Theresa Masters

theresamastersfilmThe second character appeared in Outcast‘s new episode All Alone Now doesn’t exactly last long, but she’s pivotal to the story nevertheless. When the episode starts, we see a bowling play which two couples of friends participate to: among them there’s Terry, portrayed by Erin Beute, the one who organised the entire evening so that her friend and her husband’s partner Blake Morrow could meet (and possibly like) her other friend Lorna…but things don’t eactly go as planned, and at the end of the evening Terry is brutally murdered by Blake himself who, now possessed by a demon, attacks her while she is taking care of his “flu”. Terry’s role in the comics isn’t much wider (quite the opposite actually), and if you’ve seen the episode, there’s no spoiler ahead for you. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Theresa‘s early life, not even her maiden name nor her residence. At a certain point in her life she met Luke Masters, a young man she liked and who she started going out together; the two eventually fell in love with each other and got married. They never had kids, possibly because Luke was a detective in the West Virginia State Police: aware of the dangers of his job, they chose to wait, but they found happiness one in the other nevertheless. Surely Luke loved his wife deeply, but he spent most of his time on the job, and Terry knew that her husband’s world would have always entered their lives, in a way or the other. First, she obviously had to meet Luke’s partner, the man he entrusted his life to every day of his life, Blake Morrow: luckily enough, Terry found in Blake a pleasurable company and a funny man, and she befriended him as well. She was full aware that Blake was quite interested in her, and not just as a friend, but she apreciated the theresamasterscomics1fact that he never made any move out of respect for Luke. She, on her side, didn’t do anything to send the wrong signals to him, and she always made it clear how much she loved her husband. There were no problems with this situation, quite the opposite, Terry and Blake developed a good friendship, and the man was often their guest, a big part of the Masters’ life. Until one night everything changed.

One night, Terry was at home with Luke without doing anything in particular, then the bell rang: it was Blake Morrow, who didn’t look good at all, and claimed he was sick. Theresa touched his forehead, and found out he was quite warm indeed: she offered herself to treat him, and while she sent her husband out to buy some medicines, she had Blake lay down on her coach and started preparing an infusion to make him feel better. Apparently there was nothing more than a fever with Blake, but reality was much more shocking (and dangerous): he had been possessed by a demon, and his consciousness was rapidly fading away, leaving the creature inhabiting his soul in command. Obviously, Terry couldn’t suspect any of this, and she was alone with him in the house: while she was still preparing the infusion, Blake silently appeared behind her, doing something that looked like flirting with her. At first, Terry managed to ward him off, believing he was just drunk or delirious for the fever, but Blake became more and more violent and harassing, until he grabbed her with remarkable strength and forced her to kiss him. If the surprise for the kiss wasn’t enough, she realised with horror theresamasterscomics2that Blake was biting her tongue: he ripped it off her mouth, and let her bloody and terrified. Unable to react in any way, Terry couldn’t do anything to stop Blake from raping her and brutally beating her, everything while she was drowning in her own blood. When Luke came back home, everything that remained of his beloved wife was a meat pulp that didn’t even look human anymore.

Terry Masters is a gentle and funny woman, a loving wife and a caring friend. She’s a brave woman who accepts all the risks coming from her husband Luke’s job, and choses to be at his side even if that means that she constantly fears every day to be the one Luke doesn’t come back home. Despite her courage, the horrors she espected coming from her husband’s world aren’t exactly the ones that eventually came knocking to her door…



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