Adrianna Tomaz (Isis)

isisfilmOn with our magic tour from casualgamer‘s list, we find an anti-heroine who’ll most probably be relevant in the future of the DC Extended Universe: Isis. Her first live action appearance was in The Secret of Isis tv show, where Joanna Cameron portrayed Andrea Thomas, a high school teacher who finds an ancient amulet in Egypt and who becomes able to summon the powers of the goddess Isis, in a similar way to her male counterpart, Captain Marvel, with whom she shared a narrative continuity. The character then reappeared in her most recent incarnation in Smallville: in the episode Isis, it’s Erica Durance‘s Lois Lane who finds the amulet and transforms into an incarnation of the goddess, bent on finding her husband Osiris and to reunite with him; in the episode, Erica Cerra portrays Adrianna Tomaz, who in the comics is the secret identity of Isis, and who in the show is an Egyptologist (and the curator of Metropolis Museum) who helps Clark Kent exorcize Isis from Lois’ body. Now, let’s see together who Adrianna Tomaz truly is in the comics (also Andrea Thomas briefly appeared on paper, but it was just a spin-off series of the tv show).

Adrianna Tomaz was born with her brother Amon somewhere in Egypt, but she lost her parents at a very young age, and she eventually found herself in the nearby country of Kahndaq, which was at the time ruled by the ruthless dictator Asim Muhunnad. Adrianna grew up alone under the regime, but she didn’t bow her head, and she became an activist of sort, always criticizing Muhunnad and trying to make her country a better place to live for everyone…thus attracting the wrath of the dictator, obviously. When she was a young woman something unexpected happened: Kahndaq was attacked and conquered by Black Adam, an ancient resident embued with superhuman powers, revered by the local population as something between a god and a prophet. Adam killed Muhunnad and took control of the country…and in those days, the criminal group known as Intergang decided they would have ingratiated themselves to the new ruler, and thought to do so by paying him $ 2.000.000 in gold, and by granting him a precious gift in isiscomics1the form of a slave…and who better than the woman who was such a pain in the back for the previous government, and who promised to be just as such for the new one? Adrianna was captured and enslaved by the Intergang, and brought in front of the new ruler of Kahndaq as a welcoming gift…but much to her (and Intergang’s) surprise, Adam wasn’t exactly the kind of dictator everybody expected him to be: he freed her, and killed the Intergang agents. Despite obviously being shocked by Adam’s demonstration of power (and most likely happy not to be a slave anymore), Adrianna wasn’t scared at all for being in front of a demigod, and bluntly told him a thing or two he could have done to make Kahndaq better, much to Adam’s perplexity…and amusement. The newly appointed king understood that there were many things Adrianna could actually teach him about his country, and chose to listen to what she had to say: for the following weeks, the two animately discussed the future of Kahndaq, and the woman managed to change Adam’s view on the world and on people to a certain extent. They eventually became friends…and then something more.

Black Adam fell in love with Adrianna, and she reciprocated his feelings: the woman became so important for the anti-hero that he decided to recover the ancient Amulet of Isis from his beloved wife’s tomb, and to give it to her. The amulet had last been wielded by Hatshepsut, a Queen Pharaoh who had used it to bring peace and order through all Egypt, and Adam believed that those strength and values lived on in Adrianna…but the relic was now dormant, and only a far greater power could restore it. Adam travelled to the Rock of Eternity, asking its keeper, his former nemesis Captain Marvel, to reawake the amulet, swearing that the new wielder would have used its powers for a good cause. Marvel looked into Adrianna’s heart, and agreed to do as he was asked: the amulet was restored, and given to Adrianna as a gift: everytime she said “I am Isis!“, she gained the powers of the ancient Egyptian goddess. Together with her beloved, Isis travelled the Middle East in a humanitarian isiscomics2crusade aimed to free all slave children (and to find Amon in particular, since Adrianna’s brother had been kidnapped and enslaved by Intergang as well). During their travels, the relationship between Adam and Adrianna grew and matured, and eventually Black Adam asked Isis to marry him…and she said yes. Captain Marvel, happy to see his old enemy with a changed heart thanks to Adrianna’s love, officiated the marriage, and the woman who was once a slave officially became the queen of Kahndaq. Shortly after their marriage, Isis finally found her brother Amon, who had been tortured and crippled by Snake Fatale in the effort of forcing him to join Intergang. Since she couldn’t heal his wounds, Isis asked for Adam’s help, and her husband imbued her brother as well with divine powers, transforming him into Osiris (thus allowing him to heal completely). Isis had finally reunited her family, but now she wanted more: she wanted to change the world, to destroy injustice, to eradicate the causes that allowed a child like Amon to be enslaved and tortured…and with her husband at her side, she was ready to take on the whole world to do it.

Adrianna Tomaz is a strong and idealistic woman, an activist for human rights who despises injustice and cruelty wherever she sees them, and who’s willing and able to destroy the causes of inequality and criminality. As Isis, she possesses the powers of the Egyptian goddess: flight, superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability and reflexes, and telekinesis; she can also heal other people with a simple touch, and she can manipulate weather and the natural elements (she can summon wind or rain, manipulate electricity and fire, make plants grow, cause earthquakes, make volcanos erupt, and much more). One of the most powerful women on the planet, Isis fights for a world rid of injustice, of cruelty, of war, and she has all the power she needs to make people forcibly abandon their evil ways.


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