Rose Giles

rosegilesfilmIn the new episode of Outcast just one new character has been introduced, and another minor one. In A Wrath Unseen we see Chief Giles hosting his friend Ogden and his wife to a dinner at his place, and for the occasion we also meet Giles’ wife, Rose, portrayed by Charmin Lee. She doesn’t do much in the episode: she stays for a while with her guests, then she goes to the kitchen with Kat Ogden to prepare something to drink. The morning after, she kisses goodbye to her husband, who’s going “hunting” (he’s actually investigating on the van he had found in the woods days before, and consequently on his friend Ogden who’s hiding something there). We’ll see if she’ll have a bigger role than in the comics: originally, in fact, she’s not present much in the story. Let’s see together.

Again, not much is known about Rose’s early life, not even her maiden name. She was most probably born in RomeWest Virginia, and she most likely spent all her life there. She mostly lived a tranquil life, until as a young woman she fell in love with Brian Giles, a gentle and handsome young man…who was however a Caucasian one. Mixed couples weren’t so common, and the two lovers had to fight with prejudice and racism to stay together, but eventually they overcame even their own families, and they got married. Brian was a cop, so it was relatively easy for him to become a respected member of the community, thus allowing Rose to be accepted as well as his wife. When Brian became chief of police, things got even easier, and Rose Giles didn’t represent a scandal for anybody anymore, allowing her to live her marriage as she wanted. It’s pretty much unknown what happened in the early years of the couple’s life together, but we can rosegilescomics1assume that no particular event shook their private life, even if she followed each one of the city’s troubles and tragedies through what Brian told her about his work: abused children, episodes of domestic violence, mysterious disappearances, everything wrong happening (and a lot of wrong things happened even in such a small town as Rome) Rose knew, seen through her husband’s eyes.

Of course, dealing with such a difficult reality everyday, Brian had to vent his stress from time to time, and he did it playing poker with his friends (namely chief fireman Ogden, Reverend Anderson and Mayor Arnold); Rose gladly allowed her husband to enjoy his friends’ company, but she didn’t like the fact that everytime he came back home half drunk, and she never missed an occasion to remark on it, when he returned at late night stumbling on his feet. Actually, Brian Giles never drank as much as to completely lose it, but the woman didn’t like it nevertheless. One night, after a particularly tense period during which Brian had to investigate on two different cases of domestic violence (the first involving a child, Joshua Austin, and the second a young woman, Megan Holt) and even to arrest one of his best friends, Reverend Anderson, for physical assault, it was Rose herself who suggested her husband to go out and spend some time with his friends, hoping that he would have found some rest. That night he came back even later than usual, and he woke Rose up by stumbling upon rosegilescomics2something in the kitchen, judging by the sound of it: the woman went downstairs, already scolding Brian for the time and for being drunk, but when she saw him she was so shocked she didn’t know what to say. Brian wasn’t drunk, but he surely wasn’t himself: he was crawling on the floor, growling like a dog, cutting his own hand with the glass of a vase he had broken and staring at her like a wild animal. Rose didn’t know what had happened to her beloved Brian, but she knew that she would have needed help…

Rose Giles is a normal woman her age, fortified by her life experiences and gifted with a particularly strong character. She’s been married with Brian for quite a long time, and she loves him and cares for him…but she doesn’t have problems in reminding the chief of police of who’s truly in charge when he takes his badge off.


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