Scott Lang (Giant-Man)

giantmanfilmFinally, time for the last (kinda) new character appearing in Captain America: Civil War…hoping that by now it won’t be a spoiler for anybody anymore. Ant-Man joins Captain America‘s team, just in time for the massive battle at Leipzig/Halle Airport against Iron Man and “his” Avengers. With the battle going nowhere, Cap decides to leave, but he needs a big distraction to cover him…and “big” is exactly what Ant-Man delivers, turning into Giant-Man and suddenly becoming one of the most powerful players on the battlefield. Now, in the mainstream comics it’s Hank Pym who becomes Giant-Man, not Scott Lang, but in the Ultimate Comics (Earth-1610) Lang does indeed turn giant instead of tiny, and goes by the alias Giant-Man. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about this version of Scott Lang’s early life. He was a professional adventurer, and he was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. as an on-field agent. It’s unknown if he got married at a certain point in his life, but he had children, among which only the elder daughter was known, Cassie Lang, who would have followed her father’s footsteps joining S.H.I.E.L.D. as well. When more and more superhuman threats started popping around the world, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Nick Fury started a program to recruit superhumans in an elite team that would have faced said threats, the Ultimates…but he also started a parallel program aimed to create another team, the Reserves, composed of trained agents turned Super Soldiers ready to step in in case the Ultimates weren’t available (or in case the Ultimates themselves turned out to be a threat). Scott Lang was among the agents recruited in the Reserves, and he underwent a treatment that exposed him to the same tech that allowed Hank Pym to alter his giantmancomics1size; along with his daughter Cassie and to some other agents such as David Scotty, Lang was officially part of the Giant-Men, a small army of gargantuan Super Soldiers always ready to take action. The other branch of the Reserves was composed by the Rocketmen, a team of agents donning a suit based on Iron Man’s one: the Giant-Men and the Rocketmen were trained to act as one unit, using the respective skills, advantages and equipment to support each other and to act as a single team…albeit some rivality between the two was inevitable. To these first two teams, soon new assets were added: Lieberman, a potential substitute for Captain America imbued with his same serum; the Four Seasons, a team of four super-agents; and the superhumans Thunderbolt and Intangi-Girl. Now, the Reserves were a real army, and Scott Lang was a part of it.

From their very debut, the Reserves were at the centre of a number of polemics, which mostly involved Fury’s paranoia, and the alleged violation of the Posthuman Limitation Treaty, which tried to balance superhuman power among the nations. During a “simple” rescue mission, moreoever, Lieberman got killed by his very Super Soldier serum’s side effects, so the team didn’t exactly shine the first time they revealed themselves to the world. Nevertheless, Lang and the other Giant-Men intervened in a number of critical situations that proved the necessity of the Reserves’ existence: first, the Reserves battled the Liberators, a formidable invading force that caused quite a number of victims, among the Giant-Men as well; then, as Magneto launched a massive attack on the entire world causing a tidal wave to hit West Coast (as well as most of the planet’s shores), the Giant-Men were operational in New York City, saving as many civilians they could thanks to their massive size and strength. Thanks to the skills and capabilities he demonstrated on the field, Scott Land was chosen among the Giant-Men to become a recruit for the New Ultimates, a team created to replace the Ultimates, decimated by Magneto: Scott was the new Giant-Man, replacing Hank Pym. The New Ultimates faced first Loki and his Defenders, but then they were manipulated from behind the curtains by Gregory Stark (Iron Man’s twin brother) to fight with the Avengers, another heroic team founded and led by Hawkeye. During the battle, giantmancomics2Giant-Man proved to be an extremely valuable asset for his team, and as the New Ultimates vanquished the Avengers, he personally disposed of their leader, Hawkeye, pinning him in a crushed car and putting an end to the battle. Then, when The Spider (a clone of Spider-Man created by Gregory who claimed to come from the future) was revealed to be the one behind a superhuman uprising in North Korea, Giant-Man joined both the New Ultimates and the Avengers in the battle that put them against the new threat. The world was constantly prey to wars and terrorism, and it was the Ultimates’ task to protect it…always in the better interests of the United States, obviously.

Scott Lang is a smart and loyal S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, a former adventurer who has seen more battles than he himself would like to. As Giant-Man, he has the ability to increase his size to gigantic proportions, augmenting strength and durability in the process; he’s equipped with a S.H.I.E.L.D. jumpsuit able to mantain his structural integrity to a certain extent, and with a pair of goggles that compensate for the sight’s alteration during super-growth. Lang is a professional soldier, trained and willing to do his part in a world of growing chaos and violence. When the enemy is growing strong, there’ll always be someone capable of growing more than him…


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