Scandal Savage

scandalsavagefilmLast episode of Legends of Tomorrow finally brought back some action, and we see the team struggling to defeat Vandal Savage in 2166, when his power is almost at its peak. In Leviathan, however, we also meet one of Savage’s most trusted lieutenants… and his daughter, nevertheless: Cassandra, portrayed by Jessica Sipos. In the show, she eventually turns against her father after discovering what kind of monster he really is, much like her comicbook counterpart; her name, however, has been changed, but no surprise there: Scandal is not exactly an easy name to pretend to be normal on television. It’s unlikely we’ll see Cassandra again in the series (unless for some reason the team goes back to the future), but we have time to learn to know the original one, Scandal Savage.

Scandal Savage was born in Brazil, the daughter of the homicidal immortal Vandal Savage, and of the only, unnamed woman he ever truly loved. Despite being raised far from her father, Scandal was fully aware of her heritage, and Vandal also left her a pair of Lamentation Blades, the family’s legacy. From time to time, Vandal Savage himself paid a visit to his family, and trained his daughter in combat, honing her to become a lethal living weapon. Scandal grew up just as deadly and powerful as her father wanted her to be, until the day her mother was kidnapped by a mysterious figure, known only as Mockingbird (who was actually Lex Luthor, who was at the time battling an alternate version of himself from a parallel universe). Mockingbird threatened to kill Scandal’s mother if she didn’t do as he ordered, and the girl found herself forced to comply. Along with five other blackmailed supervillains (Peter “Rag Doll” Merkel, a Parademon from ApokolipsFloyd “Deadshot” LawtonJade “Cheshire” Nguyen and Isaac “Fiddler” Bowin) Scandal Savage joined the third incarnation of the Secret Six, and was sent by Mockingbird against alternate Luthor’s Secret Society of Supervillains. The team also clashed with H.I.V.E. and other organizations linked to the Society, also suffering some losses, but recruiting new members in substitution of them (such as Bane or Catman). Among the new entries there was also Knockout, a super-strong villainess who acted as a mole in the scandalsavagecomics1Society, and who Scandal grew attached to; the two girls became lovers, but they obviously had to keep it secret in order to maintain Knockout’s position in the Society. When, during a battle, Scandal was about to be killed in combat by Talia al Ghul, Knockout intervened to save her beloved, finally showing her true colors and officially joining the Secret Six from that moment on. Eventually, despite being heavily outnumbered, the Secret Six succeeded in their mission, and Luthor, for once faithful to his word, released them. Each criminal, however, had learnt to care about each other, and they worked pretty well together: despite being released from Mockingbird’s blackmail, the Secret Six didn’t disband, and chose to stay together.

While Scandal and Knockout were together on vacation in Bangkok, they were attacked by a mercenary, Pistolera, who used a Tanagarian gun to try and kill her. Knockout saved Scandal by throwing her in the ocean, and taking herself the explosive bullet: Scandal came back ashore, and found her lover barely alive. Enraged, she attacked Pistolera, and after defeating her she tortured her to obtain information: this way, she learnt that the mercenary had been hired by Vandal Savage, who wanted to force Scandal to find a man and to give him a male heir. While Deadshot killed Pistolera, Scandal Savage called all her allies for help, and convinced them to help her take on her father: the Secret Six located Vandal in Japan, and they attacked his compound moving war to the immortal killer and his allies. Scandal personally fought her father, but their combat abilities nearly matched: Deadshot intervened, shooting Vandal in the head; father and daughter nearly fell into a nearby abyss, and while Scandal grabbed on the ledge of a wall, Vandal grabbed her leg and held on to her. The girl nearly fell to her death with her father, but Vandal told her she looked just like her mother, and that he wanted her bloodline to go on… so he didn’t want to take her with him, and he let himself fall, facing one of his many and temporary deaths. With things settled with her father, at least for the time being, Scandal could come back home with the rest of the team… only to find another mission waiting for scandalsavagecomics2them. The task of guarding a Red Rocket suit containing the heroine Ice put the Secret Six against the Birds of Prey, and Scandal Savage gave proof of her skills by besting in one-on-one combat Hawkgirl. During a heated battle, Deadshot was forced by Spy Smasher to shoot Scandal repeatedly in the back, and only her healing factor saved her life; Hawkgirl attended to her, and when the woman awoke, she teamed up with her former enemy to face the Red Rocket Brigade, bringing the entire Secret Six to fight against their employers to save the kidnapped Ice. With another mission ended, Scandal faced the shock of Knockdown’s death, as she was murdered by an unknown killer. Depressed and drunk, she was kidnapped by Bronze Tiger and Rick Flag, who “offered” her a place in the Suicide Squad, which she bluntly refused. Consequently, Amanda Waller exiled her with other criminals on an alien planet… making one mistake, as Scandal could now reunite with the surviving members of the Secret Six: nothing could stop Vandal Savage’s daughter when she was with her team.

Scandal Savage is a proud and sometimes feral woman, with a personal code of honor that, if surely doesn’t make her a hero, it makes her different from most criminals at least. She’s an incredibly proficient combatant and martial artist, able to hold her own against her own father (who’s technically the inventor of violence), and she fights using the Lamentation Blades, or Laminas Pesar, special weapons forged in an unknown material able to cut through pretty much everything. As the daughter of Vandal Savage, Scandal has inherited his amazing regenerative abilities (she can apparently heal from anything, head-shots included, and she can regrow lost organs), and possibly his longevity as well, potentially being immortal just as Vandal is. Powerful and absolutely lethal, Scandal Savage is a warrior born, a woman who fought to come out of her father’s shadow and who only does what she believes to be right and honorable… but that doesn’t mean she’ll act good at all.