Khaji Da

khajidafilmSecond part of casualgamer‘s request, the alien half of the Blue Beetle: the creepy space scarab Khaji Da. Along with its human counterpart, it appeared in Smallville in the episode Booster: in the show, its origins are unknown, and we first meet it when some employees from Kord Industries are bringing it to the Metropolis division for analysis. During a car accident, the scarab escapes custody and enters the school bag of clumsy and shy high school student Jaime Reyes, bonding with him: during the episode, Khaji Da takes control of him and brings him to nearly kill Booster Gold, until the older hero teaches Jaime how to impose his will on the scarab’s one. In the comics, the relationship between Khaji Da and Jaime is longer and more complex, and the beetle itself has quite a history. Let’s see together.

Khaji Da was part of an ancient alien race, the Reach: they were conquerors, a powerful breed of planet-invaders who took profit from the many worlds they invaded, making the races and species conquered part of the Reach as well. This way, even the Scarabs, a hive-mind parasitic race of living weapons, became part of the Reach, and Khaji Da followed its kind in the enslavament. Finally, the Reach were stopped by one of the few powers in the universe that matched them, the Green Lantern Corps: after a debilitating war that ended in a draw, the Reach promised they wouldn’t have conquered any other world…not the same way as before, however, as they had a new plan involving the Scarabs. The project had the Reach send a Scarab to many civilized worlds, where it would have stayed dormant even for centuries, if required; when the planet’s civilization would have reached a certain degree of technological development, the Scarab would have awakened, bonding with a native and “overwriting” his personality with the Reach’s orders, transforming him into an agent for the alien conquerors. Khaji Da was selected to reach a primitive planet in Sector 2814, which the locals khajidacomics1called Earth. Khaji Da landed into Egypt millennia ago, where it was claimed by the land’s ruler, Pharaoh Kha-Ef-Re, who thanks to the help of his high priests managed to tap into a small fraction of the semi-dormant alien’s power. Thanks to the Scarab powers, the Pharaoh was remembered as a just ruler, able to fight evil off his kingdom no matter the threat; when Kha-Ef-Re died, Khaji Ra (still believed to be some sort of mystical artifact) was buried with him. In the following millennia, many grave robbers tried to infiltrate the Pharaoh’s pyramid and to steal his legendary Scarab, but they all failed and died trying; finally, after thousands of years, in 1939, somebody was able to enter the tomb and to claim the Pharaoh’s treasure…Khaji Ra included.

The man who accomplished such deed was archaeologist Dan Garrett. Garrett knew about the legends surrounding the Scarab, and claimed it for himself believing he would have been able to inherit the Pharaoh’s powers…and he actually did, since the magic power Khaji Da had absorbed in the Ancient Egypt left it in a state of semi-dormancy, so that Garrett could tap into a small fraction of its powers, becoming the superhero known as the Blue Beetle. The Scarab was inherited by Garrett’s successor, Ted Kord, but the man couldn’t use the powers of Khaji Da, since it had fallen into the intended stasis. The energy created by the Chrisis on Infinite Earths awoke Khaji Da before time, and the Scarab resurrected Dan Garrett, using his corpse as a vessel to offer his powers to Ted Kord; when Kord rejected Khaji Da, the Scarab lost its hold on Garrett, and while khajidacomics2the old superhero died a final death, it came back to Egypt looking for a place to sleep, until the time had come. When Egyptian superhero Hawkman found the Scarab in an ancient tomb, he brought it back to Kord, who entrusted it to Captain Marvel, who in turn gave it to Shazam to be held in the Rock of Eternity. While he was sleeping in the Rock, Ted Kord got killed by Maxwell Lord, and Earth knew a new chrisis, during which the Rock of Eternity was destroyed. The explosion sent Khaji Da back on Earth, and this time it fully woke up, finding itself buried in a desert in Texas, near El Paso. Under the sand the Scarab was found by Jaime Reyes, a high school student who mistook it for some kind of weird mechanical statue. Jaime brought it home along with him, but that same night Khaji Da attached itself to his spine, finally forming the full bond it had been waiting for for millennia. At first Jaime was unaware of the Scarab’s presence, but the day after, when some metahumans approached him, Khaji Da took control and manifested its full power, vanquishing the potential threat. Now, the most difficult part began: the struggle for control with Jaime Reyes, who received an unexpected help in dealing with the unwanted visitor…

Khaji Da is an ancient alien conqueror, an engineered species designed to infiltrate worlds and civilizations preparing the path for its masters from the Reach. On its own, the Scarab is able to absorb and use any kind of energy, to fly, to open dimensional portals and to defend itself with its pincers; it can grant limited superhuman abilities (superhuman strength and durability, flight and energy blast emission) to the ones able to superficially tap into its powers, but it grants a vast array of skills to the one it chooses as its permanent host, such as the creation of a bio-organic armor and of a nearly limitless arsenal of weapons. Khaji Da is a conqueror, a living weapon programmed to act as an inside agent on worlds to be invaded by the Reach…but its vicinity to Jaime Reyes might have changed drastically its way of looking at things, and while it still takes total control of the boy from time to time indulging in brutalities Jaime refuses, it’s plain it’s been “infected” by its young host’s good heart…



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