donniefilmHere’s the last character appearing in Outcast‘s last episode (and, again, just in time for the new one). In All Alone Now, we see Megan Holter pretty shocked in spotting a man she obviously knows, and she even follows him to his hotel, sneaking up in his room and checking his pc while he’s not around…just to find out he’s been keeping an eye on her as well. The man is introduced as Donnie Hamel, portrayed by Scott Porter, and as you may have guessed already, he and Megan share quite a history. No doubt that we’ll see him more than the few glimpses we got in the last episode, but that may not be for the best, considering what kind of guy he is. If you don’t want to know what has happened between Megan and Donnie just wait for this night’s episode, otherwise, keep reading.

Not much is known about Donald‘s original family, but it’s quite sure to presume it was quite a disaster.  For a reason or another, Donnie eventually ended up being given in custody to a foster family, a couple with a daughter that took care of many unfortunate children. Donnie was already in his teens, and he had developed quite a violent and arrogant personality: the moment he arrived in his new house, he got a crush on the couple’s daughter, Megan. Being the kind of guy who took what he wanted, he started paying visit to her by night on a regular basis, molesting her and threatening her so that she didn’t say anything to anybody. Six months later, the family took in another boy, Kyle Barnes, who had been physically and psychologically abused by his now comatose mother: naturally kind and caring, the moment he understood what was happening between Donnie and Megan, Kyle started to protect her, and every night the older boy entered the girl’s room, he found Kyle sleeping on the floor, preventing him to reach the object of his desire. Instead of molesting Megan, Donnie started beating up donniecomics1Kyle, night after night. The nightmare ended only the moment Donnie was adopted by yet another family, and he had to move. But he was still in Rome, and his personality didn’t change. He got married, started a life on his own, but his darkest self was always there: one night he got really drunk, he beat his wife, then rushed to Megan’s house, with all the intention of taking “what was his”. He found Kyle there, and beat him again; Megan rushed down trying to fend him off with a broken lamp. That night, Donnie raped Megan, then he disappeared from her life. For a while.

It’s not entirely clear what happened in the following years. Donnie’s drinking problem got really serious, and he ended up losing his family. Alone and scared by what he had become, he eventually tried and looked for help, ending up in a rehabilitation program. The program seemed to work, and slowly and steadily Donnie started to emerge from the spiral of alcohol and violence he had fallen into; one of the steps of his program, however, was pretty difficult: he had to apologize to the people he had hurt. Determined to succeed, Donnie came back to Rome, and started looking for Megan, who was now married and had a daughter. The one he found instead was Kyle, who was understandably surprised to see him again: Donnie tried to speak to him, but the man was already frustrated and broken, and he vented everything on him, punching him and kicking him. A police officer arrived on the scene to interrupt them…but the cop was Mark Holt, Megan’s husband: when he understood who the man with Kyle was, he started beating him as well, until Donnie was left unconscious. When he woke up, Mark told him to leave town, and never come back. Donnie believed in his threats, but he still had something to do, and he ignored them. Eventually, he found Megan, and against all odds he managed to face her alone, with no husband nor brother around: faithful to the program, he asked for her donniecomics2forgiveness, and told her he was a different man. Megan, however, wasn’t ready to forgive him for everything he had done to her, quite the opposite: she rejected his excuses, and told him he didn’t change, as he would have always been the rapist he was. Then, she angrily left, leaving Donnie alone with his guilt and his sins of the past. He left Rome as he was told to, knowing that starting a brand new life would have been quite a difficult task, if possible at all.

Donnie is by nature a violent and abusing man, who answers with his fists to pretty much everything and who believes that everything he wants is his by right. Recently, however, Donnie decided to stop being what he’s always been, and is sincerely trying to make amend for his past, embracing a new attitude and reinveinting himself as the man he’s never managed to be. Washing away the scars he’s inflicted to others, however, is not going to be easy at all.



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