brianfilmSecond character appearing in Outcast this week is one of the villains (well, sort of). In The Road Before Us, with Reverend Anderson desperately trying to prove to Kyle that his previous exorcisms were succesful, we meet another one of his “rescued sheep”, Brian, portrayed by Larry Clarke. Brian is a pet shop owner who decided to end his activity, and who recently divorced from his wife…and who’s evidently still possessed by the demon Anderson “freed” him from, as Kyle demonstrates once he touches him. The man later shows the preacher and his friend the way out of his shop with a shotgun. In the comics, Brian is a secondary character as well, but we know a little more of his destiny. Let’s see together.

Brian’s early life is pretty much unknown. He was born in RomeWest Virginia, and he spent most of his life in his hometown. As a young man he met Karla, a woman whom he fell in love with and who eventually became his wife. Brian and Karla never had children, but their life was a happy one nevertheless…that, until something happened to Brian, and he became increasingly violent and aggressive, some times even feral: he had been possessed by a demon. A believer, Karla called the local preacher, Reverend Anderson, for help, and the priest performed an exorcism on the man, a difficult one that lasted several days. Eventually, the demon was driven away, and Brian came back to be a free and happy soul…or so it seemed: the demon was still inside him, but it adopted another tactic, and he decided to stay hidden, lurking within Brian’s mind and soul, without revealing itself as much as before, thus driving away Anderson’s attentions. Concealing itself was easier said than done for the demon, and Brian still had a much different personality than before: aggressive, mean, sharp in his irony and deliberately vicious, he was quite a briancomics1difficult man to have around. Eventually Karla, unable to explain her husband’s change and sick and tired to be harassed every day all day long, preferred to leave him, and obtained divorce. This was part of the demon’s tactic, of course: isolation was always an advantage for a creature who lived in the shadows and needed to draw as little attention possible…especially with the time of The Merge quickly approaching.

Brian, or rather the thing that went around wearing Brian’s body, lived isolated for a while, with nobody disturbing him: with no wife and no friends around, he was free to do what he pleased in preparation for the big event. Then, one day, Reverend Anderson came back knocking at his door: the priest had found out that his protegee, Kyle Barnes, was able to hurt possessed people by simply touching them, as if he was poisonous to them, and after meeting Mildred, he wanted to be sure that his previous exorcisms had been succesful, using Kyle as a “demon detector”. Brian acted as normally as he was able to, and let the two man inside his house. While he was speaking with Anderson, telling him about the divorce, Kyle snuck up behind him and touched his arm, causing a violent reaction: Brian felt extreme pain, with The Outcast‘s touch burning his skin, and he started coughing up the black slime the demon manifested itself with. Before he could react in any way, Anderson and Kyle had escaped, planning their next move. Exposed and alone, Brian didn’t know exactly what to do, and that was the moment another man came knocking to his door, Sidney. The possessed man recognized Sidney as the lord of all demons himself, and let him in. Worried for the possible annoyances coming from his two previous visitors, Brian told Sidney everything about Anderson’s and Barnes’ visit, expressing his concern for their meddling with the briancomics2demons’ projects…but Sidney dismissed his preoccupation, assuring him that he would have personally dealt with both the preacher and the Outcast. They had waited so long for the times to be mature, they wouldn’t have let two mortals ruin everything when they were about to succeed…

What Brian used to be is lost, as he’s now one with the demon possessing him: malicious, mean, able to psychologically torture whoever tries to speak with him, gifted with unnatural strength and durability, he’s but the unholy parody of the man he was, an empty vessel for an evil far more ancient than the human race a whole.


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