Frederick J. Dukes (The Blob)

blobfilmA new promotional image for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse showed us another unexpected character appearing, possibly in just a cameo. We know Angel will be fighting in a cage at the beginning of the movie, and now we know who his first opponent will be: The Blob, portrayed by a yet unknown actor (though I can’t imagine how Angel could ever best Blob in one-on-one combat, but we shall see). Blob already appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by Kevin Durand: in this version, he was a mutant with super strength and unbreakable skin, part of Team X; his fat wasn’t part of his powers, but rather it was simply a result of him “letting himself go” over the years. Wolverine tracks him in his boxing gym to obtain informations on the Weapon X facility, and fights with him on the ring (later, Sabretooth tortures him for the same informations, and it’s unknown if Blob survived the experience). Now, waiting to see how the fattest mutant ever will factor in the new timeline, let’s take a look at the original.

Frederick J. Dukes was born in LubbockTexas, from unknown parents. His childhood was a pretty normal one, despite the boy wasn’t exactly the smartest in his school (quite the opposite); problems arrived the moment Fred reached puberty: his body started to grow, accumulating an incredible amount of fat. No diet and no exercise could do anything about it, and even dull Fred realised that was not simple fat: the bigger he became, the stronger he got, until he reached superhuman levels; his mass also made him impervious to any kind of damage, as his skin and flesh couldn’t apparently be pierced by anything…and he soon found out that he had become also unmovable, way beyond his extreme weight could explain. Looking at his new self, Fred couldn’t think of anything better than to join a local circus sideshow as one of the caravan’s freaks. Nicknamed “The Blob”, he lived believing he was just an abnormal man until he was reached by the original X-Men, sent by Professor X to recruit him in their team: smitten by Jean Grey, Fred agreed to follow them to the X-Mansion, where the Professor could confirm that he was indeed a mutant, and renewed his offer for him to join the X-Men (much to the other’s students’ opposition, since they didn’t like Blob’s attitude). The man, arrogant and self-confident, remarked that he was blobcomics1stronger than all the other X-Men put together, and he bluntly refused, later escaping the Mansion to avoid having his memory erased by Professor X. Knowing he was a mutant, Blob believed he was better than all normal humans, and he took on the circus, sending away the former owners; he recruited his friends from the freak carnival, and guided them against the X-Mansion in order to steal Professor X’s superior technology. The freaks managed to overpower the X-Men and to incapacitate them, but Jean Grey freed herself with her telekinesis, and then freed Professor X as well, who used his powers to erase from Dukes and his allies any memory of the X-Mansion or the X-Men. Following that, Blob and the others came back to the circus, and started their normal life from where they left it.

Not much later, Dukes was contacted by yet another charismatic mutant leader, Magneto, who wanted to recruit him in his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. At first, Blob bluntly refused as he did with the X-Men, but then Magneto hit him hard on his head, making him regain his memory about his previous fight with Professor X and his students. Eager to exact his revenge, Blob followed Magneto and the Brotherhood in their war against the X-Men, but he soon lost his faith in his new boss, as Magneto didn’t seem to care at all for his safety. At a certain point, at the battle’s climax, Magneto launched a powerful torpedo on his enemies…but Blob was there as well, and took the entire explosion. Not even the missile could seriously harm him, but the message was clear, and Blob refused to follow a leader who treated him as cannon fodder. Even more embittered, he came back to his circus once again. Of course, Blob had made his first step in a much wider world, and the circus wasn’t meant to hold him for long: soon after, he met and joined forces with another mutant, Unus the Untouchable, who became his best friend. The two together tried to frame the X-Men for bank robbery, and than joined Factor Three, another mutant criminal organization similar to the Brotherhood. He eventually came back to the Brotherhood as well, this time in the version of the team led by Mystique, and fought against the X-Men once again; when the government increased its anti-mutant activity, Mystique reinvented her Brotherhood into a black-ops squad at the Government’s orders, Freedom Force, something that Blob pretty blobcomics2much enjoyed: now he could still indulge in violence, fight his old foes the X-Men and Magneto, as well as new ones like X-Force and the Avengers, but he had a government’s paycheck to pay his bills. In the meanwhile, he kept working with his friend Unus, and battled other heroes with him (and he found out he wasn’t so immovable when put against the likes of Hulk). A brand new chapter in his life opened when Unus got killed: the loss of his friend made Blob go completely berserk, and he nearly killed Spider-Man and Black Cat in his rage. When he stopped grieving, the new Blob was much more embittered towards the world and towards humans in particular: playtime was over, it was time to get serious.

Fred Dukes is a violent and greedy man, with quite some problem of anger management and characterised by a remarkable lack of intelligence. Rude and arrogant, Dukes hides behind self-importance and an obnoxious personality the wounds he suffered for his grotesque appearance, and constantly looks for somebody he can relate to. As Blob, he possesses quite a unique physiology, with a nearly impenetrable skin and a massive amount of body fat that make him close to invulnerable to any kind of arm, blades and bullets included, and if any projectile is shot at him (from cannonballs to Hawkeye‘s arrows), he can embed it within his body, and recoil it just by flexing his muscles. Apart from being extremely strong and durable, Blob possesses also his own personal gravity field, being able to manipulate gravity in a five feet radius at least, usually using this ability to make himself completely unmovable. More powerful than he looks, less idealistic than most of the usual followers of Magneto or Mystique, Blob is looking only for a a group he can call family, searching it in his circus, in the Brotherhood, in Freedom Force and in many other wrong crowds…unfortunately, his bad attitude doesn’t help him in this at all.



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