Lawrence Eden (Incubus)

incubusfilmThe second villain for Suicide Squad was quite a surprise, since he appeared being completely unannounced (and quite unexpected, after all the theories regarding who the big guy in the underground was): in the movie, upon her awakening the Enchantress seeks help from her long lost brother, Incubus, voiced by Robin Atkin Downes. The ancient demon takes possession of an unnamed businessman, portrayed by Alain Chanoine, and helps his sister to get rid of Amanda Waller‘s control, then he starts aiding her in accomplishing her plan to take revenge on humanity, guilty of betraying the ancient gods and of replacing them with machines. Incubus proves to be more than a match for the Suicide Squad, and only El Diablo seems able to directly damage him…for a while. In the comics, he surely is a magical villain, but he’s not Enchantress’ brother, since he’s related to another mystical heroine from the comics. Let’s see together.

Incubus as we know him was a being composed of two separate entities, but the story of both began in the Nightshade Dimension (aka the Land of Nightshades), a mystic realm not far from our reality. Two humans, Warren and Maureen Eden, ruled over that land, and they kept the Land of Nightshade peaceful, until a powerful demon known as the Incubus entered the realm, starting to kill and destroy apparently without reason nor logic, following the mysterious orders of his demonic master. Incubus single-handedly conquered the entire realm, albeit his powers were still not at their fullest, since he was an alien to the Nightshade Dimension, and he needed an indigenous vessel to fully express his potential. For a while he was helped by his mate, the Succubus, until she mysteriously disappeared, exiled in another realm…the same realm where Warren and Maureen Eden escaped, along with the princes Eve and LarryEarth. While Incubus continued his work of destruction, Larry Eden on Earth grew up totally unaware of his true origins, and his parents, who had found a parallel life on the new reality (Warren incubuscomics1was now a U.S. Senator) never told him nor his sister anything. When Larry was little, however, Maureen decided it was time her children learnt of their true heritage, and she opened a secret portal to the Land of Nightshades to show them where their true home was. This proved to be a grave mistake, as Incubus immediately knew of their presence, and attacked them: Maureen was mortally wounded, and Larry was kidnapped by the monster. Only Eve managed to come back to Earth unscathed, but not before promising her mother she would have come back to save her little brother. That, however, would have been pretty useless: Incubus had finally found the perfect host to dwell in the Land of Nightshades, and he killed the little prince, taking possession of his body. Now he had all the memories of Larry Eden, and all the powers of the malicious entity he was.

In the following years, Incubus adapted to the new body, and as Larry Eden became an adult, he grew stronger. He spent his time killing the remaining humans in the realm, preparing the arrival of his mysterious master. Only one thing was missing from his plan, and it was Eve Eden, grown up to become the superheroine Nightshade, who unexpectedly helped him in achieving it. Nightshade wanted to keep her promise, and after many solo attempts, she travelled back to the Land of Nightshades along with her friends from the Suicide Squad: DeadshotBronze Tiger, Duchess, Enchantress and Vixen, plus Captain Boomerang who didn’t want to come but was drugged and forced into the parallel dimension. She wanted to save her brother, but the being who mockingly welcomed her had nothing of Larry Eden left: Incubus ruled undisputed, and he was only waiting for his “sister” Even, on one side, and for his mate the Succubus on the other…and luckily enough, the being that had been merged with June Moon incubuscomics2to create the Enchantress was the Succubus herself, eager to join her mate once again. Incubus effortlessly defeated the entire Squad, mostly thanks to the fact that the Succubus abandoned June’s body and joined him, stealing the team’s greatest asset. Then, Incubus used his magic to try and force Succubus inside Eve Eden’s body, so that the two brothers could have united to conceive a cursed child, the incarnation of their mysterious demonic master, who would have brought chaos and destruction to all realms. Eve’s spirit was stronger than June’s, and when Succubus tried to possess her she reacted, overwhelming the demon and destroying her: as a result, she now possessed the Enchantress’ powers, being free from her madness. Using her new mystical abilities, Nightshade freed her companions and defeated Incubus…but she was unable to finish him, since she still saw her brother in him. Deadshot, however, didn’t have this kind of hesitation, and shot the mad tyrant in the head, putting and end to his realm of madness and death once and for all.

Larry Eden is a normal boy, innocent and cheerful as he can be, while Incubus is a totally malevolent being bent on chaos and destruction, who serves a mysterious master whose only purpose is harvesting souls by killing as many people as he can. The two merged together form an evil sorcerer, powerful enough to wipe away all life from an entire dimension all by himself, a vicious tyrant with a twisted sense of humor who uses Larry’s memories to psychologically torture his sister Eve. An extremely powerful magic user, Incubus uses his magic mostly to destroy and kill, and the only thing he’s able and willing to create is a heir, a body that can host his demonic master to allow him to walk in the physical realm once again, to bring the ultimate destruction to all dimensions.


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