, so she kissed random people trying to find him. Normal humans died of a heart attack with her kiss, and only Clark Kent endured it, feeling just arousal…and that’s how she found him, before being sent back home. Now, let’s see who this superhuman seductress is in the comics.

Maxima was born in the planet Almerac, in a technologically advanced warrior society. Maxima was the eldest daughter of the planet’s ruling family, the House of the Blood Royale, which selected the emperors and empresses of Almerac through a generational process of selected breeding, aimed to assure that only the best warriors could mate to give birth to the planet’s rulers. From her birth, Maxima was taught how to fight and how to be the queen of her world, and she was obviously prompted to find a perfect mate to be her king (something that her handmaiden and personal advisor, Sazu, kept reminding her). The House of the Blood Royale, however, had already selected the perfect genetic mate for Maxima: Ultraa, a warrior born, a scion of the Blood Royale and a war hero, a capable leader, and a handsome man; there was only one problem: Maxima didn’t like him, and she rejected her bethroted, judging him not worthy of her. Sure that other races and species could bring to Almerac’s genetic pool maximacomics1unusual and useful traits, like it happened in the past, Maxima started searching for a suitable mate in other galaxies, hoping to find a man finally worthy of her strength. Eventually, Sazu intercepted a transmission from Warworld, a massive gladiatorial arena run by the intergalactic warlord Mongul: the transmission described the incredible deeds accomplished by one of the gladiators, Superman, a Kryptonian male. Listening to what Superman was capable of doing against Mongul and his best warriors, Maxima was sure she had found her mate. At first, obviously, she had to know him better, so Maxima created a perfect duplicate of herself, and sent it to Earth along with Sazu, in order to study the Kryptonian. The duplicate ran some analysis, and found out that Superman was genetically compatible with Maxima: that meant that the Almeracian queen was able to give him what no human woman would have ever been able to, children. Sazu, however, didn’t approve Superman as a choice (he was “too compassionate”), so she destroyed the copy and tried to dissuade her queen…obtaining the exact opposite result.

More attracted than ever to Superman, Maxima arrived on Earth personally, and at first engaged the Man of Steel in battle to test his power; finally, at the bottom of the sea, the queen made her move on him, and declared her true intent, also touching the possibility of having Krypton reborn thanks to their union. Superman, however, declined, stating that he wasn’t interested in fathering despots (Superman was under the influence of the Eradicator, so his answer came out even more cold and dispassionate than needed). Shocked and deeply offended by the Man of Steel’s rejection, Maxima apparently renounced to meet his favors, but Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so she didn’t abandon Earth and its protector, quite the opposite: she kept coming back to the planet, trying to exact her revenge on the man who had humiliated her. Things changed the moment Brainiac took control of Warworld, and used it as a weapon of mass destruction against other planets; the alien conqueror tried it on Almerac maximacomics2first, and the Warrior Queen obviously intervened to defend her home. Upon realising that Brainiac was an enemy beyond her power, Maxima pretended to offer him an alliance, and presented herself as a loyal lieutenant. Brainiac accepted Maxima’s service, and spared Almerac from total destruction; together, the two “allies” travelled to Earth, where Brainiac had some score to settle with Superman and the other heroes. However, when the Justice League of America moved to intercept Warworld, Maxima finally revealed her true colors, and hit Brainiac: she severed his contact with his planet/weapon, then she lobotomized him using her own telepathy. After the battle, Maxima came back home, only to find her planet in ruin, desperately needing a strong government. More determined than ever to find a suitable mate in order to be ready to serve her people, Maxima came back to Earth, where she had met so many perfect candidates, and joined Justice League International, the new version of the team formed by Maxwell Lord after the original one was disbanded. Maybe, fighting with so many heroes would have finally given the Warrior Queen a chance to meet a man worthy of her.

Maxima is a proud and strong-willed woman, a warrior born trained since her very childhood to be the perfect queen (more of a dictator, actually) for a planet trained in the arts of war for millennia. Strong and fierce, she despises weakness in any form, and it’s not exactly easy to find a man in the entire universe whom she deems worthy of herself. As an Almeracian, result of centuries of controlled breeding, she possesses a vast array of powers: flight, superhuman strength, speed, stamina and durability, teleportation, virtual invulnerability, and powerful mental powers including telekinesis, telepathy, illusion casting, mind control, force fields generation and the emission of powerful psychic blasts. Relentless and determined, Maxima is ready to travel the entire universe to find her perfect mate…hoping that the one she choses is able to survive their first encounter, obviously.



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