Bibbo Bibbowski

And finally we’re at the last character from casualgamer‘s list (if you have any other, you only have to ask). We meet now another supporting character, Bibbo Bibbowski, who’s had so far three live action appearances (albeit the last one’s not exactly official). First he appeared in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, portrayed by Troy Evans, as the owner of his unmistakable bar the Ace O’ Clubs. He then appeared in Superman Returns, portrayed by Jack Larson, in a much older version: nicknamed simply “Bo“, he’s the one who speaks with Jimmy Olsen and Clark Kent, always at the Ace O’ Clubs. Last but not least, he also appeared in Man of Steel, portrayed by Bruce Bohne, albeit he’s named only in the movie’s novelization: he’s the one who pours Lois Lane a drink while she meets her source, Glenn Woodburn, while investigating on the mysterious Joe from Ellesmere Island. Now, the only trait in common between the live action Bibbo and the comics’ one so far has been the ownership of the Ace O’ Clubs: let’s see what else there is to say about him.

Not much is known about Bibbo Bibbowski’s early life, not even where he was born. He had a brother, a very smart guy who was an egghead since he was a child: while Bibbo pretty much enjoyed brawls and often fought with the other kids, his brother abhorred any form of violence, and dedicated himself to his studies. The first one grew up to become a professional boxer, while the second one became famous as Professor Bibbowski. As a boxer, Bibbo could make good use of his great strength on the ring, and at least for a while he had success and earned some money. Then, at a certain point, something changed, at least in his attitude, and he quit with boxing, moving to Metropolis and becoming a longshoreman. In the nearby Suicide Slum Bibbo found the place that would have become his second home, the ill-famed bar Ace O’Clubs, which he became a loyal costumer of. Bibbo spent most of his time at the bar, and he only left it to work, so it was pretty easy to find him there. One day, a guy dressed as Superman entered the Ace O’ Clubs, looking for information on a guy he was pursuing. Believing him to be some bibbobibbowskicomics1sort of clown looking for troubles, Bibbo punched him…with the only result of nearly crushing his own hand: that guy was the real deal. Oddly enough, this was the beginning of the friendship between Bibbo Bibbowski and Superman: the ex boxer had learnt to respect strength, and there was nobody tougher than Superman out there. After that brief confrontation, Bibbo elected Superman as “his favorite hero”, and he even helped him in his ongoing investigation. An admiration based on pure physical strength wasn’t exactly meant to last long, as there were guys out there who were even tougher than Superman, one of them being the infamous bounty hunter Lobo.

Lobo was in Metropolis with a helper of his, the teleporter Raof, because a group of unspecified aliens had tasked him with killing Superman: during their first confrontation, Lobo emerged victorious, and Superman escaped…thus leaving Bibbo with a brand new idol. The Czarnian bounty hunter, somehow flattered by Bibbo’s admiration, decided to make him his sidekick, and entrusted him with a vital task: he had to film him with a pair of special recording goggles during his fight with the Man of Steel, so that he could present an evidence to his employers and thus be paid. What seemed to be an easy job turned out to be quite a mess: during the fight, Bibbo, Lobo and Raof ended up completely drunk with Okaranna Liquor, and they lost their memory of a fight that, somehow, Superman had won (actually, thanks to a cheat from the Eradicator); plus, Bibbo had mounted the goggles backwards, so the only thing recorded was the back of his head, and his comments on a battle nobody could see nor remember. With such “evidence”, Lobo got fired from his contractors and gave up on taking Superman’s head, leaving the planet. After that weird misadventure, Bibbo resumed his admiration for the Man of Steel, and even started “defending his honor” from anyone criticizing him (even random bystanders). Bibbo’s life changed the moment he literally won the lottery…with a ticket he didn’t even buy (it was lost by Gangbuster). With all that bibbobibbowskicomics2money suddenly in his possession, Bibbo could fulfill his life’s dream…and he bought the Ace O’ Clubs, becoming the new owner of the bar. From his bar, he helped all the people in need from the Slums, and he kept aiding his hero anytime he needed it (or, much like, anytime Bibbo believed he needed it). He even got involved in Superman’s fight with Doomsday, as he allied with Professor Hamilton and tried to stop the monster with an experimental gun, with no effect. Despite the effort proved to be useless, it was the least anyone could expect: he just couldn’t twiddle his thumbs while his favorite hero got beaten by a monster!

Bibbo Bibbowski is a brute with a heart of gold, a good man at heart, who’s however not exactly smart. He’s a very strong and accomplished boxer, but he doesn’t have any other particular talent besides that. He has a true adoration for Superman, to the point that for some time he went around dressed like him calling himself “Superdood“, and adopted a white cub calling him “Krypto“. Albeit in his rough and clumsy way, it’s positive that Bibbo will always do the right thing and lend a hand…or at least, he’ll do his best to do both.


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