mildredfilmThe first brand new character introduced in Outcast‘s second episode promises interesting developments, if the show follows the comics’ main story. In (I Remember) When She Loved Me, the reinvigorated Reverend Anderson astonishes his assembly with an inspired sermon, and the only one who seems to apreciate also the “bold” language is an old woman, Mildred, portrayed by Grace Zabriskie. She’s later seen attending a meeting with the Reverend and other women from the parish, and once again she gives proof of quite a sarcastic (and irresistible) attitude. If everything goes as it did with her counterpart, we can expect a not-so-pleasurable future for the old woman…but that we’ll see together.

Mildred, surname unknown, was one of the oldest living residents in RomeWest Virginia. Growing into a quiet and kind old woman, she was loved and apreciated by the entire community, and she was one of the most active members of the parish led by Reverend Anderson. One day, however, something in her behavior changed drastically, and she became violent and mean: Anderson, quite an expert in the field, immediately recognised in her abrupt change the signs of a demonic possession. Wanting to free his parishioner from the evil that had befallen upon her, Anderson spent several days into exorcising Mildred, who violently resisted to his efforts. Eventually, however, Anderson’s faith had the best over the demon possessing Mildred, and she was freed…or so the Reverend thought: in reality, the old woman was still possessed, but the demon inside her had just grown tired of playing that exhausting game with the priest, and he had decided to stay hidden within his victim’s soul. Mildred started behaving normally mildredcomics1as before, but she was still tainted, waiting for the big event that was gathering all demons around to Rome: The Merge, the beginning of the end. Reverend Anderson was totally oblivious to the woman’s real conditions, but he kept visiting her every month. In order to hide her eccessive sensitivity to sunlight, Mildred said that she wasn’t able to move from her home due to old age, and Anderson, always the gentleman, personally took care of bringing her groceries and other supplies, always checking up on her. Despite his care and his attentions, however, Anderson never realised the truth…that, until he came to the woman’s house along with Kyle Barnes, a natural demon-repeller.

The moment Kyle Barnes touched her, Mildred started screaming as if the man was hurting her. Anderson didn’t quite understand what was happening, and brought Kyle out, apologizing to Mildred. After failing to exorcise ex-cop and now convict Blake Morrow, Anderson finally realised what Kyle was, and what effect he had on possessed people: wanting to try and see if his previous exorcisms had truly worked, he brought along Kyle to Mildred’s place during their monthly meeting. The monent the man touched the old woman’s hand, Mildred started convulsing and coughing, spitting blood and screaming in pain: Kyle Barnes was the Outcast, and his touch was painful to demons. This was the last evidence, and Anderson realised that Mildred was still possessed. Still in pain, but still acting, the woman ordered the two men to leave her house, threatening to call the police. Anderson and Kyle left, sure that they could have obtained other informations from the possessed woman later on…ignoring that the time for the Merge was near, and that they may not have had another chance of releasing her. The preacher and the Outcast weren’t the only ones paying Mildred visits: some time later, another man knocked at her door, and this mildredcomics2one she knew well. Everybody in town knew him as Sidney, but the demon possessing Mildred immediately recognised him as his lord. The two spoke about the upcoming Merge, and Mildred remarked that, as weak as she was now, she was afraid she wouldn’t have made it to it. Catching the Devil off-guard, she tried to absorb his energy by sucking his breath, but the two repelled each other; Sidney told her she should have known it didn’t work like that, and Mildred answered it was worth a try nevertheless. After that weird exchange, Sidney left, and Mildred was once again alone in her house, waiting for the right time to manifest herself for what she truly was…

Mildred used to be a kind and gentle woman, but since the demon possessed her she changed radically: malignant and violent, she’s a cunning deceiver and a patient tactician, with unnatural strength and aggressiveness and an allergy to sunlight. Alone in her dark house, Mildred is waiting for her moment to come out to the open, like a spider in the centre of his web, waiting for an uncoscious fly to be trapped…



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