Saint of Killers

saintofkillersfilmPreacher continues on June 5th, and despite the pretty poor ratings it’s quite a good show, delivering what it promised, if not an (impossible) accuracy with the source material. In the next episode, See, another major player will be added to the crowd going after Jesse Custer and the mysterious being now possessing him: The Cowboy, portrayed by Graham McTavish. Apparently, also the Cowboy’s origins will be explored during the series, but right now he’s still a pretty mysterious character, and an obviously dangerous one for what matters. Through flashbacks in the Old West we’ll know little by little who he is… but for now we can say he’s one of the most popular characters in the comics series, who answers to the name of Saint of Killers… and no, he’s not as dangerous as he looks: he’s a lot more. Let’s see together.

The man who would have been known as the Saint of Killers was born in the XIX Century: he fought in the American Civil War for the Confederate Army, and he gained quite a fame for himself as one of the most violent and pitiless soldiers ever seen on a battlefield, feared by enemies and allies alike. When the war ended, he moved to Texas, where he lived as a bounty hunter and a scalp hunter. With all the criminals and crooks he met day by day, the gunslinger was convinced that there was no hope for humanity, a violent and stupid race destined to self-destruction… until he met the only person in the world able to make him change his mind. Raiding an Apache village, he found out the Indians had a white girl captive, and he saved her gunning down all her captors. The man brought the girl back to her home, in Laredo, but here the girl had already fallen in love with him: she wanted to free the kindness only she could see under the layers of cynicism and bitterness, and to prove to her savior that there saintofkillerscomics1was still hope for the world and for humanity. The gunman accepted the challenge, despite the annoyance of having the blondie go after him wherever he went… but eventually the girl proved to be right, as the man fell in love with her as well. The two moved together, and the gunslinger found out there was more in his life than killing, after all. When the two had a daughter, he truly found happiness: with a future, a family and a perspective, he came as close as he would have ever been to believing that life was worth living. Then, both wife and child fell ill, and the only place selling the medicine, Ratwater, was a week away by horse: the man left in the midst of the winter, hoping to make it in time. Despite a blizzard, the old soldier arrived to Ratwater in time, but here he had a fight with the notorious gang of Gumbo McReady: the criminals ambushed him on his way back in revenge, and managed to kill his horse. Because of this, he arrived a week late, and he found his beloved ones already eaten by the crows: filled with a deep hatred, he came back to Ratwater to exact his revenge on McReady and his men.

Ratwater had been conquered by the gang, and the old soldier found himself against an army of criminals… not that it mattered, as he killed them one by one, using his guns and his sword from the war times. When he arrived face to face with McReady, the bandit had taken an innocent woman hostage, shielding himself with her, but the gunman killed her as well… only, his gun jammed immediately after, thus giving the criminal time to react and to impale him with a shovel. The man’s soul went to Hell because of that innocent life he had taken, but this only increased his hatred, fueled by the injustice of his condition. The fires of Hell usually erased all human emotions of the souls arriving there, but his hatred didn’t disappear, it only grew stronger: the man’s cold heart was enough to freeze the fires of Hell. The Devil, trying to save his domain, tortured the soul for years, hoping to destroy his hatred with pain, but to no avail; finally, the Angel of Death found a solution. Not too happy about his job, and understanding the man’s urge to get revenge, the Angel offered him to take his place and to guide the souls of the saintofkillerscomics2ones dead because of violence in the afterlife, thus being able to walk the earth once again. The gunman accepted the offer, and the Devil melted for him the sword of the Angel of Death, forging a couple of Walter Colt revolvers, always lethal, infallible, doted with infinite ammo, capable of killing everything and everyone. To test his new weapons, the gunman killed the Devil himself, who was still mocking him. Then, renamed the Saint of Killers, he came back to Earth, and for first he visited Ratwater: now unstoppable and unkillable, he gunned down Gumbo McReady, then he proceeded to erase the town from existence, killing every woman, man and child. He was death, and death he would have brought to anyone, guilty or innocent alike. He then went to rest under Boot Hill, being awakened from time to time to do God‘s will and to erase the evil he was pointed to. After many years, a couple of angels woke him up to send him against a young preacher, Jesse Custer, who had merged with a powerful being named Genesis and who needed to be stopped in any way possible. Not that the Saint of Killers knew any other way than total annihilation, of course.

The Saint of Killers is an undead man capable of feeling only hatred and lust for the kill: emptied by any other emotion, his heart is so cold that even Hell froze in contact with it. As the new Angel of Death, the Saint is completely invulnerable (he’s been able to emerge unscathed even from a nuclear explosion), utterly unstoppable, inhumanly strong; he’s a skilled hunter who never misses a prey, and an infallible marksman who never misses a target. His Walter Colt revolvers are the most powerful weapons in the universe: they cannot miss their target, they never jam nor run out of bullets, they cannot be separated from their owner, and they kill the target no matter what kind of wound they cause; most of all, his guns can kill everyone, including God or the Devil. The most dangerous being on Earth (and everywhere else), the Saint of Killers is an unstoppable killing machine fueled by a neverending hatred and an insatiable thirst for revenge, a walking doom that is the living nightmare of every creature in existence.


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