Amber Barnes

amberbarnesfilmThe first character from Outcast‘s second episode actually already appeared in the first one, A Darkness Surrounds Him, but she was seen only from afar while playing on a swing, and didn’t do anything at all. In (I Remember) When She Loved Me, on the contrary, we properly meet Amber Barnes, portrayed by Madeleine McGraw: she’s seen attending her own birthday party, during which Megan manages to bring her her estranged father’s present, without her mother knowing anything about it (nor does herself know who sent her that book, by the way). It’s positive we’ll see more of this little girl in the next episodes, and considering what’s coming, that’s not necessarily good for her. In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original character.

Amber Barnes was born in RomeWest Virginia, daughter of Kyle Barnes and his wife Allison. Her life never was a normal one, from its very beginning: when Amber was very little, her mother became possessed by a demon, and she attacked and badly hurt her. Kyle came back home just in time to stop Allison from doing something irreparable, and he managed to save Amber; in the following struggle, he also managed to exorcise his wife thanks to his “poisonous blood”, but when the woman came back to her senses she didn’t remember anything of her possession and of what she had done during that time. Allison found herself beaten and bloodied, and Amber just in the same condition as she was; with them, in the room, there was only Kyle, with bloody hands: the issue seemed to be quite simple to interpret, and not knowing how to tell his wife what had really happened, Kyle took all the blame, and accepted to be marked as a violent man who beat his own wife and child to unconsciousness. Amber was taken to the local hospital where she recovered from her wounds, but when she came back home her dad was nowhere to be found: believing she was amberbarnescomics1doing the right thing, Allison had sent him away from their home, and got separated from him. As a result, Kyle left Rome, and didn’t come back for several years. Amber was a little girl at the time, but not so little not to remember what had happened: she knew it was her mom the one who hurt her, not her daddy, and she blamed Allison for sending him away from her. Time didn’t make things easier, and she missed Kyle every day of her young life, creating some complex relationship with Allison, who didn’t know how to interpret her hostility, and who on her side didn’t remember anything of the things Amber blamed her for. Finally, when Amber was almost ten years old, Kyle came back to Rome.

Understandably enough, Allison forbade Kyle from seeing Amber, but the man just missed his girl too much, and he arranged things so that he could meet her outside her house. Amber was simply overwhelmed with joy, and she happily hugged her long-missed father. She even asked him if he had left because “mom was scary”, referring to the time she was possessed, but Kyle told her that was not it. The moment didn’t last long, however, as Allison realized who her daughter was talking to, and she stormed out of the house, telling Amber to go back inside. The woman harshly attacked Kyle, screaming at him and telling him to stay away from her daughter, but Amber intervened once again, begging Allison to stop: looking at the situation as if Kyle was putting her daughter against her, the woman got even angrier, and rushed in. Things didn’t go smoothly in the following days, and Allison quarreled with Kyle other times, much to Amber’s sorrow. Finally one day, following some traumatic events Amber didn’t know anything about, Allison asked her daughter what she remembered about the night Kyle hurt them both. The girl was quite surprised by the question, amberbarnescomics2and she sincerely replied that it was actually Allison the one who hurt her, not Kyle. As a result, the woman broke down and started crying uncontrollably. Amber, not figuring out exactly why her mother was weeping, tried to console her, telling her that she wasn’t always that bad, and that she loved her anyway… without much of a result, actually. The girl didn’t know it, but that moment represented the greatest possibility for her family to finally reunite after that tragedy of so many years before.

Amber Barnes is a normal girl her age, quite direct in her way of speaking and curious about pretty much everything. She deeply misses her dad, and she mostly blames her mom for his absence, without fully grasping the nature of the tragedy that befell her family. Innocent and sincere, she’s a pure-hearted witness in a story tainted by absolute evil.



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