Granny Goodness

grannygoodnessfilmAnother character from casualgamer‘s list, and another villain. This time we’re going to meet Granny Goodness, the not-so sweet old lady who’s actually one of the most feared beings on Apokolips. Goodness only appeared in Smallville so far, portrayed by Nancy Amelia Bell in her first appearance (when she saved Tess Mercer‘s life in Salvation), and by Christine Willes for all Season 10, where she was one of the main villains. She was revealed to be the owner of the orphanage Tess grew up in when Lionel Luthor gave her away, and she’s also a loyal servant of Darkseid, recruiting orphaned girls for the army of her master and preparing his coming on Earth. Of course, she’ll bite on more than she can chew while facing Green Arrow in the season finale. The comics version of Granny Goodness wouldn’t have been disposed of this easily, however, as she’s quite a tough cookie. Let’s see together.

Goodness was born on Apokolips, a member of the Lowlies, the great mass of the peasants oppressed and abused by the upper classes. As a young woman, she was recruited as one of the Hounds, the elite soldiers of Darkseid’s army. As part of her training, she was assigned a dog, whom she called Mercy: she had to train the dog while she was trained by her superior officer, and woman and beast grew up together, forming an incredibly strong bond. Both Goodness and Mercy had just one another, and when the time came for their training to be completed, they already acted as one being: the trainer, as the woman’s final test, ordered her to kill the dog she had been living with… but Goodness rebelled, and killed the trainer instead, letting herself be captured by Parademons after that. For her crime, she was brought in front of Darkseid, who demanded her to explain the reasons of her actions, before expressing his judgement: Goodness told him that she did so because she didn’t want him to lose such a precious asset, as she has trained Mercy to obey any order from her, of course, but Darkseid’s orders even before her own. To test her words, Darkseid ordered Mercy to kill Goodness… and the dog immediately attacked her mistress. Forced to defend herself or to let herself be killed by her life companion, grannygoodnesscomics1Goodness eventually killed Mercy in front of Darkseid, thus completing her training nevertheless. The lord of Apokolips, however, was truly impressed by her skills, and had her graduated with honors. He promoted her on the spot, and she was appointed the head of the Shock Troopers and of the Female Furies, two elite teams from his army; Goodness, however, was given also a much more significant (and fitter) task: she ran several orphanages, using her impressive training abilities to brainwash the orphans and to make them blind followers of Darkseid, ready to die (and to kill) for him if he only required it. Years passed, and for her children, she became Granny Goodness, a mother figure who bent their minds into fanatic loyalty for the New God of Apokolips.

The war between Apokolips and New Genesis (the other homeplanet of the New Gods) lasted for decades, and eventually moved to Earth, a small planet that seemed to be at the center of every cosmic event. Granny Goodness saw her task expand, as she was sent to Earth disguised as a human, running orphanages on the alien planet as well, looking for suitable recruits to serve her lord. None of the children she raised with a perverse mix of maternal care and torture ever escaped or rebelled… but one, Scott Free, the son of Highfather who had been sent to Apokolips as part of a peace treaty: Goodness had to break his soul as well, but Free eventually overcame her conditioning and escaped, becoming the superhero Mister Miracle. Despite this failure, Goodness still had Darkseid’s trust, as she had delivered to him many brave and blindly loyal warriors over the years. Goodness was also a skilled spy, able to manipulate entire nations from the inside: posing as the goddess Athena (after the gods from Olympus had been imprisoned by the New Gods on Apokolips), she maneuvered the Amazons into waging war against the United States of America, thus creating chaos and mayhem, in which Darkseid thrived. During the war, she used her position as “guardian goddess” to select the best warriors among the Amazons, turning them to Darkseid’s cause and adding them to the ranks of her Female Furies. Eventually, however, he facade was exposed by Queen Hippolyta and by an unusual alliance of female warriors: Mary MarvelHarley Quinn and Holly Robinson. The four grannygoodnesscomics2women traveled to Apokolips and freed the Olympian Gods, and when the real Athena appeared, Goodness was forced to flee… but she didn’t run far away, as she was intercepted by Infinity-Man and killed in battle. This, however, was not the end of her: along with the other deceased New Gods, she was soon reincarnated on Earth, ready to resume her existence of service of Darkseid and of Apokolips… and this time she was even more daring, knowing that not even death could put a definitive end to her.

Granny Goodness is a cunning and sadistic old woman, blindly loyal to Darkseid and ready to go down any path to serve him. As a New Goddess, she possesses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, senses and reflexes, she’s virtually invulnerable, and she’s able to reincarnate herself any time her body dies, since her essence is eternal; she’s also a master torturer and a skilled tactician, but her field of expertise is the perverse parody of pedagogy that allows her to “train” children into becoming loyal followers of Darkseid, posing as both a lovely mother figure and a terrifying punisher in case of disappointment. Granny Goodness’ specialty is to manipulate children and to turn them into hounds for her master, cannon fodder to be used and abused when need calls.



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