Morgan le Fay

morganlefayfilmAnd here’s another villain, or rather a villainess, from the Marvel Universe and from casualgamer‘s list: Morgan le Fay, the sorceress from the Arthurian legends. She only appeared in the 1970s Dr. Strange movie, portrayed by Jessica Walter: an ancient and powerful witch, in the movie Morgan serves the Nameless One, and she’s sent to Earth from the obscure dimension she and the demon are trapped in to kill both Thomas Lindmer and his young successor, Stephen Strange. She obviously fails, and is once again exiled…only to resurface immediately after on Earth, with her youthful appearance restored, promising new developments that never happened. In the comics, Morgan is one of the most powerful and evil magic users ever appeared, who represents more than a threat for many heroes: let’s see together.

As legends recount, Morgan le Fay was born in CornwallEngland, in the VI Century. She was the daughter of Duke Gorlois, the ruler of that land, and of his wife Lady Igraine, the amazingly beautiful woman who was one of the last survivors of Avalon, an enchanted island born from the ruins of Atlantis. Morgan’s heritage predisposed her to the use of magic since she was a child, and she proudly promised herself she would have served her beloved father when she would have grown up…but Uther Pendragon, the High King, lusted for Igraine, and eventually declared war to Cornwall to have her. Gorlois valiantly battled the invader, but thanks to Uther’s superior army and to his magician Merlin (another survivor of Avalon), the Duke was killed; Uther took possession of Tintagel Castle and of its lady, and he married Igraine soon after. Morgan hated the king for what he had done to her father, but Igraine soon adapted to the situation, and when she had a son from her new husband, Arthur, she clearly preferred him over her firstborn daughter. Hurt and jealous, Morgan nurtured her wrath, and she was raised by the one woman who understood her pain: Vivianne, Igraine’s sister and Lady of the Lake of Avalon, who morganlefaycomics1introduced the girl to the mysteries of Avalon’s magic. Incredibly talented, Morgan became the high priestess of the Mother Goddess, but she soon surpassed even Vivianne in the knowledge of magic, and she dedicated herself to more powerful rituals. She joined the Darkholders, a group of worshippers of Chthon and the keepers of his sacred book, the Darkhold, and she manipulated them to become Queen of Gorre. She even tried to summon Chthon, but when the Elder God appeared, clearly not bent to her will, she eventually buried him under Wundagor Mountain, barely freeing herself from possession. Morgan battled her half-brother Arthur, now High King, and his Knights of the Round Table, and she faced many times Merlin (even getting help from a time traveling Doctor Doom, who became her lover and who she taught magic to). Her powers diminished the moment her apprentice and lover, Magnus the Sorcerer, stole the Darkhold from her, thus allowing her enemies to defeat her and to trap her in her own castle.

For a sorceress like herself, imprisonment was but a joke, and she used her astral form to travel space and time in order to retrieve the Darkhold: unable to find the book in her time, she projected her consciousness to the future, when the now immortal Magnus lived in New York City. In the future, Morgan possessed Jason “Slappy” Struthers, and imbued him with magical powers transforming him into Excaliber: her servant nearly overpowered Magnus, but the old magician was saved by Spider-Woman, a heroine of great power. Intrigued by the woman who stood in her way, Morgan tried to  recruit Spider-Woman among her minions, but she was rejected. Infuriated, she launched a massive magic attack against her new enemy, and only the combined forces of Spider-Woman, the AvengersWerewolf by Night, Magnus, Doctor Strange and the Shroud managed to repel her and to send her back to her time. Now, however, Morgan was aware of a time when powerful warriors dwelled, and when ancient and lost magics had come back to the world, ready to be taken: from that moment, she started launching attack after attack against the Avengers, both to the team as a whole and to the single members, but each time it proved to be far too easy to disrupt her mystic connection with the body hosting her, and even Iron Man‘s technology proved to be enough to defeat her magic (even if barely). Improving her powers and morganlefaycomics2allying herself with her nephew, Mordred the Evil, Morgan renewed her attempts, and nearly managed to subdue her enemies by kidnapping the Scarlet Witch and summing her magic to her own, creating a new reality in which she was the queen of the world, and the Avengers served her as her loyal minions, the Queen’s Vengeance. Her plan eventually failed the moment Captain America regained his identity and freed Scarlet, thus breaking the spell. If she was able to reshape reality to her own image, however, Morgan le Fay was now able to do pretty much everything, and even the most sturbborn and powerful of her enemies would have soon realised what kind of adversary they were facing.

Morgan le Fay is a woman hardened and made cruel by a life of forced submissions, court intrigues and betrayals. Ambitious, pitiless and vengeful, she often forgets about her greater goals if a personal vendetta is involved. As a half-faerie from Avalon, she has a natural connection with magic, and she possesses vast mystic powers: immortal and naturally able to control the minds of other people, she gained vast knowledge of both Celtic magic and other forbidden arts, becoming the most powerful witch who ever walked the Earth; due to the nature of Faerie magic, she’s able to use other sources of magic, both living and inanimate ones, as power to fuel her own, becoming stronger any time she bonds with different magics, such as Chthon’s ancient one, Scarlet Witch’s chaos magic or Asgard‘s Norse one. With no borders of space or time able to contain her, with death now a meaningless word to someone who can recreate her physical body moments after it’s been destroyed, Morgan is a threat of untold power to anybody brave or foolish enough to challenge her, a woman in a realm of men ready and able to claim all the power that has been denied to her since her birth…and every kingdom shall crumble to ruins facing her wrath.



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