Daniel Thomas Rand-K’ai (Iron Fist)

ironfistfilmMarvel released another long-anticipated trailer at Comic-Con, another Netflix tv series: Iron Fist. Of course, we got our first glimpse at the titular hero, in both his kid appearance (portrayed by a yet unknown actor) and his adult one (who’ll be Game of Thrones‘ Finn Jones). As for now, we know that Danny Rand will be the son of a wealthy family who’ll lose both his parents during an expedition in China; he’ll be adopted by the martial artists from the lost city of K’un Lun, and transformed into a mystic warrior. Back to New York City, he’ll have to regain control of his father’s enterprise taking it from Harold Meachum, his father’s friend and the responsible of the Rands’ death. So far, the show version matches exactly his comicbook counterpart, albeit his appearance greately differs; if we’ll see Iron Fist‘s trademark costume on tv or not is still to be confirmed (he’ll probably don it in the last episodes only, much like Daredevil), but his exploding fist made his debut in the very first trailer. To see what’s that about, just read on.

Daniel Thomas Rand was born in New York City, the son of succesful businessman Wendell Rand and of his wife, the socialite Heather Duncan. When Danny was only nine years old, Wendell decided to take him, his wife and his friend Harold Meachum on a trip to Tibet: Danny didn’t know this, but his father wanted to find the interdimensional nexus that gave access to the secret city of K’un Lun, a mystical plane of existence he had lived in as a boy. The nexus only opened once every ten years, so Wendell wanted to cross it along with the people he loved the most. While walking down a dangerous mountain passage, however, young Danny slipped and fell down a cliff dragging his parents along. Meachum, who wanted Rand’s share of the company, not only didn’t help him, but pushed him to his death, later offering his assistance to Heather and Danny, at the bottom of the slide: mother and son spurned him, and attempted to make it back to the campsite on their own. On their way to a suspended bridge, ironfistcomics1however, the pair was attacked by a pack of wolves: Danny managed to run to safety, while Heather stayed behind, buying her son time enough to save himself, getting killed in the effort. In that moment, some archers appeared: they were residents of K’un Lun, who managed to save the boy from the incoming wolves, and to bring him to the lost city through the nexus. Before the ruler of K’un Lun, Yu-Ti the August Personage in Jade, Danny expressed his intention to obtain justice for his parents; Yu-Ti acknowledge him as Daniel Rand-K’ai, the son of a resident of the city, and entrusted him to the care of master Lei Kung the Thunderer, who would have taught him martial arts. Danny hardened his fists punching first through buckets of sand, then gravel, then finally rock. He proved to be the most gifted among Lei Kung’s disciples, and when he was sixteen he competed for the Crown of Fu-Hsi: he passed the Challenge of the Many by defeating four masters, and the Challenge of the One by vanquishing the mechanical warrior Shu-Hu. Danny was so promising that eventually the elders of K’un Lun agreed to let him try and obtain the power of the Iron Fist, one of the Immortal Weapons kept in the hidden city.

In order to win the Iron Fist, Danny Rand had to kill the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying, who fiercely guarded a brazer containing his own heart, mystycally removed by the warriors of K’un Lun. Danny faced the flaming serpent and won, getting a permanent dragon-shaped scar on his chest, and the power to summon the Iron Fist, mystic energy focused in his hands that gave him superhuman powers. As one of the Immortal Weapons, Danny was offered the opportunity to stay in K’un Lun for all eternity, but he hadn’t forgotten his thirst for vengeance, and decided to cross the nexus once again instead as soon as it reopened. Back on Earth, Danny travelled back to New York City, where Meachum was waiting for him. The man was now crippled for the frost bites he had suffered in Tibet, and was the head of Meachum Industries: he sent a number of hitmen to kill Danny Rand, but the young man, donning the ceremonial garb of Iron Fist, defeated them all, and eventually arrived to confront his enemy face to face…but when it was finally time to exact his revenge, he was overwhelmed by pity, and chose to spare the invalid. In that moment, however, a ninja broke into the office and killed Meachum, disappearing in a matter of ironfistcomics2seconds: when Joy Meachum, Harold’s daughter and Danny’s childhood friend, entered the office, she found Iron Fist with her father’s corpse, and obviously believed the masked man had killed him. Now, Iron Fist had to clear his name, and acted as an outlaw and a wanted man for a while. He started tracking down the man responsible for Meachum’s death, and eventually found out that the warrior was acting following the orders of Master Khan, a powerful sorcerer exiled from K’un Lun. It was during the hunt for Khan that Iron Fist met the private investigator Colleen Wing and her partner, former cop Misty Knight, whom he fell in love with. The three worked together to defeat Khan and his allies, the Ninja and Angar the Screamer, and following their victory Danny was able to prove his innocence to Joy, who readmitted him as the co-owner of Rand-Meachum, Inc. making him a milionaire once again. The world, however, still needed justice, and that was a call that the Immortal Iron Fist just couldn’t ignore.

Danny Rand is a serious man with a noble spirit, the son of two worlds who unites in himself the wisdom and the self-discipline of K’un Lun’s ancient traditions to the contemporary West’s carefree and daring spirit. Brave and selfless, he dedicates his entire life to fight evil, faithful to his mystic legacy. As the sixty-sixth Iron Fist, he’s able to manipulate his chi, the mystic energy that flows in every living being’s body, and he can channel it mainly in his fists, which gain incredible destructive potential (able to easily punch through solid steel), but also in another variety of ways, such as to heal himself or others, to enhance his own senses and physical attributes to superhuman levels, to slow down his aging, to shield himself from magic attacks, to manipulate other people’s minds and much more; he’s also one of the best martial artists in the world, who masters a variety of styles from both K’un Lun and Earth, both armed and unarmed; he has vast knowledge over the human body, so that he can exploit his adversary’s pressure points and overwhelm even foes far superior to him in terms of raw strength and size. A young milionaire with the heart and mind of an ancient guru, Iron Fist is the point of connection between two worlds, a hero of justice who protects his two dimensions with his unbreakable fist and his indomitable heart.



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