parallaxfilmBack to casualgamer‘s list we find another big bad guy from the DC Universe: Parallax, the cosmic embodiment of fear. So far, Parallax only appeared in the disappointing Green Lantern movie, where he was voiced by Clancy Brown: he took possession of Krona‘s body at the beginning of the movie, and used the Guardian of the Universe as a vessel for the entire film, even corrupting Hector Hammond and using him as his agent. His powers are more than enough to vanquish a small army of Green Lanterns led by Thaal Sinestro, but not enough to resist a couple of airplanes created by Hal Jordan‘s willpower… well, mysteries of the universe, I guess. Anyway, his true appearance can be briefly seen only in a flashback, and he vaguely looks like the shiny insect he is in the comics… albeit definitely smaller. Let’s see together who this yellow menace is.

Parallax was one of the Emotional Embodiments, an aspect of the Emotional Spectrum that was born on Earth millions of years ago: when the first creatures were emerging from the waters, and some of them evolved into insects, the mechanisms between hunter and prey changed, and the fear felt by the insects’ preys gave birth to Parallax, a malevolent being that would have infested the galaxies for eons. Along with his “siblings” The Butcher (embodiment of rage), Ophidian (embodiment of avarice), Ion (embodiment of willpower), Adara (embodiment of Hope), Proselyte (embodiment of compassion) and Predator (embodiment of love), Parallax crossed the galaxies, feeding on the emotions they were made of, instilling them into mortals. Wherever Parallax went, fear followed him, and he caused the crumble of countless civilizations, who fell prey to paranoia and uncontrollable terror, feeding him with their panic and making him stronger. The threat represented by parallaxcomics1the Fear Entity was far too great to be ignored, and soon the Guardians of the Universe united their powers to capture him, and locked him in a sarcophagus on their homeplanet, Maltus, constantly guarded by their peace-keeping force, the Manhunters. Parallax spent decades inside that “box”, until a group of alien thieves led by Larfleeze decided to try the heist of the century and to steal from Maltus, targeting exactly the sarcophagus Parallax was locked in. The Manhunters found the thieves, and engaged them in a massive battle that caused casualties on both sides; seeing a chance, the Guardians decided to trade the Orange Power Battery Larfleeze seemed so interested in for the stolen sarcophagus, promising to stay away from the thief’s planet Okaara. Larfleeze agreed, and while he founded the Orange Lantern Corps (able to tap into Ophidian’s power), Parallax was given back to his captors, who decided to device a better prison for him to avoid other risks. They brought the creature to Oa, and they imprisoned him in the Green Central Power Battery they were building, the source of power that would have channeled Ion’s strength to power their new peace-keeping force, the Green Lanterns.

Willpower was an opposite force to fear, and Parallax’ force was nullified by the Central Power Battery: the parasitic entity stayed dormant for millennia, and with nobody knowing where he was imprisoned, there was no chance that somebody tried to free him. Of course, there were some counter effects to the monster’s imprisonment: referred to just as the “yellow impurity“, he affected the Battery, and for a long time the Green Power Rings‘ abilities were pretty much useless against anything or anyone yellow. Plus, Parallax affected the minds of whoever wielded a Green Power Ring, leading to madness the ones who were vulnerable to fear: in order to avoid their Corps to be defeated by their own power, the Guardians started recruiting only brave men and women from all over the universe, fearless people who could overcome with their willpower the influence of Parallax. Centuries later, Parallax awoke, responding to the unconscious call of one of the greatest Green Lanterns ever lived, Sinestro: now aware of his prison, he started looking for a way out… and he eventually found it, using as a parallaxcomics2tool another Green Lantern hero, the human Hal Jordan. When Sinestro was banned from the Green Lantern Corps, Parallax started communicating with him, forming an alliance to bring Jordan down: he started instilling fear and doubt in Jordan’s mind from within his psyche, while Sinestro kept attacking him from the outside. When Hal’s hometown Coast City was destroyed by Mongul, his defenses finally crumbled down, and Parallax was able to expand his control over the greatest of all Green Lanterns. Using the power of his Qwardian Ring, Sinestro created an energy copy of himself, and sent it against Jordan, just to force him to “kill” it: with the murder of his nemesis on his conscience, Jordan finally succumbed to fear, rage and madness. He came back to Oa, where he rebelled to the Guardians of the Universe and he destroyed the Central Power Battery… thus releasing the evil within: Parallax, now free, possessed Hal Jordan, turning him into his avatar and granting him untold power. Finally able to travel the universe for the first time in millennia, Parallax was more than happy to remind all the galaxies what fear truly was…

Parallax is a naturally malevolent being, a cosmic parasite that feeds upon fear and who does everything in his power to instill it in entire worlds; cunning and deceiving, he is a living nightmare for the entire universe. As an Emotional Embodiment, he’s immortal and virtually invulnerable, a being entirely composed of emotional energy; he can induce, absorb and manipulate fear, and he can control the minds and the consciousness of mortal beings with hypnosis and telepathy (he easily controlled like puppets heroes as Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, but he seems to be controlled in turn if the host knows and masters fear, like Yellow Lantern Sinestro); he’s also able to alter space and time themselves, and there’s no corner in the universe he cannot reach. An extremely powerful parasitic cosmic insect which dwells in terror, Parallax was born with fear, and fear he brings wherever he goes.



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