Holly Holt

hollyholtfilmThere’s still plenty of characters from Outcast‘s pilot, A Darkness Surrounds Him, but with this one we’ll complete the Holter family: here’s Holly, portrayed by Callie McClincy. In the show, we see her when Kyle Barnes arrives to his sister Megan‘s house, invited to dinner. The girl approaches her uncle, and quite directly asks him if it’s true that he had beaten his own little girl…with the only effect of making him cry and of driving him away, much to her father’s satisfaction. It’s easy to guess that we’ll se more of Holly in the future episodes, especially considering that she’s the one who indirectly introduces the main antagonist in the comics (and, being a comicbook about demonic possessions, you can guess pretty well who the main bad guy is). Let’s see together who Holly Holt (as with her parents, also her surname has been changed from the original) is in the comics.

Holly Holt was born in RomeWest Virginia. She was the daughter of local police officer Mark Holt and of his wife, the psychologist Megan. Since her first childhood, her family was quite divided upon a weird relative, Kyle Barnes, Megan’s adopted brother and Holly’s uncle: for some reason she didn’t know, from a day to another uncle Kyle disappeared from her family’s life, and mom and dad didn’t speak of him at home, and when they did they always discussed harshly about him, with Mark attacking him and Megan defending him. Rome, of course, was a small town, and everybody knew everything of everyone: even just by overhearing the conversations among the adults, Holly understood that something bad had happened with her uncle, and that he had hurt her aunt Allison and her cousin Amber. Still a child, Holly didn’t understand how serious the situation was, and she only knew that she liked uncle Kyle, and that she missed him. Then one night, after quite some time since he had disappeared, her uncle came back to her house, forcefully invited to dinner by Megan. Holly stayed with him, and when Mark came hollyholtcomics1back home and found her with a man he considered responsible for wounding his family, he got angry at his wife and started discussing with her; overhearing her parents’ discussion Holly, curious, asked her uncle if it was true that he had hurt Allison and Amber. Kyle started answering, but he only managed to mumble some unintelligible words, then he abruptly woke up and left the house, without sitting with everybody else for dinner. Holly, quite surprised, informed her mother and father that the uncle had left, and then came back waiting for her dinner, still wandering what had happened to Kyle and why he had to leave in such a hurry, oblivious to the fact that she had unwillingly reopened old wounds in a man who was still trying to escape from his problems and his past.

Some days later, Holly was walking carelessly outside her house, and started crossing the street without watching: much to Megan’s horror, she was about to be hit by a car, but she was saved by an elder and gentle man, who warned her to be careful. The mysterious man disappeared as soon as he had appeared, and Holly was taken back home by Megan, who scolded her for her carelessness. A couple of months later, Holly woke up, hearing something growling upstairs; scared, she woke her father up, and told him that there was a dog in the house. Mark dismissed the girl’s fears as if they were part of a nightmare, reminding her that they had no dog…but then he heard the sound too, so he told Holly to go back to bed while he checked what was happening out. The girl was in her room, and she didn’t realise that the one who was growling was actually her mother, possessed by a demon: Mark managed to subdue Megan when she attacked him, then he took Holly and brought her to Kyle’s house, asking for his brother-in-law’s help. While Kyle came back to the Holts’ place to exorcise his sister, Holly stayed with her father in Kyle’s house, but soon the girl fell asleep, and the man decided to go check on his wife leaving her alone in the house. Later that night, Holly woke hollyholtcomics2up again, and saw a man watching over her: she recognised him as the old man who had saved her from the car some week before, and she asked him if he was her guardian angel. The man dismissed the idea, and introduced himself as Sidney, an old friend of Kyle’s. Feeling safe under Sidney’s watch, Holly came back to sleep, and when she later woke up her mother was there, comforting her…but her father was in the local hospital, in a coma (Megan, possessed, had thrown him from a window). At the hospital, Holly found uncle Kyle, and she asked him if he could stay with her until her father woke up, but he said he couldn’t, and left: she really had a weird uncle, after all.

Holly Holt is a sensitive and perceptive young girl, who hears more than her parents intend her to, and who knows more things than a girl her age should, despite she understands little of it. Obviously deeply attached to her parents, she also likes her weird uncle Kyle, but she can’t quite figure him out, something that makes him only the more interesting for her.



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