ganthetfilmAlmost at the end of casualgamer‘s list, we find a pretty relevant supporting character: Ganthet, the most famous member of the Guardians of the Universe. So far, he only appeared in the Green Lantern movie voiced by Warren Burton, and he was featured in a pretty backgroundish role. Despite being considered one of the wisest characters in the DC Universe, in the movie he doesn’t seem so smart, as he first sends a bunch of Green Lanterns guided by Thaal Sinestro to deal with Parallax, then, when they obviously fail, he allows Sinestro to forge a Yellow Power Ring to fight fear with fear…not exactly a smart move. In the comics he’s less disappointing…and much more present in the life of the Green Lantern Corps (and not only). Let’s see together.

Ganthet was born eons ago on planet Maltus: he was an immortal, member of the most ancient race in the universe. The Maltusians, in fact, had reached the apex of technology, civilization and evolution when in the rest of the galaxies the first signs of amoebic life were developing. Gifted with cosmic powers, the Maltusians had built a perfect utopia on their homeplanet, and they lived there in armony one with the other…until one of their best scientists, Krona, broke one of the few taboos and built a time machine to investigate on the origin of the universe. The actions of Krona brought to the “accidental” destruction of one billion years from the timestream, thus resulting in an irreparable damage: the universe didn’t have enough matter anymore to be reborn from a new big bang after the incoming big crunch, and even more Krona had created an Anti-Matter Universe, a shadow of our reality that eventually caused “evil” to appear in the universe for the first time in history. Ganthet and another small fraction of Maltusians felt responsible for what Krona had done, and decided that they would have tried to contain the abomination that evil was, protecting the universe the best they could. The moved on the planet Oa (regarded to as “the center of the universe”), and became the Guardians of the Universe, a group of enlightened beings that guarded over the entire ganthetcomics1reality, battling evil in every form and trying to restore the lost balance and order. The Guardians created a special police force, the Manhunters, androids tasked with patroling the galaxies…but their lack of empathy and of judgement ability led them to be more dangerous than useful, so the Guardians decided to replace them with “special agents” found in every sector of the universe, the Green Lanterns: using a Green Power Battery kept on Oa, Ganthet and the others gave the Lanterns access to the power of Ion, the cosmic embodiment of willpower, thus granting them the abilities they needed to keep peace in the universe. Ganthet and the others, on their side, took care of recruiting and guiding the Lanterns, putting their wisdom (and sometimes their strength) at their service.

During the first millennia, Ganthet was pretty much like all his brothers and sisters, but then something evolved in his personality (something pretty rare, for an immortal being). While the other Guardians of the Universe were very severe and stern, always following strictly the rules they had given themselves and the Green Lanterns and never accepting the slightest deviation from them, fearing another incident like Krona’s, Ganthet developed an unusual empathy for a Maltusian, and he also valued individuals, while the other Guardians only thought of the “greater good” and considered the sacrifice of a few for the good of many others something more often than not unavoidable. Because of this, Ganthet often came into conflict with his siblings on how to lead the Lanterns, but in return he was also considered a mentor from many within the Corps, and he shared a deep bond with each one of them. When Hal Jordan was unexpectedly recruited in the Green Lantern Corps in place of the deceased Abin Sur, Ganthet found in him a personality and a value system that pretty much matched his own, and this intrigued him: he started making researches on Jordan’s homeplanet, Earth, and became intrigued with humans, considering them a unique race, with a lot of potential, but desperately in need of guidance. Wanting to protect Earth from the many threats coming from outside, and to guide humans towards the bright future they undoubtedly could achieve, Ganthet decided to join forces with other cosmic beings with the sole purpose of watching over Earth: along with the god Zeus, the New God Highfather, the ganthetcomics2immortal wizard Shazam and the mysterious mystical being Phantom Stranger, Ganthet founded the Quintessence, whose members reunited every time a menace of cosmic proportions threatened Earth (even if following this close the “progresses” of human race eventually made Ganthet somewhat disillusioned about their effective capability of fulfilling their potential). Despite the many failures he faced, Ganthet kept hoping in his original dream and project, committed to guard over the universe’s order until the end of time.

Ganthet is one of the wisest beings in the universe, as old as life itself, an immortal who only wishes to see peace and order rule the cosmo again; he’s somewhat a “deviant” Maltusian, as he actually cares for individual lives and even for emotions, often questioning his siblings and even rebelling to their decisions starting purely on his empathy. As a Maltusian, he’s immortal and virtually invulnerable; he can naturally store and manipulate cosmic energy, and he possesses vast psychic powers, including telekinesis and telepathy; he can heal most physical wounds from himself and others, and his brain is far more evolved than humans can comprehend, and he’s able to learn and speak any language after hearing it for the first time, and his tactical thinking often borders into clairvoyance. A cosmic being of untold power and wisdom, Ganthet is somewhat “human”, an “imperfection” that proves to be an unexpected strength in dealing with problems that go far beyond simple order and logic.



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