Lester (Bullseye)

bullseyefilmFollowing casualgamer‘s request, we meet another deranged psychopath from the Marvel Universe, and this one runs for the title of the craziest son of a witch ever: Bullseye. This maniac killer for hire appeared in the Daredevil movie portrayed by a way above the line Colin Farrell: he was hired by Kingpin to kill Nikolas Natchios when the Greek businessman tried to turn him down on some affair, and later in the movie he murdered the vengeful Elektra as well…only to be reached by Daredevil in a church, maimed and thrown on a police car. After the credits, we can see him in a hospital, with his whole body plastered, being able to pierce a flying fly with a syringe, hinting that he still has it…but now that franchise is dead, and we can only wait for him to pop up sooner or later in the Netflix tv series (and when he’ll do, it’ll be total mayhem). In the meanwhile, let’s take a look at the original one. And no, he’s not Irish.

Bullseye’s early life is still mostly a mystery, especially because he keeps lying about his past and some of the information about him proved to be false, starting with his name: he’s been known as Benjamin Poindexter, Leonard McClain and Lester Jangles, but right now we only know for sure that his true first name is Lester. Composing the recurring information about his past, we can say he was born in Bronx, and he had a brother named Nathan. The boys’ father was an abusive alcoholic, and he often beat his kids (he may have also killed his wife in his drunk rage, albeit Bullseye claims that death for himself); when he got bored, he used to paint a target on his sons’ forehead and to put something on their head, then shooting to see if he was able to hit at least one of the two targets. Needless to say, the boys hated him; the only good moments Lester shared with his old man were when the two of them went hunting with rifles together. Since he was a child, Lester showed to have an incredible accuracy, and a matching sadism; his aim applied to pretty much everything, and he usually spent time killing pigeons and other small animals with a yo-yo. bullseyecomics1When he was ten years old, Nathan set their home on fire in an attempt to kill their father (in later accounts, it seems it was Lester who did it): the man didn’t die, but the children were split and sent to foster care. Lester was adopted by the Wilkersons, a couple that with time grew quite afraid of the boy, and rightfully so. Growing up, Lester proved he did not have any kind of empathy whatsoever, and he became increasingly violent, to the point that his foster parents didn’t deny anything to him since they feared him. Wanting to put his accuracy at use, Lester started playing baseball, and from his successes at high school he finally entered the Major League as a pitcher. Obviously, he didn’t miss a shot. Growing bored after three perfect games, he asked his coach to be pulled out, but he was refused. As a result, Lester tried to make it more interesting, and he threw the following ball to the batter’s head, killing him instantly. Amused, he only said “Bull’s eye”, before being arrested for manslaughter.

This particular accident, however, didn’t go unnoticed, and soon Lester was contacted by the National Security Agency, who offered a deal to him: he would have worked for them as an assassin, and in exchange he would have not served his time. First he was tested in Vietnam, where he joined the ongoing war; during the midst of the battle he ran out of ammo, and a Vietcong was about to kill him: without thinking, he threw the man his gun, impaling him with the bayonet and killing him on place. The experienced amused him, and he found out he was able to kill people by throwing virtually any object. Later, he was sent to Nicaragua to eliminate some targets and to train the Contras, but he already had a backup plan to leave the NSA, being bored already. He planned to rob the Contras and to flee, but when he realized that they were extremely poor, he organised things so that he could steal from various criminal organizations framing his translator Paolo; things became complicated when The Punisher intervened and killed all of his unwilling financiers. Lester barely escaped with his life, and he saved himself only by bullseyecomics2surrendering to DEA; back to the United States, his reputation was still cleaned, and he was ordered to infiltrate Kingpin’s criminal empire; he was assigned a blue and white costume and a super name reflecting his abilities, Bullseye. He didn’t even start the job, however, as he immediately disappeared from radars and became a mercenary and a freelance killer, finally finding the job he fully and totally enjoyed. After some minor jobs, he decided to build up his reputation, and offered his services as a murderer and an extortionist in New York City; he even publicized himself by allowing to be interviewed on the Daily Bugle. His nerve got him attention, and the superhero Daredevil soon was on his trails, but in the following fight Bullseye emerged victorious. The hero, however, survived, and this was enough to soil the killer’s reputation: Bullseye publicly challenged him on television, but when Daredevil accepted the challenge, he returned the favor and defeated the assassin, even escaping his “unavoidable” bullets. Bullseye had made himself a name for never missing a target: Daredevil dodging his attacks was a mistake he couldn’t afford, and from that moment, he had a score to settle to clean his reputation.

Lester is an intelligent and cunning man, but also a sadistic and deranged psychopath, who takes an incredible pleasure from killing and who deeply enjoys finding new and inventive ways of murdering people. As Bullseye, he’s an incredibly proficient athlete and hand-to-hand combatant, but most of all he has an inhuman accuracy that allows him never to miss a target, no matter what he’s using as a projectile (with years he started using some trademarks, such as razor-sharp playing cards); strips of Adamantium fused to his skeleton make him also extremely durable, with virtually indestructible bones. One of the most dangerous assassins in the world, Bullseye will kill anybody in his way, an intended target or an innocent bystander, man, woman and child, and all just because he finds it funny.



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