genesisfilmA new trailer for Preacher has been released, this time a featurette… and we meet yet another character from the show, even though he’s hardly spottable. There’s a sequence with Jesse Custer alone in his church, who’s suddenly confronted by a weird cloud vaguely resembling a face: that cloud is Genesis, the mysterious being that ends up entering in Jesse’s body and using him as a human host, giving him untold powers in return. At least this part of the story will be the same in the show, but it’s unknown how much of Genesis’ origins will be told and, in case, how much they’ll match the comics’ ones… which are controversial, to say the least (as pretty much everything in the series). Now, let’s take a look at the original Genesis (NSFA content). And yes, he’s just a cloudy face in the comics as well.

Genesis’ birth wasn’t exactly regarded as a good thing by anyone in the entire universe, on both the material and the spiritual plane. He was the result of an unprecedented breeding, the unholy mating of an angel and a demon (much later it was revealed that everything had been engineered by God Himself, but at the time everyone saw it simply for what it was… a cataclysmic abomination). The result of the mating was a nearly omnipotent being, appearing as a colorful comet with the face of an infant, who possessed all the powers and memories of both Heaven and Hell. His name was, appropriately, Genesis, a new beginning. His mere presence led God to escape Heaven and to abandon His duties as the Lord of the universe, leaving the surprised (and incompetent) angels Adelphis to rule creation. The angels had the task to imprison and guard Genesis, and the entity was locked up in Heaven, constantly guarded by two Adelphis… but he obviously was far too powerful for anything or anyone to hold him. He destroyed the two angels guarding him, and he left Heaven, falling on Earth and looking for a host able to contain him, to hide him and to give him purpose: his infinite power, in fact, needed to be channeled and guided, something that only a human host could do. Plus, Genesis didn’t want to come back to Heaven, and desperately wanted a safe place to hide from the angels. After searching much on Earth, unwillingly killing many unsuitable hosts who, unable to hold his power, had their bodies genesiscomics1destroyed without knowing what was happening to them, Genesis finally arrived in the small town of Anville, Texas, where he broke into the local church during the Sunday function. Genesis aimed at the local preacher, Jesse Custer, who was in the middle of his most inspired sermon yet… and the last one, for what it mattered. Looking at Custer, Genesis knew he had found a host able to contain him and his power, and proceeded to possess him… causing a massive explosion that killed everybody in the church, resulting in a massacre. Only Jesse Custer emerged from the rubble, without a scratch… and with somebody inhabiting his head.

In exchange of Custer’s “hospitality”, Genesis granted him the faculty to use one of his powers, the Voice of Command (the same that God had used for creating the world), through which the preacher was able to force anyone to do what he told him, even quite literally, as he found out when he told racist and brutal Sheriff Root to “fuck himself”, and he complied by maiming himself and sodomizing himself with his own severed penis. Of course, with a power like that, Genesis didn’t exactly hide himself well, and his presence was now acknowledged by many Earthly and Unearthly entities who were after him. With all the knowledge of Heaven and Hell, the being was a force to be reckoned with… and a treasure chest for many powers at play. First of all, the Adelphis wanted him back, so they had awakened an unstoppable, undead bounty hunter, the Saint of Killers, to find him and to bring him back to Heaven (killing his human host and whoever else tried to stop him, obviously); then, The Grail, a human sect with cultists all around the globe whose aim was to promote Armageddon, wanted him to exact from him everything he knew, so that they were finally able to reach their goal; last, but certainly not least, God wanted him, desperately. God, in fact, was a parasitic (and narcissistic) being who fed on the love of His creatures, and had manipulated events to bring the angel and the demon to give birth to Genesis so that he could finally create an entity just as powerful as Himself, whom he could obtain love from as well. genesiscomics2Needless to say, Genesis wanted nothing to do with the Adelphis nor with God, and he barely considered The Grail’s associates at all: he just wanted to be left alone, and Custer seemed to be the perfect man to obtain it. Unfortunately, the moment Jesse started taping on Genesis’ knowledge, he decided he would have found God to put Him in front of His responsibilities: ironically, his host was bringing Genesis exactly in the last place he ever wanted to be, to the one Being he did not want to meet.

Genesis is, simply put, omnipotent: a “Baby God”, born from the union of an angel and a demon, he’s just as powerful as God is, an immortal and almighty entity with the mind and the personality of an infant baby. All his power can be channeled and controlled by a host only, so Genesis has to possess somebody in order to resist his own overwhelming force. With all the knowledge and the power in the universe, Genesis wants just one single thing: to be left alone, away from all the machinations, the ambitions and the meanness of all the people (and entities) looking for him at every corner of the universe.



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