Franklin John Rock (Sgt. Rock)

sgtrockfilmActually, I hoped that they didn’t waste another good character in the CW Universe with a mere cameo, but it seems it was all in vain, as DC Instagram confirmed another surprise appearance in Legends of Tomorrow‘s final episode. In LegendaryKendra is stranded in 1944, trying to escape from Vandal Savage, and she runs into an America sergeant who unwittingly allows her to send a message to the future via his helmet, before being mercilessly killed by Savage. The soldier, portrayed by Blair Penner, is actually Sgt. Rock, the most popular and famous character from DC’s war comics (an analogue of Marvel’s Nick Fury). Quite a crappy appearance for such an iconic character. But that’s what we have, so let’s take a look at the original war hero.

Franklin John Rock was born the son of John Michael Rock and of his unnamed wife; he lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and he was the eldest son of a very numerous family (he had five brothers, LarryEddieJosh, Bill and Mickey, and two sisters, Amy and Ann). From Frank’s childhood, it was clear that the Rocks lived under an unlucky star: John served as an Army Sergeant during World War I, and he was killed by a sniper in France. Frank’s mother, still young, got married again with a man named John Anderson, who acted as a foster father to her children. Frank grew up with John, and he was encouraged to continue his studies, succesfully graduating from Hillside High School, but just when the boy was considering going to university, John got killed in an accident at the steel mill he worked in. With no head of the family, it was up to Frank to take care of his mother, brothers and sisters, so he gave up any plans he could possibly had and he used his natural bulk and strength to become a sgttockcomics1prizefighter…but the money he earned was never enough, and eventually he resolved to go working in the same steel mill his stepfather died in. In the industry, Frank grew close to an older worker, who became a father figure for him…but obviously even this man ended up killed in an accident. Even for his family, things didn’t go well: all these tragedies led Ann to madness, and she was locked up in a mental institution; Josh enlisted to become a paratrooper, but he died during military training; Eddie, who was the most breakneck of the Rocks, died in a motorcycle accident; when World War II started, both Bill and Larry enlisted, but the first one went MIA while fighting in the Pacific, and nobody knew anything about him ever again, while the latter was severely wounded and became a vegetable, and Amy, now a nun, spent her life taking care of him. Feeling the collective will of the Rocks on himself alone, Frank Rock decided to enlist as well after Pearl Harbor, and he became a private for the US Army. With a great need of fighters, Rock was immediately sent to the front, in North Africa.

During one of Rock’s first battles, most of his superiors got killed, and Frank was promoted on field assistant squad leader. When even the last one of the officers died, Frank Rock became squad leader, head of a fighting unit composed of a bunch of men just as unique, hardened and crazy as Rock was, the Easy Company. Rock conquered the respect of his usually undisciplined men, and led them to victory in a number of impossible battles; when Rock managed to hold his position during the battle of Three Stripes Hill, managing to repel an overwhelmingly superior German force, Rock was finally promoted to platoon sergeant, and he was confirmed as the leader of the Easy Company, since the Easy Joes (or Combat-Happy Joes) didn’t want to follow anyone else’s orders. The Easy Company soon became legendary, and Sgt. Rock won every battle he fought in, from Italy to Belgium, from France to Holland. Year after year, Sgt. Rock hated war more and more, and only waited for the day that the hell he had learnt to call his everyday life was over, but he also had developed a close relationship of loyalty and sgttockcomics2friendship with his subordinates, and everytime he was offered a promotion (something that happened quite often, considering his impressive number of victories and heroic deeds) he refused it, preferring to stay a sergeant and to fight along with the Easy Joes. Among the many enemies Rock defeated, only one lived to tell the tale and to come back to face the Easy Company over and over again, the Nazi commander known as the Iron Major, an officer with a steel hand who became Rock’s nemesis. Finally, in 1945 the Easy Company invaded Germany, facing the long awaited end of the war: at this point, stories diverge. According to some accounts, Sgt. Rock died heroically, taking a bullet to save a girl who he entrusted to the Easy Joes and brought to safety. In modern times, however, an Army General identified as Frank Rock became the Chief of Staff of President Lex Luthor, and under his adiministration he also led an incarnation of the Suicide Squad in place of Amanda Waller. In a way or the other, the legend of Sgt. Rock and his Easy Company would have never died.

Sgt. Frank Rock is a hard-as-nails and tough fighter, a brave man who despises warfare but who’s ready to fight and die for his comrades every moment. Extremely strong and durable, Rock is the perfect warrior, a nearly infallible marksman expert in the use of any firearm, blade or explosive, a brutal but proficient hand-to-hand combatant and a skilled pilot; he possesses what he calls a “Combat Antenna“, a natural sixth sense that warns him of approaching danger and that works with a surprisingly, nearly superhuman precision. A relentless combatant and a loyal soldier, hardened by a difficult life and committed to win a war he hates, Sgt. Rock will stop the moment every enemy disappears: in the meanwhile, the Axis has a formidable adversary to fear.


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