Brian Giles

briangilesfilmAnd here’s another character from Outcast: in A Darkness Surrounds Him, we only see him playing poker with Reverend Anderson, and later showing up to the Austins‘ house, proving himself surprisingly keen on accepting Anderson’s version of what happened there, so releasing Kyle Barnes despite the evidence against him. We’re speaking of Brian Giles, portrayed by Reg E. Cathey; in the show, he’ll be the chief of police in Rome, and despite he’s quite a secondary character in the comics, who doesn’t appear much apart from a story arc directly involving him, the producers promise that we’ll see more of him in the tv series (mostly in the effort of not wasting a good actor such as Cathey). Waiting to see more of him, and maybe to learn how and why he seems so ready to believe to demonic possessions, let’s take a look at the original Chief Giles.

Brian Giles was born and raised in Rome, West Virginia, a town in which he spent his entire life. In Rome he met the woman who would have become his wife, Rose, in Rome he met the people who would have become his best friends, and in Rome he found the job that would have defined him for the rest of his life: he became a policeman, and later he rose to the rank of chief of police, in a role so defining that he wasn’t “Brian Giles” anymore for his fellow citizens, he was “Chief Giles”. With all the years spent with the four stars on his shoulder, Giles had met and befriended many other key figures of Rome, from other public officers such as the chief of the firemen Ogden, to Anderson, the local preacher. The men met regularly once a week to play poker altogether, and they used each occasion to speak of a variety of things… although more than often Anderson ended up speaking about his “work stuff”, not always meeting his friends’ favor. Giles, on his account, albeit being quite a rational man, was more inclined than others to believe to what Anderson said about demons, angels and battles between Heaven and Hell: albeit living in a small town as Rome, he had seen much evil in his life, and he felt it in his guts that mankind alone couldn’t be responsible for all of that. This kind of shy belief briangilescomics1was put to the test the night that he was called to Roger Austin‘s house due to strange noises coming from there: when he arrived on the place, he found Roger’s wife Betsy and son Joshua bloodied and bruised, and Kyle Barnes, a man locally famous for being a wife-beater, present on the scene, with blood on his hands. Obviously, Giles arrested him, but Reverend Anderson approached him, telling him a story hard to believe in… but not so hard for Giles not to trust his friend. Much to his subordinates’ surprise, and following also Betsy’s requests, he decided to let Kyle go.

Because of this decision, Brian Giles had some problems with some of his agents, especially with Mark Holt, who plainly didn’t like nor he trusted Kyle Barnes, who was his wife’s adopted brother. The chief, however, had enough authority to impose even unpopular decisions, and overall his men trusted him enough not to discuss with him when it was clear he had thought thoroughly about something, and even the episode was soon forgotten… but not for long, as Kyle Barnes seemed to be at the center of everything weird happening in town. Soon after that, other reports of domestic violence called for Chief Giles’ attention, especially considering that this time the victim was none other than Mark himself, who had been thrown out of a window by his wife Megan (who at the time was possessed, just like little Joshua). Giles arrived on the scene when Kyle had already performed a successful exorcism on her, and questioning the woman he didn’t find anything justifying her violent behavior. During the interrogation, Megan realized her daughter Holly was all alone in Kyle’s house, and she rushed to her, with Brian following her. Once on the place, they found the girl in company of an old man, Sidney… and seeing him Reverend Anderson lost it, declaring he was the Devil himself, and he started beating the stranger. The preacher’s behavior forced Giles’ hand, and he ended up doing the only thing he could: he arrested briangilescomics2his friend and brought him behind bars. It didn’t last long: soon after, Giles told Anderson that he was free on bail, but he had him promise he wouldn’t have done anything else stupid. To make things up, that night their group of friends had the usual poker game, after which Brian came back home… but he was different, and he felt somehow uneasy. When Rose came check on the noise she had heard downstairs, she found him crawling and growling on the floor: he was possessed as well.

Brian Giles is a good man as many others: a loyal friend, a faithful husband and a hard worker, he’s exactly what you’d expect from the typical citizen of a typical small town such as Rome. As the chief of police, he’s a respected and well-liked officer: with him around, everyone in Rome knows things will be ok… well, this until Giles himself becomes the source of troubles.



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