Armando Ramon (Rupture)

rupturefilmNew episode of The Flash, new metahuman to deal with… even if he’s not entirely a “new character” at all. Cisco is quite shocked to learn that the new meta in town is hunting down Vibe, and he’s even more so when he finds out who’s the guy behind the mask of Rupture: the Eart-2 version of Dante Ramon, his own brother, always portrayed by Nicholas Gonzalez. Rupture came to Earth-1 to seek revenge for his brother Reverb, whose death he blames Vibe for… and he puts up quite a fight with his spear. Although the appearance matches the comics’ one almost exactly, the backstory is totally different, starting from his identity (he’s actually another one of the Ramon brothers from The New 52): let’s see together.

Armando Ramon was born in DetroitMichigan, the first of three brothers. Being the oldest, Armando grew up feeling responsible for both Cisco and Dante, and tried to be an example for them: that’s why he was always kind, and he always did his best in school, knowing that his siblings were looking up to him. His work paid out, as Armando would have finally become the first Ramon ever to enter university, hoping to encourage his brothers to do the same when they came of age. Things, however, were meant to go differently, as a deranged New God named Darkseid set his sight on Earth, launching a massive invasion to make the blue planet the next one in his dominion. Thanks to Darkseid’s super computers, the Mother Box, the New Gods opened Boom Tubes (interdimensional portals) all over Earth, and while the newly formed Justice League did their best to repel Darkseid’s soldiers, the Parademons, not even the heroes could be anywhere. For example, they weren’t in Detroit. During the invasion, Armando was in the streets with his two brothers, right where a Boom Tube opened: the rupturecomics1portal’s energy dragged Cisco in, and the boy was about to be sucked in as monstrous Parademons came out. Dante was simply too terrified to do anything, and it was Armando’s responsibility to save his little brother: he intervened, pulling the kid out of the portal, but a Parademon came out of it in the same time, stabbing him. The remaining Ramons couldn’t even cry their lost brother, as Armando’s body was dragged into the Boom Tube and apparently disintegrated. Unfortunately for Armando, he didn’t die for the wounds, nor for the dimensional transfer: he arrived alive on the other side, on Apokolips, where luckily enough most of Darkseid’s followers were too busy with the invasion to pay attention to him. The dying boy was found by a nomadic tribe, and the matriarch took him with her: this was, however, not a better destiny than being found by Apokoliptians.

The matriarch of the dimensional nomads was a deranged tyrant named Mordeth, who had quite a habit of collecting children from around the universe to transform them into her hounds, or raptors, lethal agents completely bent to her will. Armando was cured and treated, but he was also brutally tortured and brainwashed into becoming a loyal servant of Mordeth. The experience through the Boom Tube had given Armando the ability to travel through dimensions (much like his brother Cisco), a skill that could clearly come in handy for Mordeth: in Piradell, the home dimension of Mordeth, Armando Ramon was completely erased, and the new being emerging from his ashes was called Rupture, the deadliest of all raptors. Equipped with an armor and a highly technological energy scythe, Rupture was entrusted with the most delicate and important mission: to find Mordeth’s daughter, Cynnthia, missing from years and escaping from her mother (quite understandably, since Mordeth had conceived her only to be able to drain her of her vibrational energies). Rupture traveled planets and dimensions hunting down the girl, in the meanwhile eradicating from more than one world the virus of freedom, preparing the road for his mistress. In a few years, the man who once was Armando Ramon had killed thousands and thousands of people. There was only one planet Rupture wasn’t able to reach: Earth, protected by a dimensional block. The hound had more than one reason to suspect that his target was hiding there, but couldn’t pierce the rupturecomics2barrier. This, until some unknown energy from the planet itself shattered the block: it was Cisco, who had become the heroic Vibe and who, shocked for seeing his brother Dante shot, had released an enormous amount of vibrational energy and unwillingly destroyed the barrier. Rupture was finally able to arrive on Earth, where he could confirm the presence of Cynnthia, going by the name Gypsy. Rupture attacked her without a second thought, but he was challenged by her protector, Vibe: something in the monster’s mind awoke, and for a moment he recognized his little brother… but the moment was soon over, and he stabbed his enemy with his scythe. Victorious, he teleported both Vibe and Gypsy on Piradell, where he would have been welcomed as the loyal servant he was.

Armando Ramon is a kind young man, an intelligent and responsible boy who deeply cares for his brothers, and who lives his life knowing that he’s an example for both of them… unfortunately, Armando is dead, replaced by a cold-hearted and determined hunter who lives to execute Mordeth’s will. As Rupture, he can travel through dimensions, and his scythe gives him the ability to fly and to absorb and redirect energy; he’s trained as the best hand-to-hand combatant in his (new) dimension, the perfectly refined warrior to be Mordeth’s top slave. Ruthless, relentless, simply unstoppable and incapable of feeling anything, Rupture’s entire existence is defined solely by his hunt… and no prey has ever escaped him.