Jaime Reyes (Blue Beetle)

bluebeetleiiifilmWith no more news by now, we can go back to casualgamer‘s last minute addition, a couple of characters who are deeply connected. Let’s start with the human one: Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle. Jaime so far appeared only in Smallville, portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett. In the episode Booster, high school student Jaime Reyes is unwillingly bonded to a weird, mechanical blue scarab escaped from Kord Industries, gaining a super-powered armor that actually looks a lot like a poor Power Ranger. At first unable to control the power of the suit, he learns how to do it from the one who becomes his mentor, Booster Gold. There are many differences between Smallville‘s version and the comics’ one, and surely the armor is not so bulky. Let’s see together who this high-tech teenager is.

Son of Alberto and Bianca Reyes, Jaime Reyes was born in El PasoTexas, and he lived with his parents and his little sister Milagro. Both the boy’s parents were hardworkers, with the man running a garage and the woman working as a paramedic, and Jaime grew up with a strong sense of responsibility looking at them. When he was in high school he tried more than once to convince his father to let him help in the garage, but Alberto always told him to enjoy his childhood as long as it lasted, as it would have been much shorter than he realised. That being the case, Jaime spent most of his time between school and hanging out with his best friends, the hard-working Brenda Del Vecchio and the lazy and idle Paco, being quite the glue between them. His perfectly normal and simple life was changed forever when, on his way home from school, he found a half-buried “statue” resembling a blue scarab and took it, bringing it home to try and understand what it was. The scarab was actually a living being, an alien called bluebeetleiiicomics1Khaji Da who had been bonded in the 1940s with Dan Garrett, granting him the powers of Blue Beetle, and who had been kept in the Rock of Eternity for years; when the Rock was destroyed in a battle of epic proportions between its guardian, the wizard Shazam, and the entity known as Spectre, the scarab had been blasted in the atmosphere, and it landed back on Earth in El Paso. Jaimie didn’t realize he had collected a living being until that very night, while he was sleeping, Khaji Da awoke and attached himself to the boy’s spine, resulting first in just some disturbing nightmares for Jaime…and then in something definitely more. The morning after, Jaime was approached by Probe, a girl who was also a human scanner hanging out with a gang named the Posse. The Posse believed him to be a magic-based metahuman like themselves, and they aked him to join…but Jaime refused, not even sure to understand what they were saying. When Probe tried to scan him, however, Khaji Da reacted violently, and nearly killed the girl; then, it easily defeated the other Posse, using a terrified Jaimie as a vessel. And this was just the beginning.

Jaimie didn’t know what the Blue Beetle Scarab was, least of all how to control it…and that’s when he met his first superhero, the time traveler Booster Gold (friend of the previous Blue Beetle Ted Kord, recently murdered). Booster had learnt in the future that the Scarab was the only thing that could locate the sentient satellite Brother Eye, and had tracked it to El Paso…but he was quite surprised to find a teenager in its place. After realising what had happened, Booster Gold brought Jaimie to Batman, the leader of the group moving against the murderous Brother Eye. Batman offered the young man to join his vital mission, and facing a living legend Jaimie couldn’t do anything but accept. After a quick training to learn how to use the many powers of the Scarab, Jaimie Reyes was ready to don the identity of the new Blue Beetle and to join the more experienced heroes in their war against Brother Eye and his O.M.A.C.s, ready to extinguish humanity. Thanks to his bio-tech armor Jaime was able to locate Brother Eye, and Batman led the team to the final attack: the heroes were divided into smaller squads with precise tasks, and Blue bluebeetleiiicomics2Beetle was paired with Green Arrow and Black Canary in destroying the satellite’s Dimensional Stabilizer, a device that allowed it to cross realities and escape. The plan succeeded: Blue Beetle destroyed the device, and Batman and the others could finally destroy Brother Eye…but there were also members of the Green Lantern Corps involved, and Khaji Da feared they would have come after it after disposing of the A.I.: in order to escape them, the Scarab created a portal and pushed Jaime in, teleporting him back to Earth…but the dimensional drift created by the failing Dimensional Stabilizer influenced the trajectory, and had some unwanted side-effects. Jaime woke up naked in the desert, near El Paso, and he managed to hitch-hike a ride back home…where he found out that what to him seemed to be just a couple of minutes, on the planet were an entire year. Plus, a Green Lantern from Earth, Guy Gardner, was trying to kill him, and interrupted the fight only when he realised there was a kid inside the armor, promising he would have come back. With no choice but to tell his family exactly what had happened, Jaime Reyes found it would have been much easier to manage his double identity with the full support of his family and friends…and he would have needed it, that for sure.

Jaime Reyes is a essentially a good kid, with a strong sense of responsibility and a deep attachment to his family, loyal with his friends and kind to anyone. Finding himself suddenly host of an alien creature and imbued with the powers of a superhero certainly changed his attitude, and he had to learn fast how to deal with a totally different life. As the Blue Beetle, the symbiosis with the Scarab allows him to create a bio-armor with a lot of high-tech weapons imbued; with the armor on, he’s extremely durable, strong and fast, he can fly, he can reconfigure any part of the armor in any shape he wants (usually weapons, both energy cannons and more “classic” shapes like sword and shield); the armor can also adapt to outside energies and environments, countering in no time magic, unique radiations (Kryptonite included) or even extra-dimensional signatures. With one of the most powerful weapons in the universe at disposal, Jaime Reyes constantly struggles for control with Khaji Da, putting his human empathy and care, even for his enemies’ life, against the alien’s pragmatism and unscrupolousness.



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