Heather Duncan (Silver Dragon)

silverdragonfilmThere was still another character spotted in the first trailer for Iron Fist, a supporting not one meant to last long, certainly, and portrayed by a still unconfirmed actress: Heather Rand, the hero’s mother. In the trailer, we only see her as she smiles to Danny as their plane/chopper is about to crush on the Himalayas…and it’s unlikely that we’ll see her much more than this in other episodes. In the comics, her story arc is quite richer, and it spans even after her death…but I doubt that this aspect of her biography will be explored in the show (it’ll be quite complicated to include the afterlife in a show that, superpowers or not, aims to be “grounded”). This will be the last post for a while, the blog is going on hiatus for some days…waiting to return, let’s see together what happens to Heather Rand after the incident on the Himalayas.

Heather Duncan was born in New York City, the only heir of Thomas Duncan, one of the wealthiest merchants of the country. Heather grew up to become a popular socialite, used to live in luxury, but her restless spirit put her aside from her peers, as she wasn’t satisfied with her life, as comfortable as it may be. She found the thrill and the spirit of adventure she missed in Wendell Rand, a successful businessman with origins shrouded in mystery. The two fell in love with each other, and when Heather was only twenty-four they got married. A year later Heather gave birth to a son, Danny. As happy as their family was, however, Heather knew that her husband was missing something important, a hole in his heart that couldn’t be filled. Finally, nine years later, Wendell tried with a remarkable effort to convince her to join him in an expedition in Tibet, along with Danny and his best friend Harold Meachum. Heather didn’t know the reason behind her husband’s desire, but she understood that it was important for him, and that the origin of his unexplained melancholy laid in the expedition itself. She agreed to silverdragoncomics1come along. In Tibet, Wendell wanted to look for the portal to the lost city of K’un Lun, the home he had been longing for, but during their march Danny slipped down a cliff, and when Heather tried to grab him she followed him to the bottom of a slide impossible to climb. Heather and Danny witnessed the greedy Meachum kill Wendell, and they firmly refused his help, (rightfully) believing he wanted to silence the only remaining witnesses. Heather resolved to bring her son back to the campsite on her own, but on their way the pair was found by a hungry pack of wolves, that attacked them. Heather realized that they didn’t have any chance to survive, not both of them at least, and she prompted her son to run away, as she stayed behind and bought him some time. The wolves eventually slain her, but she died happy, knowing that her son at least was safe.

Being the wife of a resident of K’un Lun, Heather was admitted to Feng-Tu, the city of the dead, where she was welcomed by Lord Tuan and Lady Meng, the king and queen of the afterlife. They told her everything about her new condition, and also the hidden truth concerning her past life…but learning that she was dead and that her husband was from another dimension was far too much for Heather to process, and she fled the Yama-Kings‘ palace in shock. The woman ran into a woodland, where she was found by Dhasha Khan, a powerful sorcerer: Khan promised her he would have taken her pain and grief away, and the woman accepted his help…only to have her soul stolen and locked into Khan’s Soulgem. With his magic, Khan transformed Heather into one of his slave warriors, the Silver Dragon, with her will totally surrendered to the sorcerer. Some time after that, Dhasha Khan summoned to Feng-Tu Danny, who had become the superhero Iron Fist, and the woman he was protecting, Jade, silverdragoncomics2as the latter was in possession of the soul of the Firebird, that the sorcerer wanted. Silver Dragon was sent to face Iron Fist, and Heather could do nothing but to watch herself as she beat her beloved son unconscious, while Khan managed to steal the soul he wanted. After the battle, the Silver Dragon was ordered to guard the Bridge of Pain to protect her master, and in this occasion she fought once again Iron Fist, who had come to claim Jade’s soul back. This time, the hero was able to overpower the Silver Dragon, but when the woman’s mask fell off, he recognized his mother in his enemy. Khan prompted his servant to exploit this moment of shock and to attack Iron Fist, but Heather finally managed to overcome the sorcerer’s conditioning, and resisted his command. In retaliation, Khan incinerated her physical form…thus obviously enraging Iron Fist. When the hero managed to defeat Dhasha Khan, he also stole his Soulgem, and freed all the souls within it, including Heather’s: now, the woman was able to come back to Feng-Tu and to embrace the peaceful afterlife she deserved…always watching over her heroic son from the city of the dead.

Heather Duncan Rand is a strong-spirited woman, ready to give her own life for her family, especially for her only son, Danny. As the Silver Dragon, she’s an accomplished martial artist, able to fight toe-to-toe even a master like Iron Fist; in the spirit world, she also possesses superhuman strength, agility and endurance. Forced to serve an evil sorcerer who took advantage of her shock and pain, Silver Dragon fights a battle that does not belong to her…and that puts her against the one man she loves more than anything in the world, including herself.



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