Kaecilius (The Disciple)

kaeciliusfilmThe second character whose identity has finally been revealed is Doctor Strange‘s main villain, portrayed by talented Mads Mikkelsen: he’ll be Kaecilius, an evil sorcerer planning to destroy the Ancient One to allow his mysterious masters from other dimensions to invade Earth. This is quite a major surprise for a lot of guys who were trying to wonder who Mikkelsen’s character was (me included, my bet was on Jip), but being a character this minor and obscure he surely gives both actor and director a lot of space for creativity. Now, let’s see together who this evil sorcerer is…and his connections aren’t to the Ancient One in the comics, rather to another magician we’ll see in the movie as well…

Not much is known of Kaecilius’ early life: born at the beginning of the XX Century, he grew up developing quite a talent for magic. A greedy and angry man, he understood the potential of the abilities he was tapping in, and he decided to use them for personal advantage. While he was still understanding his true potential, he was contacted by Baron Mordo, a powerful and ambitious sorcerer who offered to him to become one of his disciples: together with other amateur sorcerers like Adria (The Witch), Demonicus (The Demon) and Sir Baskerville, Kaecilius entered Mordo’s service as The Disciple, and learnt from him how to expand his magic powers and to bind natural energies to his will. Kaecilius swore to help Mordo defeat his enemies, the Ancient One and his disciple Doctor Strange, so that his master Dormammu could invade Earth: the Disciple followed Mordo to Kamar-Taj, where he tried to capture the Ancient One; Strange, however, intervened, and managed to escape with his old master and to seek refuge in Hong Kong. Kaecilius followed him, and hired a gang of smugglers to kaeciliuscomics1locate the magician, but to no avail. Sir Baskerville, on the opposite, was succesful in locating Strange, but he needed help to restrain him. Mordo sent Kaecilius to Baskerville’s house, and he casted a mind-controlling spell so that the Disciple could have access to Dormammu’s powers as well, being able to face the Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange was caught off-guard by Kaecilius’ unexpected power, but he eventually realised that he wasn’t facing a sorcerer alone: avoiding a mystical confrontation, Strange used a much more “classic” approach, and punched his opponent in the face, knocking him down and interrupting his connection with Mordo. Scanning his enemy’s mind, Strange eventually learnt of Mordo’s connection with Dormammu, and exposed the duo’s schemes, thus foiling the demon’s umpteenth conquest attempt. As a result Dormammu, sick and tired of Mordo’s failures, exiled him into a demonic dimension, leaving his disciples without a master to follow. This, of course, wasn’t something Kaecilius could accept.

Wanting to bring Mordo back, Kaecilius joined forces with Adria and Demonicus, planning to dispose of Doctor Strange themselves, and to offer the Sorcerer Supreme to Dormammu in exchange of Baron Mordo. Believing that Strange was unbeatable on a magic ground, they tried to plant a bomb in his Sanctum Sanctorum, sure that the sorcerer would have never found something so “material”; however, they had to cover their tracks while coming out of the Sanctum, and Strange sensed their concealing spell. Suspicious, he scanned the Sanctum, found the bomb and disposed of it…but when it exploded, it was far too near to him nevertheless, and knocked him unconscious. The three evil magicians finally captured him and restrained him, bringing him to Castle Mordo: here, while Demonicus tried to scan Strange’s mind, Kaecilius and Adria studied the sorcerer’s Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto. Doctor Strange, albeit restricted, managed to access his astral form, and using his connection with his magical artifacts he attacked the three sorcerers, defeating them and erasing their knowledge of black magic from their minds. It took time for Kaecilius and his allies to regain their lost knowledge, and to devise a plan to finally kill kaeciliuscomics2their loathed enemy; they modified their appearance and pretended to be young journalists (Kaecilius posed as the cameraman Joe Crocker), and they asked Doctor Strange for an interview, which he agreed upon. The moment the trio stepped in the Sanctum Sanctorum, however, Doctor Strange told them he had seen through their facade, and knew perfectly who they were; he also told them that the had hoped that their previous encounter had taught them humility, and that he still hoped they changed their hearts. As an answer, Kaecilius and the others attacked him. Hoping to gain an advantage against a magician that was still much more powerful than them, Adria grabbed one of the artifacts and used it against Strange…but that was the Purple Gem, which only served to open a portal to the Purple Dimension: the portal sucked the three sorcerers in, then it closed forever. It would have taken an eternity to Mordo’s disciples to get out of there and resume their quest for revenge…

Kaecilius is a power-hungry and malicious man, who aims to take as much advantage as he can from his abilities and talents, no matter the cost. He’s blindly loyal to Baron Mordo, but only as long as he’s the means to obtain a greater power. As the Disciple, is a mildly talented sorcerer, able to use a variety of spells, but far from Mordo’s or Strange’s level. Kaecilius forges alliances and breaks them depending on where his interest lies, and seeking power is always his priority.



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