Odin Quincannon

odinquincannonfilmLast episode of Preacher had quite a good amount of weird action in it, and it also introduced a character who’ll possibly be this season’s main antagonist (or close enough to). In See, we witness a broken family selling house and property to a businessman accompanied by an army of employees, including the local bully and wife-beater Donnie Schenck. Immediately after completing the deal, the house is razed to the ground by a bulldozer. The businessman is Odin Quincannon, portrayed by the great Jackie Earle Haley, the head of the cattle slaughterhouse everybody in Annville seems to be working at. In the comics, Odin is possibly the vilest and most disgusting character ever seen in Texas (and that says a lot, considering the number of freaks populating the Preacher universe), and hopefully the show will follow the source material…even if the most disturbing details are unlikely to make it to television. Let’s see together.

Odin Quincannon’s early life is unknown to most: he was born in Texas, and he grew up with his brother Conan. The two siblings couldn’t be more different: as Odin was cruel, unscrupolous and mean, so Conan was gentle, caring and responsible. Obviously, the two Quincannons didn’t get along well, and they soon parted ways. Odin dedicated all his youth to building his own empire, starting from a simple breeding farm, then acquiring a slaughterhouse, and eventually transforming it in a massive meat-processing plant; he built his “creature” just outside Salvation, a small town in Texas, and in decades of business he became insanely rich. With money came power, and Salvation became some sort of private dominion for Quincannon: the population accepted all his abuses and prevarications since he was the one who brought them their jobs, and the local sheriff, Jim Bewley, could be easily bought, so that he ensured Odin’s men total immunity for whatever they did in town. Whenever there was some annoyance, and not all odinquincannoncomics1witnesses (or victims) could be bought, Odin had an ace up his sleeve, Miss Oatlash, an apologist of Adolf Hitler, a neonazi, an S&M lover…and a phenomenal lawyer, able to get her boss and his employees out of trouble whenever the situation required it. When things got even more annoying, there was still another “secret weapon” in Quincannon’s arsenal: a racist to the bone, Odin was a loyal and apreciated member of the local branch of the Ku Klux Klan, and he financed it with his remarkable wealth; anytime he needed a different kind of “persuasion”, his fellow Klansmen were more than happy to act as his personal muscle, removing with force anything (or anyone) disturbing Odin’s serenity. An old man at the end of his life, Odin Quincannon had everything he could possibly desire, and he was the undisputed lord of Salvation; he didn’t even need a mate, as his meat provided also that to him (in his private shed, he had built a giant woman-like figure composed of dead cows, pigs and chicken, and he regularly had sex with it). Alone in his ivory tower, he had no rival. Yet.

When a young troublemaker, Jesse Custer, arrived in town, it looked just like another minor annoyance for Quincannon; when Bewley abandoned his role as a sheriff and appointed Custer to take his place, things got a little more complicated, but nothing that money couldn’t buy. Unfortunately, Custer was different, and when Quincannon first approached him proposing to him the same deal he had with his predecessor, he received a punch to the face as an answer, and he got kicked out of his office. A patient man, Odin tried again to reason with the newcomer, explaining to him how things worked in Salvation, and not-so-subtly warning him of the consequences of his stubborness…this time, Custer nearly dropped him from a window, and the sheriff was stopped only by his deputy Cindy Daggett (an African-American woman, who obviously Odin despised). It was clear that the new sheriff would have not been bent through the usual way, so Odin summoned his friends from the Ku Klux Klan, sending a bunch of them to Custer’s house to beat some sense into him…and if the odinquincannoncomics2man didn’t survive the lesson, all the better. Much to Quincannon’s surprise, Custer was a hell of a fighter, and he effortlessly beat each and every man he had sent to him. As a result, Quincannon had a lot of men with broken bones and bruised faces, and still a major problem to deal with. Under Custer’s and Daggett’s influence, even the rest of Salvation was now rebelling to Quincannon’s control, and he was losing his grip on the town. Never a man of half-measures, Odin decided to solve things to the root: he would have destroyed the entire town. He hired a mercenary from outside, an ex Navy SEAL who didn’t have any problem in accomplishing an order as long as he was well-paid: he had the SEAL wire a number of explosives all around the town, ready to blow it up; then he ordered his men to kidnap Daggett, and he personally challenged Custer to meet him at the train tracks: he would have destroyed the city that had disappointed him, and killed the man and the woman who had made it possible. Nothing but a divine intervention could save his enemies…but unfortunately for Odin, that was exactly the kind of protection Custer had.

Odin Quincannon is an extremely unpleasant old man: racist, sexist, mean, unscrupolous, a sexual pervert and a murderer, he’s driven by greed and lust for power only. With all the money he can dream about, Quincannon acts and thinks like he owns everything and everybody, and treats people consequently; more a local tyrant than a businessman, he has brought wealth to the town of Salvation, but also illegality, corruption and depravation. A man with no moral, with an insane passion for the meat he produces and no consideration at all for human life, Odin Quincannon is rightfully counted among the most powerful and the most despicable men who ever walked Texas.


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