royfilmOutcast came back after a brief hiatus, and the new episode introduced three new characters. In The Road Before UsReverend Anderson is trying to prove to Kyle Barnes that his previous exorcisms were in fact effective, and he visits a man from his past, Roy Marcus, portrayed by Jason Davis. In the show, Roy is the father of a girl who had been possessed years before, and who had been exorcised by Anderson; when the Reverend asks him if his daughter is ok, he admits not to know it, as she has run away months before and is now living on the streets. In the comics, Roy’s surname remains unknown, but his role in the story is pretty much the same, and he remains a secondary character. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about Roy’s early life, not even his surname. He was born in RomeWest Virginia, and he lived there, possibly working as a mechanic. In Rome he met Brenda, a girl he fell in love with, and whom he eventually married. The two of them lived a simple life, and they also had a daughter together, Sherry. Roy and Brenda raised Sherry the best they could, and their family was a perfectly normal one for years, until something weird happened with the girl. When she was little more than seventeen years old, Sherry became aggressive and violent, and she often fought with her parents; Roy believed that it was some sort of teenager’s rebellion, but things became truly worrying; Roy wasn’t exactly happy with the idea, but Brenda insisted to let the local preacher, Reverend Anderson, see the girl, believing she was possessed, and he agreed: any solution was better than no solution at all, for the sake of his little girl. Eventually it turned out that Brenda was right, as Anderson told them that their daughter was indeed possessed. Dubious, worried and scared, Roy allowed Anderson to perform a violent exorcism on Sherry, but it eventually proved to be the right choice, as the girl got better as soon as the demon was gone. Roy and Brenda thanked Anderson from the bottom of their heart, and they were happy to be able to resume roycomics1their old, serene life…but things didn’t go as they expected. After some month of peaceful and normal life, Sherry resumed her weird attitude, and she eventually ran away from home, moving to Charleston and living on the streets. It seemed as if Roy wasn’t destined to have a family he could take care of.

In the following months, Roy did everything in his power to bring his daughter back home: he tried to find her in Charleston and to talk her out of that folly, with no result at all; he even went to the police, asking them for help, but since Sherry was eighteen already she was free to do what she pleased with her life, and he had no authority on her whatsoever: if she wanted to live in the streets without her parents around, she was free to do it, and law wouldn’t have done anything to prevent it. Broken and hurt, Roy eventually gave up, and accepted his daughter’s choice. He resumed his old life in Rome, trying not to think about all the dangers Sherry was facing all by herself in the big city…that, until Reverend Anderson came knocking to his door once again. The preacher, accompanied by a gloomy man who introduced himself as Kyle Barnes, wanted to see Sherry to check if everything was fine with her. Roy, who was working on his car when the two men arrived, didn’t even invite them to stay: he told them that his baby was gone, living on her own in Charleston, and tried to cut things short…but something that Barnes said about the possibility that Sherry was still possessed deeply upset him. After some days, Roy was called by Anderson, as he and Kyle had succeeded where he had failed, and they had brought Sherry back home…but she was now in a comatose state in Charleston Medical Center. Furious at the Reverend, Roy ran to Charleston roycomics2along with his wife, demanding to see his daughter. Luckily, Brenda managed to calm him down, and Roy sent Anderson and Barnes away, telling them that he would have taken care of his daughter now, and kept her safe. He hugged his wife, telling her that Sherry was strong enough to come out of the coma…but he didn’t know if he was trying to convince Brenda or rather himself.

Roy is a practical and down-to-earth man, used to solve his problems in a direct and pragmatic way. He truly loves his family, and he believes that a man’s duty is to protect his family…but what’s happening with his beloved daughter puts his value system in chrisis, as he’s unable to solve any problem, and thus to protect his family as he’d want to.


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