Fiore & DeBlanc

fiore&deblancfilmSome new promotional pic has been released for Preacher, which is going to be released at the end of the month, and we got a first look at a couple of other characters, two odd guys dressed up like cowboys: Fiore, portrayed by Tom Brooke, and DeBlanc, portrayed by Anatol Yusef. In the show, they’ll be angels tasked with guarding the supernatural being known as Genesis, but when they fail to prevent him from coming to Earth, they’ll follow him starting a hunt that will put them against a number of unexpected foes…first of all the current human host of Genesis, the Preacher himself. In the comics, their role is pretty much the same, but their appearance changed quite a bit. Anyway, esthetics apart, let’s take a look together at these unprofessional angels.

Both Fiore and DeBlanc were born along with all their other countless brothers, angels created by God before the beginning of times (it’s more than likely that their true angelic names sound completely different from the Earthly version of them). They were part of the Adelphis, a special branch of angels who, summing it up, was tasked with Heaven‘s bureaucracy. The two angels spent an eternity with administration tasks and piles of papers to fill and send, until the event that shook Heaven itself: an angel mated with a demon, giving birth to Genesis, a creature of unlimited power. Things got so dangerous that God Himself fled from Heaven, abandoning His responsibilities on creation. With the Creator gone, the Adelphis were tasked with guarding the nearly omnipotent being, something that they did at the best of their possibilities…which clearly weren’t enough, as Genesis eventually escaped and fell on fiorecomics1Earth, where he looked for a human host to hide himself. Fiore and DeBlanc were the two Adelphis chosen to track Genesis down and to bring him back to Heaven, where he would have been imprisoned again…but the two bureaucrats simply didn’t have the power to do something like that. If things weren’t complicated enough, Genesis had found a host in Jesse Custer, a preacher, who was now able to use the Voice of Command and force anyone to do anything he ordered them to, making it all the more dangerous for the angels to go after him. After consulting with each other, the two Adelphis decided to awake the Saint of Killers, an immortal and unstoppable bounty hunter who worked for Heaven, apparently the perfect man for the job…only, releasing the Saint on Earth proved to be a major mistake, as the undead gunslinger started amounting corpses in his relentless hunt for Genesis and Custer. Looking at what they had done, Fiore and DeBlanc finally decided to go on Earth in person.

The first impression Fiore and DeBlanc had of Earth wasn’t exactly the best one: a place full of sin, of evil, of corruption. The second impression was even worse than the first one, as they met the man hosting Genesis, Jesse Custer, and his friends. Custer was involved in a fight with the local law enforcement, hunting him for the deaths caused by Genesis, and the Saint of Killers had broken in as well starting one of his usual massacres. Fiore and DeBlanc watched from a distance, as Sheriff Root and many of his men were annihilated, and the Saint was finally sent away by Custer…however, they got spotted as well, and confronted by the Preacher, who used his Word of Command on them to make them tell him what was happening. Compelled by the powers of Genesis, Fiore and DeBlanc revealed everything about God’s escape, news to which Jesse Custer reacted deciding to hunt the Creator Himself down to put Him in front of His responsibilities. After what was to be considered a major failure under every point of view, Fiore and DeBlanc tried to come back to Heaven, but their incompetence had its consequences, as they got exiled on Earth. Surprisingly enough, the two apparently unprepared angels managed to land on their feet, and despite their initial loath for Earth’s corrupted costumes and spreading vice, they settled deblanccomics1down in Las Vegas, and they even opened a casino. They quickly learnt to apreciate Earthly pleasures, and with the wealth coming from their casino they discovered and indulged in quite a number of sins. DeBlanc, in particular, developed a particular taste in sex, and had many lovers, while Fiore, always the nostalgic one, acquired a liking for the white powder that reminded him of home…cocaine. Of course, life for the two fallen angels weren’t exactly easy even now, since Custer and the Saint from time to time passed by their casino in search for answers (or for each other), but everything considered they felt much better in Vegas than in Heaven.

Fiore and Deblanc share many traits with every other single angel in existence: they’re pretty boring, highly predictable, and utterly useless. Heavenly bureaucrats, but bureaucrats nevertheless, these two angels truly started living their immortal lives only the moment they fell from grace, erasing any bond they previously had and throwing themselves headlong in every possible vice, sin and bad habit they could find on Earth. Now, Fiore and DeBlanc are alone and damned…damned happy and satisfied, that’s it.


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