dzamorfilmOf course, Suicide Squad has been released in the meanwhile, and there are three more characters to speak about. Let’s start with the main villain, who in modern times is known as Enchantress, portrayed by Cara Delevingne, but who originally, according to the briefing papers Amanda Waller gives to her colleagues, is called Dzamor. In the movie, Dzamor is a magical entity who used to rule over a big part of South America, until the humans rebelled and locked her into a fetish; freed by archaeologist June Moon, she’s now ready to resume her old ways, and to destroy human race in revenge. Well, in the comics, Dzamor is not a malevolent entity, he is a male, and he is a separate being from Enchantress. And he doesn’t look so pretty. Let’s see together.

Not much is known about the entity who called himself Dzamor (or even Dhazmor at the beginning, hinting that these names are but an attempt to make comprehensible to humans a name spoken in a language far too alien to be intelligible). Dzamor had some connection to the Nightshade Dimension, a reality imbued with magic in which the residents could manipulate darkness at will…and many other things. Dzamor, an extremely powerful magical entity, somehow subdued The Succubus, a malevolent being from the Nightshade Dimension, and imprisoned her, bringing her along with him to Earth. Sure that even the Succubus’ power could be used for something good, Dzamor looked for a pure spirit, a host who could imbue the power of the Succubus and use it to protect instead of destroying. After many centuries of research, Dzamor finally found a shelter in an isolated castle, sleeping and waiting. The castle became known in the following decades as Terror Castle, and local legends wanted it to be dzamorcomics1haunted (something not so far from truth). One night, the wealthy importer Alan Dell organised a party in the castle, setting up several games for his guests; one of those guests was artist June Moon, who ended up getting lost in the castle’s dungeons. Dzamor awoke, sensing the pure spirit he had been looking for so long: at first, seeing the weird red face with limbs that sit on a throne in front of her, June believed it to be some sort of animatronic put in there by Dell, but the creature revealed himself, and bestowed the girl with the Succubus’ powers: any time she would have pronounced the word “Enchantress”, she would have transformed into a being of immeasurable power, a power she would have used to fight against evil. The Enchantress was born, and Dzamor’s quest was finally over…maybe.

The Succubus was truly a malevolent spirit, and if at first June Moon’s pure heart managed to keep her at bay, forcing her to do something good with her powers, the more June used magic the more the spirit grew stronger, making her lose her sanity and bringing her on the verge of darkness. Dzamor watched helplessly as the Enchantress went from super-heroine to super-villain, challenging even the champions of good like Supergirl and Superman. The two entities inhabiting the same body became aware one of the other, and started hating each other: Dzamor knew that this balance would have lasted only just as much as June Moon’s spirit did. When an ancient evil, the mystical creature Brimstone, awoke once again on Earth, Dzamor’s hopes could be rekindled, as the Enchantress willingly joined a team of criminals blackmailed by the government, the Suicide Squad, just for the purpose of taking the monster out, having a special deal with the Squad’s on-field leader, Rick Flag. Unfortunately, things dzamorcomics2didn’t go too well by the end of the adventure: in order to destroy Brimstone, the Enchantress used a lot of her magical powers, thus weakening June Moon’s control over the Succubus, and allowing the latter to resume her evil personality, turning against the rest of the Suicide Squad (luckily enough, martial artist Bronze Tiger had been keeping her in check since the very beginning, and knocked her out with a surprise attack). Dzamor knew that June wasn’t the perfect host he had hoped for, and fearing that she would have eventually lost control over her dark side he started looking for a replacement. This time, believing that humans were too weak for such a power, he looked into the Nightshade Dimension, which had been destroyed by the fearful Incubus: the royal family had survived, sending their two heirs on Earth, and Dzamor tracked down the princess, Eve Eden. Dzamor allowed June Moon to be stripped of her powers and gave them to Eve, just in time, as her brother Larry had been possessed by Incubus in the meanwhile. Maybe, this time, Dzamor had made the right choice…

Dzamor is an ancient and powerful being, a mystic entity of unknown origin who watches over many realities, and who uses his wisdom and knowledge to protect the dimensions. Despite his fearful and intimidating appearance, he’s a benevolent being, who constantly tries to convert evil power to good one. Also known as Dhazmor, he can use a vast array of mystical abilities, albeit the full extent of his power remains unknown: he was powerful enough to defeat and imprison The Succubus and to force her to do his bidding, and his powers surely surpass the ones of the Enchantress, who’s known to be one of the greatest sorcerers of her dimension. Eternally watching, eternally waiting, Dzamor is the hidden guardian of reality, who manipulates and controls forces far beyond human comprehension.


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