sidneyfilmThe last character appearing in the second episode of Outcast is also the most intriguing one, and the series’ big baddie…and when I say “big”, I truly mean it. In (I Remember) When She Loved Me, we see a strange man dressed in black attending one of Reverend Anderson‘s functions, and we meet him again at the end of the episode, while visiting Sarah Barnes at the hospital and taunting her about her son, making her shed a tear despite her catatonic state. The man is known as Sidney, portrayed by Star Trek legend Brent Spiner…and don’t be deceived by his smiling attitude and his charming words: he’s the Devil in person. Having an actor such as Spiner in this role is quite a blast, and he’ll surely deliver a great performance…but in the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original lord of the demons. Warning, spoilers ahead.

Nothing is known about the being commonly referenced to as the Devil, not his origins, not his name, least of all his purposes. Existing from before the beginning of time, he was casted out from Heaven after rebelling to God, and from that moment he declared war to the entirety of His creation, trying to corrupt anything His father did. In every human culture and religion he is present, and he collected a miriad of names over the millennia. In the biblical tradition he was named Satan, “the divider”, putting enmity between men and trying to foil God’s plan on humanity. Crossing the years without being affected by time, he arrived to contemporary times, hiding more than in the past ages, exploiting the fact that, now living in an “enlightened” and “progressed” era, mankind didn’t believe in him nor in his presence anymore. Acting from behind the veil of scepticism, the Devil started operating in indirect ways, and started to conquer the world from within humans’ souls, sending his demons to possess mortals, preparing his own coming. Once, during one of these operations, the demon he had sent to possess a strong and pious woman, sidneycomics1Sarah Barnes, was casted away by an unforseen force: the woman’s son, Kyle, an Oucast. Outcasts were a special breed of humans, born with particular talents that made their blood, tears, even their simple touch poisonous and painful for demons, but on the other hand their spiritual energy was an exquisite nectar for those creatures. Intrigued, the Devil took a particular interest in Kyle, and started following him for his unfathomable purposes: he systematically sent demons to possess the people who were closest to him, not only his mother, but also his wife and friends, in the effort of keeping him isolated from the rest of the world, to make him an easier prey when the time would have been ripe. Finally, when the Great Merge was approaching, the Devil chose to manifest himself on Earth and to reach his demons who were already there: having plans on Kyle Barnes, he reached the town of Rome, in West Virginia, and started the final preparations for the Merge.

Appearing as an elderly man in a black dress and hat, Satan entered Rome’s church, as a direct challenge to the local preacher, Reverend Anderson, who was shouting a sermon against the forces of evil. Then, he payed a visit to the hospital, where her remarked to a catatonic Sarah Barnes how much her efforts had been useless, as they were rising nevertheless, and they would have had her beloved boy all the same. Only in a second moment he started his plan to get close to Kyle: first, he saved Holly Holt, Kyle’s niece, from a passing car about to run over her, thus obtaining the gratitude of her mother and Kyle’s sister, Megan. Then, he went to visit Norville, Kyle’s old neighbor, and he killed him, moving into his house. When Kyle came to thank Norville for letting him use his car, the Devil informed him that the old man had died in his sleep, and introduced himself as Sidney, Norville’s brother; he told him he would have lived in his “brother”‘s house for a while, as long as he had sorted all his affairs. In the following days, “Sidney” went checking on the demons already on territory: he met Mildred, an old woman who had grown sidneycomics2quite weak in the previous years, and who even tried to steal energy from him, despite she knew she wouldn’t have had any effect, and Brian, a man who was hiding and preparing for the Merge. From both of them Sidney learnt that Anderson was snooping around too much, and he decided to pay a visit to him as well: he waited for him in his house, and revealed himself for who he really was. As a warning, the Devil carved a reversed pentagram on the priest’s chest, so that everytime he would have even thought of doing something he would have remembered who he was dealing with, and left, telling him to stay away from Kyle. In the meanwhile, he had obtained enough trust from Barnes that, when he rushed out to exorcise his sister Megan, he left Holly in his care. When Anderson learnt of this, he rushed back to Kyle’s home and savagely attacked Sidney, who didn’t react to the beating…but then sued the reverend, obtaining his arrest. Now, Kyle Barnes knew who he really was, but he was alone and without allies at his side: the moment for the fulfillment of his long-planned game had finally come.

The Devil is an extremely ancient and malevolent being, a creature of pure cruelty that literally invented evil. A corruptor, a deceiver and a seducer, he’s always trying to spoil God’s creation and to remake it in his own image. It’s unknown how much of his untold power he retains while in his human form as Sidney, but the immortal threat he represents isn’t surely diminished by a momentary, material weakness. The undisputed lord of all demons, the prince of darkness, the master of all lies, Satan is about to accomplish a project he’s been preparing for millennia, and albeit nobody can tell exactly what he’s planning, that surely won’t be anything good for humanity as a whole.



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