Miss Oatlash

missoatlashfilmAnother new character has been (sort of) introduced in last episode of Preacher, albeit her role so far is just a small cameo. In The Possibilities we learn some other disturbing detail about Odin Quincannon, as we see him relaxing by listening to cattles being slaughtered; while he’s “busy” in this activity, a woman who appears to be a secretary of sort brings to him some documents and then leaves. She’s Miss Oatlash, portrayed by Catherine Haun, and from the way Donnie Schenck refers to her later in the episode, it appears that she’s been portrayed as Quincannon’s secretary indeed. In the comics, however, her role is very different, and she’s much more vital to the despicable businessman. Let’s see together, but warning: NSFW content.

Miss Oatlash’s background is widely unknown, and even her full name is undisclosed; she was, however, a very strong and talented woman, and she made quite a reputation as a skilled and overall unscrupolous lawyer. She was exactly the kind of woman Odin Quincannon needed for his company, but not just because of her expertise: her personal life and philosophy were somehow just as disturbing as Quincannon’s. A BDSM lover who enjoyed pushing her mates to their extreme limits, she had one true love, an ideal man she always related to: Adolf Hitler, the German dictator from the 1930s. In her distorted vision, Hitler was a peaceful man who had nothing to do with the Holocaust or even with World War II, and overall he had introduced in the world the embodiment of Friedrich Nietzche‘s idea of Übermensch, a perfect Arian male who Oatlash sought as her perfect companion…not that she had had much luck in that, yet. Anyway, for all these unique characteristics, Oatlash was called to SalvationTexas, where she started working for wealthy businessman Odin Quincannon, an old man just as cruel and depraved as she was. Quincannon had practically conquered Salvation, and he controlled everything in it, going far beyond the boundaries of law: Oatlash’s job consisted primarily in keeping Quincannon’s men out of jail, resorting to bribing missoatlashcomics1when it was possible, and exploiting the legal code’s contradictions when it was not; she also kept her boss’ business safe from health inspectors and environmental agencies, allowing Quincannon to do what he liked without fearing any consequence. Her work was particularly easy in a town where everything and everyone could be bought, and Miss Oatlash never had any problem in convincing the local sheriff to turn a blind eye on what Quincannon was doing with Salvation…then, something unexpected happened: Jim Bewley resigned, and a newcomer, Jesse Custer, became the new sheriff.

Custer was something else entirely: not only he was impervious to every bribing attempt from Quincannon, but he was also far a better fighter than all the businessman’s hired muscles, and he defeated each and every goon Odin had been sending to him. Before she even realised it, Miss Oatlash had developed quite a major crush on him. He was everything she looked for in a man: he was strong, determined, self-confident, smart, and pretty good looking. Finally, after years and years of research, the woman had found her Übermensch. Obviously, she kept this infatuation hidden from Odin Quincannon, and when it became a real obsession, she arranged things so that she could meet her beloved enemy in a proper way. A resourceful woman such as she was succeeded where all the big and strong men working for Quincannon had failed, and she managed to catch the sheriff off-guard. She captured him, sedated him and brought him to a secret place, where she had everything prepared for their “menage”. While he was unconscious, she cut his hair short, and she dressed him like an SS officer, donning a pairing uniform herself; when Custer woke up, he found her leather-clad, with an SS hat, a mask, and whips and blades ready for the show: she was about to rape him. Jesse took time while missoatlashcomics2listening to all the Nazi blabbers of the woman, and in the meanwhile his dog, Skeeters, untied him from the bed he was blocked on. Finally free to move, the sheriff easily subdued a surprised Miss Oatlash, and he tied her to the bed in his place. While he was going away, ready to setttle things with Odin Quincannon once and for all, the tied-up Oatlash remarked that this was exactly the way she liked it.

Miss Oatlash is surely a complex woman: strong, determined, intelligent and self-confident, she’s a very skilled lawyer and a reliable right-hand-woman for a powerful man such as Odin Quincannon, and she’s just as unscrupolous and amoral as he is. She’s a Hitler apologist as well, an admirer of the values of the Third Reich who consciously distorts history to fit her sexual perversions. Smart and resourceful, she’s just as bizarre as she is dangerous, and she’s the primary ally of Quincannon in his control of Salvation.


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