steppenwolffilmA few days after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, WB surprised us with an early deleted scene, which showed Lex Luthor making some experiments with the Kryptonian ship, and ending opening what seems to be a holografic communication with a creepy creature with three Mother Boxes (and he’s the reason Lex freaks out at the end of the movie…not that he was so normal and balanced before). That would have just been the umpteenth set-up for Justice League, and the monster has been confirmed to be Steppenwolf, a high ranking officer from Apokolips‘ army. Apparently, Steppenwolf will be the big baddie in the first part of Justice League, opening the road for his much more fearsome nephew, Darkseid, to appear in Part 2. That doesn’t sound exactly a great plan, but as always we’ll wait and see. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original Steppenwolf.

Steppenwolf was a New God from Apokolips, a fierceful warrior who lived on the dystopic planet ruled by Yuga Khan. Steppenwolf was the brother of Khan’s sister, Heggra, and consequently he was close to the throne, a high ranking officer in the army of Apokolips. When Yuga Khan was imprisoned in the Source Wall and Heggra became the absolute queen of Apokolips, Steppenwolf was promoted to the role of commander of the entire army, and he was given a hover bike that represented a sample of the finest technology of the planet. Steppenwolf was also the mentor of Uxas, his nephew and Heggra’s son, who however proved to be a difficult disciple for him. When Uxas came of age, Heggra decided to give him in marriage to the princess of Bylan-5, a planet rich of natural materials vital to Apokolips’ technology; Steppenwolf was charged with excorting Uxas to the planet, along with Master Mayhem. The marriage was suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a hulkling monster, Doomsday, who started wreaking havoc on the planet: Steppenwolf briefly confronted the creature, but soon realised he was no match for the steppenwolfcomics1behemoth; even Mayhem got killed by Doomsday. Realising that Uxas’ Omega Beams were the only chance to defeat the monster, Steppenwolf ordered his nephew to use them, but the boy stubbornly refused, and preferred to engage Doomsday in hand to hand combat. The following clash of titans laid waste to Bylan-5, and every form of life was annihilated from the planet…excluding Steppenwolf, who watched in horror as also the precious natural resources Apokolips needed got destroyed along with the rest of the planet. Finally, Steppenwolf interrupted the fight, and teleported Uxas away, leaving Doomsday alone in the desert he had created; both warriors swore to keep the secret about what had really happened on Bylan-5, and came back to Apokolips, announcing that the marriage wasn’t possible anymore. From that moment, Uxas realised he could manipulate his uncle for his own goals, and he started devising a plan that would have directly involved Steppenwolf.

Some time later, Uxas managed to convince Steppenwolf to practice a new, sadistic sport: the hunt for the feeble citizens of New Genesis, the other residence of the New Gods. Without considering the consequences, Steppenwolf agreed to accompany Uxas in the attack, enjoying the carnage and the “uncle and nephew” activity; during the hunt, he cornered Izaya the Inheritor, the future leader of New Genesis (and a personal rival of Uxas’): when he was about to kill him as well, a woman, Avia, shielded Izaya from Steppenwolf’s blow, ending up being killed in his stead. Avia was Izaya’s wife, and the Inheritor was now bent on revenge: Uxas intervened, and apparently killed Izaya to protect Steppenwolf, but in reality he had just stunned him. Steppenwolf left New Genesis along with his nephew, but when Izaya awoke, he declared war to Apokolips, seeking revenge for his wife’s death…just as Uxas had foreseen. The war engulfed the two planets for years, and Steppenwolf led the army against the rival New Gods with brutality and efficiency…until he was given the order (by Heggra apparently, but actually by Uxas) to invade New steppenwolfcomics2Genesis with the Dog Cavalry. Obviously, learning that Avia’s killer was on his planet, Izaya entered the battlefield, and faced Steppenwolf in battle. The Apokoliptian was soon outmatched and killed…as Uxas had planned. Now, Uxas could kill his mother and claim the throne from her, without his uncle to oppose him and to protect his sister. Uxas obtained the throne, and renamed himself Darkseid, soon becoming one of the most feared beings in the entire universe; now sure that nobody could challenge him as the rightful ruler of Apokolips, Darkseid ordered his loyal minion DeSaad to resurrect Steppenwolf. Grateful for having been restored to life, Steppenwolf swore loyalty to his nephew, and obtained from him the lead of the army once again. Under Darkseid’s reign, Steppenwolf could completely unleash his sadism and his brutality, crushing a moltitude of planets and reigns under his heel and adding them to Darkseid’s dominion.

Steppenwolf is a brutal and sadistic warrior, a cunning military leader who’s rightfully considered one of the most fearful combatants in the universe. With millennia of experience, Steppenwolf is an absolute master of armed and unarmed combat, and he’s deadly with any kind of weapon, even if he usually prefers to use a sword or his trademark Electro-Axe; he’s a proficient hunter, and an expert trainer of both men and animals (he personally trains the giant mastiffs and hounds used as mounts in the Dog Cavalry). As a New God, he’s an immortal who possesses superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, reflexes and senses, a killing machine capable of enduring any battle. The commander of the most cruel and dangerous army in the universe, Steppenwolf thrives in war, and brings death and blood wherever he goes.



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