ursafilmNext character from casualgamer‘s list is again from Superman‘s rogues gallery: Ursa, the lethal Kryptonian warrior. She first appeared in Superman: The Movie portrayed by Sarah Douglas: in the prologue on Krypton, she was arrested along with her master and lover General Zod and exiled in the Phantom Zone. In Superman II she is accidentally released by Superman himself, who throws a nuclear bomb just near her dimensional prison. Once on Earth, she’s quite intrigued by her new powers, and she can vent all her sadism on poor helpless humans. She also seems to develop quite a taste for badges and insignia, and her Kryptonian suit becomes full of symbols (how she pierces them on the unbreakable cloth is a mystery, just as how on Earth is possible that she feels pain after a simple snake bites her). In the comics, she’s Zod’s right-hand woman as well, and her relationship with him is not just suggested, as they have a son together. Let’s see.

Ursa was born on planet Krypton, in an unspecified city. When she was still very young she lost both her parents, and as an orphan she had to build up her strength in order to survive on her own in a strictly ordered and hierarchic world. Determined and versatile in both physical and mental practice, Ursa joined the Military Guild when she was still a young woman, and she became the protege of General Zod, the leader of the planetary army. Excelling in both the classic training and in the private one given to her by Zod, Ursa earned her place in the elite Black Zero Unit, soon becoming the leader of it. Her relation with Zod grew closer with every progress in the military hierarchy, and eventually the two of them became lovers, always maintaining a strict superior-subordinate relationship while on the battlefield or in front of other soldiers. The Military Guild was at disposal as law enforcement unit, and when the Science Council, the planet’s supreme authority, condemned for heresy two of the planet’s most revered and esteemed scientists, Jor-El and Non, the Black Zero Unit was sent to capture them and to bring them in front of the ursacomics1Council for receiving their sentence. The trial ended with not much of a result, as the two prisoners were set free with the order of not revealing to anyone their discoveries… but Zod, Ursa and the rest of the Guild knew that the scientists had concrete evidence of the imminent destruction of Krypton, and when Zod decided to trust the “heretics”, Ursa followed him. While Jor-El obeyed the Council and maintained the silence, Non publicly exposed his discoveries, and Zod and Ursa arrived to the point of defecting the Guild to support him. Unable to silence him in any other way, the Science Council lobotomized Non, making him a mindless brute, and for an enraged Zod this was the final straw: he organized a rebellion, with Ursa always at his side. Now the most wanted criminals on Krypton, Ursa and her lover were eventually captured, and only Jor-El’s defense avoided a death sentence to them; however, they were exiled in the dimensional prison, the Phantom Zone, for all eternity, a destiny not so much better than death.

Ursa, Zod and even Non, condemned with them, remained in the Phantom Zone for at least three decades, a time that seemed an eternity. The Kryptonians didn’t resign to their destiny, however, and they elaborated a plan to escape from the inescapable prison: Zod and Ursa decided to conceive a child, calculating that, being born inside the Phantom Zone, he/she would have been immune from the effects of the dimensional prison, so that they could have used him/her to escape. The two proceeded with their plan, and Ursa got pregnant: she gave birth to a son, Lor-Zod, who was born with a genetic compatibility with the Phantom Zone. As long as he was a child, Lor-Zod was taken care of by Non, who became his guardian, while his parents planned their moves after the boy would have allowed their escape. Finally, Lor-Zod came of age, and Ursa and Zod put him on a spaceship they had built from the many wrecks in the Phantom Zone and sent him out of the prison: his genetic template wasn’t recognized as an alien one, and he was able to pass through the dimensional barrier… causing a breach in it. Not much time after, Ursa, Zod and their followers used the breach to escape as well, and they tracked their son’s ship on a remote planet, Earth… where ironically the boy had been found, saved and raised by the very son of Jor-El, Kal-El, there known as ursacomics2Superman. The yellow sun of that galaxy assured the Kryptonians amazing powers, and Ursa, stronger than ever, attacked the city of Metropolis with her men; she nearly destroyed the offices of the Daily Planet, and she was the one to find Lor-Zod, in company of Lois Lane. Using her newfound super-strength, Ursa knocked Lois out with a single finger, and she took both her and Lor back to their ship. She personally interrogated Lois, and she wandered why Kal-El had chosen that weak and feeble female as his companion… but much to her surprise, her own son rebelled against her, and took Lois’ defense. In the same time, Superman attacked, allied with Lex Luthor and an army equipped with anti-Kryptonians weapons. Ursa and the other escapees were defeated and sent back to the Phantom Zone, but they would have not stayed there for long, as the leader of KandorAlura In-Ze, was about to create a New Krypton, and she wanted Zod and Ursa in charge of her new Military Guild…

Ursa is a woman out of the ordinary, a strong and proud warrior who learnt to exploit her talents and strength to survive alone in a world full of men she despised. She’s blindly loyal to her commander and lover, Dru-Zod, and she wishes to serve both him and Krypton (in this order) the best she can. She possesses all the powers of a Kryptonian under a yellow sun: superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, reflexes and senses, flight, invulnerability, heat vision, freezing breath, super breath, x-ray vision and healing factor; to all this abilities, she ads a unique proficiency in armed and unarmed combat, and she’s unbeatable with a laser baton or with a knife (she wields a lethal knife with a Kryptonite blade). Nothing in this universe can keep her apart from the one man she loves and respects, and all of his causes will become hers with an enthusiasm that borders fanaticism: nothing more dangerous than a woman in love… especially if she has an extensive military training.


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